com inside this box is something brand new, not just the watches new, the processor, the operating system. The memory configuration everything about it is new and we are going to open this. But first i want to give a big shout out to pablo 11 from the full android watch organization, for which, without his help, this watch would not be here. Android 10 would not be here on a smart watch. I'M serious. The guy is incredible. He'S over at watch, org it's called the full android watches um support website and he and his team provide technical help and support for these watches, and literally he is the guy behind putting things together to get google to work properly in android 10 on a Smartwatch platform, so a big shout out to pablo 11 and i highly encourage you to go over and check out the conversations that are happening here and if you're motivated to i'd really recommend a donation, five bucks, something like that. He'S unpaid in doing all this and he struggles to keep this site going and your contributions help, and i, like i'm serious without him. This watch would not be here. So what is it let's look at it then i'll tell you all about it. Are you ready? You might want to step back it's kind of big here we go. First of all, i got a piece of paper in here just because i want to mess with you um.

No, no no come on focus. Come come back here, uh i'm, going to show that to you in a second. But here is the watch. This thing is phenomenal: it's phenomenal, it's, phenomenal it's, really humongous that's the watch module itself. Yeah i'm. Not joking! Look at the back of this thing: carbon fiber there's, our charging, ports, there's, our sealed cover over the diodes and and it looks like what could be electrodes for ecg, but i don't know if it really is here. It is here. It is folks that fancy flipping camry you've heard about yeah it's one camera when it's this way, you can shoot things forward that way and when you flip it up, you get a selfie camera isn't that amazing that's, just my reflection, let's take the little cover off. Okay, let's, not there we go there, we go it's, got a little protective cover and then it reveals this amazing screen. Now, before i show you anymore, i want to tell you how you guys can get it because, because it's in a very special release right now, this is a world premiere coming from banggood and um, they uh introducing it at 179.99 for only 50 pieces, that's probably Gone by now, 199, then it's going to climb up to about 250 bucks. But i do have this link for you in the show notes, use that link please they're, giving away well not giving away, but they're they're selling for a hundred bucks 99.

95, two of them every day until this promotion stops. So this is a special link, that's specifically for their world release. Now the normal link to this watch, which you'll be able to get to later, is, is this one and i'll have that in there as well, because when the other one goes away, it probably won't work and it's a basically a 200 watch at this point. With a 13 megapixel rotating camera it's a two point: 2.1 inch, 480 by 480 ips screen with four gigabytes of memory and six of ram and 64 gigabytes of memory. It'S using an octa core processor and, of course, supports 4g lte, 1600 milliamp battery gps with bite out all the other things you need for location, services and android, 10 and title pretty much tells you all the specs. You really want to know. We'Ll, look at more of them after i show you more about the watch. Oh and the piece of paper it's from cost pet. This is an internal document, but i just wanted to share it with you, because a lot of you guys, ah these guys don't care about our comments. Well, they do look at this it's. First of all, letting me know that we are looking at a prototype here that they've sent out and the firmware needs to be upgraded, which is really important. We'Re going to talk about that for all watches, especially of the android tin, watches now, and how you do that by getting into settings and wireless updates and so forth and they're asking if you have any suggestions or comments, they'd welcome that information and uh.

Please feel free to put whatever you'd like in the comments down here, because i know these guys are going to be monitoring um, this channel and others to see what you guys have to say about their products. So back to the watch, we've got a couple of buttons here. This is where the sim card goes and notice. It'S, like on a phone, you have a little hole that you can press to pull the tray out, put the sim in push it back in and that's been pretty close to waterproof on watches for our phones for a long time, so they're using the same style. Here on this side, you got the little microphone port on the very, very bottom. Okay. This is the top with the camera on the very very bottom, you've got the speaker, port, yeah and good news. You can cover it with your finger if it's too loud and if you can get your finger in there, if you've got the straps on you can pretty much silence it. So it does come out of that. One port – and you do have some manual control in throttling it down. If you need to you, can see the back is held on with these unique kind of screws, you're not going to need to get in here. The only thing you need to do is access the sim and that's done on the side. So as far as sweat, resistant it's going to be pretty good, you get the speaker and the charging ports and then a covered back with the the diodes and whatnot it's.

Using 26 millimeter, i believe, straps that will attach here and right underneath the camera when you i don't know, if i should show you, when you put it on your arm, no it's a man's arm i'm, not a five year old. I don't know why we're having trouble with the focus, but there you go uh it definitely well. You'Ll see it when i actually put the straps on it, but it is a fred flintstone watch. It really is it's it's on the larger size when we pull up accessories here's, where we get to the straps, which uh can you believe are removable. We'Ve had problems with a lot of these other ones in non removable. Straps and yeah that's caused some issues when they wear out and break, and you can't, you know. Basically, you got ta duct tape them together, but here we go. We'Ve got a good large bands, we'll be putting those on you've got the charging wire, which is your standard. Four pin magnetically coupled there we go. Oh boy, is it no? The watch is going to be pretty heavy. I can't i can't hold it with just the wire itself um, but that's how you charge it there's the little tool for popping open the sim container there's the little plastic sleeve that you hold over the charger which i took off because i've already charged it up Gang and uh basically checked it out a little bit for you, which we will do right now.

When i put the bands on wait, a minute wait a minute we might have a secret compartment here. What'S under here don't forget to look here when you get yours, because you will be treated to a screen protector, yeah i'm. Pretty sure it has one already, but this is a backup. This uh was, of course, just plastic cover and you have a cost bit warranty card and an actual prime to manual. The warranty card gives you their basic address for official tech support, address and inside for amazon sales support, wow, okay, fancy: here we go warranty description. You got a year warranty on this one and things that don't cover under warranty and product info notice. It'S talking about water – and this is not a waterproof watch. Unfortunately, um we're still looking at splash resistance at best, so the manual will give you a peek at that. This is going to give you all the specs and stuff you've got a description of all of the different uh buttons and controls where the sim card uh inserts on the side where the speaker and microphone are located, how to access the sim slot and how to Put the sim in about charging about uh protection there's our overall qr code to scan to download the y watch 2 app or you can check the show notes, of course, and download it from there information about how to get it all set up properly and then How you connect it through the app and so forth, of course, we're covering that at the end of the video today and users manual continued some more stuff about the app and there's another way to get to watch faces.

Folks is within the app itself, you're going to see some other ways of getting to them as well, here shortly there's the keyboard data entry that you can do from the phone onto the watch without having to use the tiny little keyboard on the watch. Of course, on this watch it's, not tiny, here's, the layout information for the different controls. You have we'll, be looking at those directly. A few more screens about watch faces that come with it, wow they're, really sophisticated they're, even showing you. The actual watch faces that they're putting on the watch itself, nice, more information, there's a game you can download. It looks like uh there we go all on the screen and a final page too and it's all in english. This is the english manual version. Okay, now let's look at it there. It is wow wow that is a big watch. 2.1 inches yeah that's, nothing to sneeze at uh, two buttons. We press and hold the top button, give it a moment or two or three, and we come up with the cospet logo as it's booting up notice, the nice appearance of it with just a little bump here when the camera is pointed outward and just flip it And it'll pop up at you and point forward for when you're doing a selfie video chat, video logging, whatever you want to do, Music, there's, the boot up, sound and so far everything sounds and looks. Familiar it says: watch is starting and we're going to land in the home page yep uh the first watch face, which of course is your home page, which looks like this and it's got this interesting donut in the middle let's jump right into it.

Shall we i touched that and boom i'm into the camera, now notice, there's uh the floor upside down. Oh my gosh! Everything is backwards, no problem touch that button and it flips around. You see the circle coming in here, giving me all kinds of information and there's a lot. We can do with the camera. We'Ll talk all about that later, but i just want to show you that if i flip it this way there i am and i'm upside down. But i can tap that and now i'm right side up, but you notice i'm flipped around too i'm inverted. So hopefully let me get a piece of paper here. Didn'T practice, this ahead of time. Can i Music show you something without it uh getting in the way there. You see the words okay it. It takes a front facing picture correctly, what i'm getting at. So when you shoot pictures or shoot, where am i, when you shoot it anything from the front facing camera, it's flip the image so you're uh you'll be able to read anything in the background or foreground or whatever, which i think is pretty cool. Personally, i can flip it upside down. I can move it back down that way and now i'm shooting straight out. We'Ll get back to the camera later in this video back here to the home page. Now i wanted to mention that when we booted it up, it just landed here, that's, not what happens the first time you turn the watch on you go through a whole process and i've skipped that process, so we could get to it, but at the very end Of this video i'll, take you back to a fresh unopened brand new watch and what you see and what you do when you first turn it on okay, but let's, keep moving here.

Is our opening watch face? What does it look like? I haven't done anything to it other than it's on wi fi right now. I set that up. I slide down, and this first opening screen shows me my uh airplane mode, sim card status and tethering status along with time and date and percentage of battery in a circle that represents that slide over once you get to this screen that shows bluetooth and wi fi Connection gps turned on this: is your overall brightness there's, your do not disturb when you want it quiet mode. This is your twist your wrist to see the time and that one will activate if you have a sim card in to turn on or off cellular data. Really important, if you're on a limited plan, brightness let's talk about it here is the brightest, bright and it's really bright, let's come back to the home screen. Really nice and bright, easy to see should be pretty easy to see outside you're constantly going to be getting these pushes from google for setting up the assistant setting up chromecast all kinds of things: i'm, just basically swiping out of those. I want to get down to brightness and show you the lowest level there. It is and for indoors, that's, really nice kind of dim. Now, of course, we can always install other sliders like the display brightness. You see on many of these, but if you want to use it, you've got several levels.

Now you used to only have like two three levels. Now you got like five or six so i'm gon na work in this level, unless it's too washed out on the watch and then we'll lower it a little bit. We got to that uh by swiping down there's one panel, this panel and there's one more when we slide over that's your clean up. The watch never really know what that does, but it doesn't do a whole lot. It doesn't, like disable all the running apps in the background and such no more when you go this way only the three, because they moved some of them that were over here down below as you'll see here in a second okay that dropped me back down to This level so i've got these three here come over here and i got notifications. If there are some waiting – and you saw some swipe up now and i've got step, count, calories burned, distance traveled all on one screen. Awesome here is my daily count. Here is my total all in one linear thing in one screen that swipes, you see the little thing going there go over to the right. I'Ve got the music player for playing music from your phone when your bluetooth connected to it and you when it's playing, should have a speaker there. You go speaker volume control, which is uh very nice and come over here and you when you're all set up on the internet and with cellular you'll, be able to get location data which will let you get the weather.

You do not need to be tethered to your phone to pull in the weather information, but you do need to be on the internet with location services on so that you can get that so you've got three things here as well. Three things here as well: okay, are you getting with me where we are not too much different than android 7.1 swipe? This way, we've got the app drawer swipe once more and you've got the familiar scene of all the different uh activities with pictures subdued. In the background, i'll pay attention to that because the actual app is different. It'S been updated. Okay, we're, going back to the app drawer to show you phone contacts and sms are all related to sim card which i don't have in. This is the first look and that's all we'll just talk about them at this point. Overall settings has really really changed. I'M. Going to take a quick look in here networking internet. We see wi fi. Here you tap on it. You can change your wi fi settings. Mobile network you've got data usage here, you've got hot spot capability and airplane mode can be activated directly from here. So that looks pretty similar connected devices shows your bluetooth connected preferences it'll be visible as prime 2. If you're going to connect to earbuds things like that and you can pair new device much like you do in your phone and much like system 7.1 on these watches, apps and notifications shows you your recently opened ones and a list of default, apps permission manager and Special app access and which ones are connected there.

As you know, the higher you go in the android uh operating system, the more controls you have over all of your different apps and stuff. So you've got several system ones in here and then you've got these other stock ones, and one thing i do in gmail is: i turn off all of my notifications. Otherwise, it's going crazy on you every time you get an email in it's, giving you that and gmail is stock in here. So if you log into your google, account like to get into the play, store, you're automatically logged into your gmail account and it's automatically set to push notifications to your watch, so you can take care of that right here and other things. You'Ve got permissions storage. If you want to clear everything out, you can clear your cash there, just like you do on a regular phone, okay mobile data battery default opening, whether it can install apps on your behalf. If you download them, you know through email or whatever, so you've all got that stuff. One of the important things you're going to want to do after you're on the internet and you're all set up and you've gone into the play, store and you're on that and you're all set up and you've updated. The apps, which will update google just make sure you check google play services and, if it says there's an update in here update because play services is really critical for everything working right so far.

What i've noticed is it has been updated, but over time it might fall out of favor and need to be updated. So when you go in here make sure it's updated same thing with google see it. Can'T tell right now that it needs to be updated because i'm not connected into the play store yet, but when it is, it would uh. Let me know if i need to update it or you just go into the play store and you can update it there. So all of the stuff about apps, your default apps for all apps, are talked about here and you can see individual apps, including the ones you install yourself from the play, store or from side loading transferred from your computer over uh with the wire they'll all appear There overall battery information i'm at 78 percent at this point, apps, are running normally battery information. Just show you quickly what these all look like, here's, a simple slider for your brightness looks at like that level, two that i'm on as a 50. This is new. This is new. This is the night light and you turn this thing on and it's gon na turn your whole screen amber so that at night or even in the day, if you like it this way, you can soften your eyes. You can turn it and i do all the way down. That'S plenty enough amber for me compared with the blue white, which is this color right here, but you can make it as uh as heavy duty as you want to simply by sliding it.

It is going to paint your colors for your pictures, your camera, your icons, all of that stuff. Everything changes to this color, but it is available there. I do not see. Oh yes, i do there, it is schedule you can set it to turn on at custom times or when you have your date and time set. It'Ll automatically go on and off sunrise to sunset, that's new, with system 7 uh system 10. Now over 7.1. You also have dark themes, so your apps and things can appear dark and not be. You know really bright and, of course, your system timeout. We talk about here, setting this something reasonable after you first turn your watch on it's set for 15 seconds. You can go up to 30 minutes, they still don't. Have it set to be infinite, but, as you know, if you've watched the channel, we have a workaround for that. If you want to actually have it never time out, of course, it'll eat up the battery faster, but it is possible. Then you have these things uh. You have lift to weight, which is the twist your wrist, which we did with the icon, and you have notification bright screens. So if a notification comes in instead of it just being there, it will actually light up the screen in the middle of everything and and you'll get that information, and that is all in the display sounds now are handled as typical there's your volume levels.

You can vibrate or not. You can use a power button to end a call which has nothing to do with sound. Don'T know why it's there, but there it is. You do not disturb times you can set your sounds, and then this is new dial pad tones for when you're making calls you'll hear the tones, not a good idea to have that on. I hope it's implemented that it's all one tone, but if it's, actually the touch tone sounds, somebody could simply record that put it up to a phone and play it back and dial the number that you called power on sounds. I typically turn that off. I don't like it making sound when i boot up and shut down. You need to turn that on and off here, as opposed to back here that toggle for quiet mode, see, the implementation is a little screwy. This may or may not work, depending on the version of the firmware for actually silencing the turn on and turn off sounds. So. Your best bet is to handle that in the sound settings at the very bottom to make sure that's turned off. If you don't want to hear it i'll leave it on for you in case we turn the watch off later you'll be able to hear what it sounds like, but it sounds exactly like system 7. here's, our overall storage. Are you ready for this 64 gigabytes of storage looking i'm only using up eight, i got plenty plenty: i'm.

Only using 14 there's, a storage manager. You can free up space by deleting stuff you don't need. It shows you how much of your photos, videos, audio files and all that are being used, games movies system uh. All of that, so lots of information about storage, 64 gigabytes gang when i got my first apple first and last apple iphone. The original 64 gigabytes same memory is in swatch for 600. man. Now a watch has 64 gigabytes incredible over time, location services. This is where you can use location and you can specify which apps have access and permission wi fi bluetooth scanning advanced information on how it can get your location all of that's there. This is your google services when you get in here. The first thing, of course, is going to want you to do, is sign in and when you do, then it's going to be just like if you're on your computer or your phone you go into administration of all of your google account stuff, so be very careful. Are you listening to me pay attention for a second if you mess around with settings in here, think you're changing it all for your watch, you're, changing it for your entire google enterprise? Yes, if you're turning off the recognition of the google activation sound anywhere you're, turning it off everywhere, that's my understanding, that's, what i've been seeing so be careful and what you turn on and off like the coved 19 exposure notifications, that's something new in here, but that's New to overall google settings and that's what you're, looking at by the way when you see things off of the watch and you want to bring them back, you remember that little circle square.

We used to have it's much more logical press and hold the button and now it'll say circular screen or square screen, now we're back in the square screen. So if i wanted to come back, i have access to that button there, which i couldn't see otherwise press and hold. I can change it again, while we're here let's look at some of the other stuff, remember we're in settings and we're looking at google, so we're going to go back there in a second. But when you press and hold you have your power off in your reboot. Like before your recent task stuff, which, when you open it up here, you need to slide to the side this way to get rid of them and power save check this out. Gang power save boom i'm. There power date time and a little thing that says you can turn on or off flight mode. So if you want your battery, your radios and stuff to still work in the background, you can uncheck that and set it up so that when you're in your power save mode it'll still let you have an incoming call that kind of thing or you can turn It off completely you're locked, you can't do anything here. It will time out. I believe in the timeout that you've set for the overall watch and it'll go completely off. It won't be a nightlight all night long unless you had it set, for you know continuous to get out of it press and hold simply if you hit x.

It goes right back to it press and hold power, save and you're right back where you were, and we were. Where were we? We were at google right. Okay, we got a couple more things. Let'S look at about about is where we check for wireless updates. You'Ll see all this at the very end of the video and we got a whole process for you for setting up a smartwatch and other videos on that for any android watch shows you the steps to go through and why this page is so important. We are currently running build number 1.4 on halloween was just recently released 1.4 already for this watch, they're going to be a lot of updates, it's it's, android, 10 it's, a new processor and it's. A new watch so constantly check to see if there's, a new update by making sure you're on wi fi and then going into wireless update, give it a moment if it doesn't. Do it right away, hey, say check for updates either way. It'Ll eventually come into this. Tell you you're running the latest version and then you're fine, if you uh says it's had it has an update waiting for you. Please watch the end of this video or go back and watch the video on setting up a watch on how to properly do firmware. Updates to optimize your watch, okay – and that leaves us with system language and input here – are the different languages at the end of the video you'll, see them anyway.

So i'll skip that you can set up a different keyboard and you will be prompted as you go through this by google to install the g board, keyboard and that's a good keyboard. It has the microphone capability. The virtual keyboard does not, so you might think about installing the g board and it's through here that you could activate or deactivate that you got your overall date and time it's set for china here right now. You can automatic change the time zone and select where you are now. This is totally different. You have to first select your region from all the different countries in the world christmas island, and then you can use if that's, only one time zone that's what it's going to be. But if it's a different region that has multiple time zones heck. I don't know who has multiple time zones. Australia here you go. You got these different zones, different cities, major cities, and you pick which one it is and now you're automatically set to the proper gmt advance or detriment from zero and uh. The location information is right. There we'll run off of australia right now, um by the way pablo 11, the guy i'm shouting out to as being instrumental in this uh actually being here he's from down in australia, amazing yep uh. You can use locale information uh and set up 20 24 hour or or 12 hour mode. All those things are of course, in date and time it's.

Basically, the setup of your location that's been shifted somewhat in when in android 10. and you reset upper options where you can reset a few things, including factory reset, and you hear me harp on this – that this is really good to do at the beginning of setting Up your watch before you start loading it up with stuff, um, separate apps that you download and music and whatever make sure you've done. The optimization of your watch with a couple of the factory updates, uh or factory resets uh as appropriate, and that folks is everything that you find in settings now: here's an interesting setting, that's part of settings, but not in settings when you're in the app drawer. We call it you see, everything is kind of curved. If i press and hold there, it is again curve, but now i got dots which means i'm changing view format. If i go up one, oh come back here, settings press and hold slide up now: they're linear. You see that do it again and now they're laid out like this, do it again and now they're circular. So if i tap it i'm getting pages there, we go of apps with the clock in the middle right press and hold come back here now. I'M. Getting my apps laid out this way, it is really sensitive and fussy it's kind of frustrating. When you get a lot of apps in here, you need to know what they are by icon right, otherwise, uh it's going to be kind of crazy.

What is an at sign or that no words next to it, but maybe once you learn them all, you can go with that, and here they are all straight up and down without it being curved. So, basically, your choice of what you would like to see by simply pressing and holding while you're in the app door, something new, okay, let's, move on we've got a watch face store. Now you need to be on the internet for that and in order to do that, you got to get you know into your configuration in settings into network and internet into wi. Fi make sure you're connected to the service, which i am here and um i'm good to go, because i actually have to access the server for the watch faces now. Those of you have been here with me before know that from the home screen you can press and hold on the watch face slide all the way over and you get a little plus sign at the end. We'Ll show you that later well now there's an app for that touch it and you immediately go into the server which shows you all. The different watch faces that you could download and yes, they've been resorted and there's a few different ones in here as well and uh. The the sad thing is, they all are still linear and you touch it now and it immediately downloads the face to your watch and gives you a little check mark here.

It doesn't disappear anymore and you can uh delete it from the other side or no. You can't delete it from here, but you have to do delete it from within the apps, but you can pick out some that you would like to see. None of them are animated, even though it looks like they should be. You know but i'll take that one and show you later, but she just goes on and on and on, and you have to wait, you know for them to download and if you like, one of them that's at the very end well good time for a toilet Break yep anyway, that is your watch, face store your overall desktop settings. Now are your dial selection, which is the same as pressing and holding and now we can switch to that dial and show you that the animated fire is not moving it's, just a static screen and you can go menu style, which is what we already did right. Yeah we're learning the shortcuts or desktop settings. You have switch styles, okay, haven't been here yet default, pushing background inner square box, foreign box, wow wow, okay. I think this is what it looks like when you change uh to different pages, but we're going to leave that as a mystery for right now, here's the google play store you get in here, you go through. You set up your account you sign in, and i want to advise you. The first thing you might want to do is go in there and check for updates and update whatever's possible.

Now they may not show up right away because it's going to take some time to connect with you, it might take even a few hours but get updated all the things on the watch that need to be updated and check. The uh google play services in the app section that we talked about in settings after you've. Let it do its whole thing and update it if it's waiting for that, i know there's a lot a lot. You need to know about these android watches to get them working, but then you had to fuss with that with your phone too didn't you this is the google account setting. You have to be in google, either sign in through play, store or sign in through google to take advantage of all of the settings, and that is where you have to be careful, because it could change your overall google settings for all your devices. This is your maps, your basic google map thing and you can sign into google, of course, to get going on that and there it is showing you your maps. You can hit your location if gps is identified, where you are it'll. Take you there. You got play movies and tv, which is google play, so these are all google assets, it's wanting to log us in again, there's, gmail and chrome. The browser all that's google let's log into one google account you'll, be into all of those things. Heart rate monitoring.

We haven't gotten to that's the typical sensor on the back there's. Nothing really new about this it's gon na be quiet for a while, while it's accumulating data just showing you a pulsing heart when it gets its first reading. It logs that one as the daily reading or the momentary reading, but it'll continue going for a while to give you a a change in the reading. If there is any now it's taking exceptionally long and completely bailed out when i touch the edges, that's weird, okay. Well, i'm, showing you what's happening, not sure why let's go back over to heart rate, because we really want to give that a chance i'm going to move it make sure it's nice on my wrist. It is honestly a really big, thick watch and it's flashing diodes. There it's not really lit up brightly it's, just an occasional flash, so it may not be making proper skin contact uh. First time, i'm really testing. It live with you as we've unboxed. It bear with me gon na give it a few more seconds to see what happens. Um basically says: measuring okay: okay, there we go, we've got the first reading and it has a recheck sign, but it's still pulsing, but it doesn't seem to be changing. It'S slightly different layout right, yeah, it's, still really tiny white digits compared to the big size of the screen. It would be awfully nice if it was a really big easy to read across the room kind of thing, but it's not we do have face unlock on this one and uh we've done another whole video on what you got to go through to do this.

In order to do face unlock you first have to put in a pin, not a pin, but a movement thing. What do you call that a pattern, a pattern code to be able to unlock it in case it doesn't unlock the face properly? So you do that, then you set up the face, recognition thing and if everything's set up and working, you simply turn twit move your uh watch in front of your face and it will unlock it. But look on this one. You don't have two cameras, one on the side and one facing forward. You only have one so obviously you're going to have to do this just to gain access to your watch, and if you do this and this a lot, i would be worried about breaking the contacts in there so i'm, not a big fan of face unlock on Watches in the first place, and especially i'm, not a fan on this one because just to get in you know you press your button and it's going to come up with either you have to put in your pattern or you got to flip the camera and look At it – and it only gives you a couple of seconds sorry personal opinion – fitness is the same as we get to if we slide over here with some differences. This doesn't give you much capabilities to set anything or or to see your results, but this one does: when you go in here now notice, we've got color icons, stop it color icons here for all of your different stop it your different activities and they're the same Activities you saw on the side personally i like this a lot better than those uh people pictures on there a little easier to see in bright light where you're at uh.

I can um get into this one and, if there's any records that i've got for that particular activity. They'Ll be here and most importantly, i can come over here and i can turn on to use the gps positioning tied in with my walk or my run, or my biking and that's great okay. So the fitness app is yet another update on top of the ones. We'Ve seen on android 7, but it's, basically the same thing weather is weather and it'll. Do its update for you and give you your information in your area and blah blah blah uh. You do have uh, fahrenheit and centigrade and all that stuff and then we're to camera. Coming back to that gallery, where you see your pictures, the music player, which we already saw when we swiped and a voice recorder now we haven't heard this thing in action. Yet so let's give it a try. This is mr ticks testing the voice recorder of the brand new cospet prime 2 android 10. 480 by 480 ips screen 4 gigabytes, 64 gigabyte octa core processor. Yes, i'm. Reading. All that off a piece of paper. You think i could remember all that i don't think so. I'M gon na check mark it it's logged in there i'm gon na play it back whoa. Where is it hello? Okay, i'm gon na play it back the voice recorder of the brand new cosmet prime 2. Android 10. 480 by 480 ips screen 4 gigabyte, 64 gigabyte octa core processor.

Yes, i'm reading. All that off a piece of paper, i'm, pretty sure you could hear that right now, there's, the speaker and without the bands on i was able to cover that last night. So mrs ticks didn't get annoyed with me, booting it up and down all the time with the band on it. I cannot get my finger to cover the spot with it off and goodness knows i'm not going to be able to cover it with it on. So sadly, you don't have uh instant access to the speaker. I would have so loved it if they put the speaker right there opposite the sim card slot and put the microphone down there. That would make so much sense. Then i could just grab it: squeeze it and mute. It literally manually mute it man. This is sad, but nonetheless it's loud and it works there's. No volume control on this screen like there is on the music player. Another edition i'd like to see on here, but it is showing you a progress chart which is kind of nice. No back no forward incrementally no way of playing it at double speed, it's, pretty lame, it's. Just a basic uh, sound recorder. You can do better easy voice. Recorder is one that i recommend as an app that you download that one works great and you have gain control on it too, so you can record whispers from across the room. Oh awesome file manager.

Here you go gang 64 gig total. What you've used what you got available? It shows you a percentage, and here you go we're into all of our folders. This is the stuff you've got there. Voice recording is actually in a folder. I touch it and it launches the player. Oh nice, and now i have volume control, okay, that's. The way you can play back your sound recordings and be able to change the volume on the fly. Awesome probably same thing with other things: oops i went into someplace else uh. You also have your clock skin folder, which is where you will have your watch faces. When you put install watch faces on the android watch, you install them into that folder and it's available right here on the file manager. You'Ve got yourself a basic calculator. This is not often seen on these uh whoa on these android watches, but it's nice. That it's here and it gives you pretty decent uh display overall you've got a basic stopwatch, which is like this, and this is fun. It'S got the layout of an actual stopwatch. Look at that isn't that fun. I can take a lap time right there and look at that. You got the lap time preceding that time. I can take another lap time and it moves now that the one ticker to the second uh lap time you can pause it. You can reset it. You can play it continue going or you can reset the whole thing, that's a fun little stopwatch your calendar is basic it's, nothing to write home about it's, not the google calendar, mind you in this one and, of course we're looking at it out of the box.

So i can't tell you: if i were to install the google calendar, would it replace this one supplement this one? How would that work? Can you use the google calendar? I think both of them will be available. They'Ll both be labeled, calendar and you'll have to recognize the icon difference between them, but you can't go in you. Can'T set up appointments uh, you can't really do anything with it. It'S bare bones alarm clock pretty much the same thing. You can add an alarm to your watch. If you want to, and then we get into optimization here is uh pretty much. What we've already seen the clean task? Is that thing uh? Oh here you go a battery saver, you tap here and you can select the different uh apps. I guess that you want to leave running in the background. Sometimes we have trouble when they're closed when the screen goes off and i guess that helps with that here's. Your overall screen lock again or you, set up a pin or pattern lock that you can get ready for doing, face unlock third party adapter. This will make things look better on third party apps, usually on browsers your system work mode. You do have the ability to go into performance. The watch may get a little hotter. The battery may last a little less, but you can do high speed things um with this and, of course, you've got an octa core processor on here and app freeze, i've, never fully understand, but it freezes apps rather than disables them that blah blah blah anyway, if It'S, something you think you need you can specify which ones to freeze map might be a good one to freeze so it's, not constantly using your cellular data to update the map.

I don't know browser is a stock browser they put in their app store is different than the google play store and they only have this one thing and that looks like a game um i don't know much about it. Have you ever played it game install see? We downloaded it now we're going to install it for your security. It hasn't been set up to approve this as a source for installing so i'm, going to allow it from that source and read all that stuff and then install. So this is coming from a server in china it's the uh, the standard app in android 10 nowadays, and it was built for an older version of android that's great. I love it. The trailblazing app is not going to work necessarily start the game. Okay, there. It is, and i don't know how to play it – sorry guys i'm, not a gamer, but those of you that are should be going. Ooh, ah awesome, okay used to be the app store had facebook and whatsapp and a bunch of other things in there doesn't anymore. Just has that one game here's the overall assistant. This means not the google assistant but the assistant to assist you with connecting to your phone. So when you're tethered to your phone, you use this qr code to make it happen. We saw it at the very beginning. Well, you will, at the end of this video, see at the very beginning what it would have looked like when you turned your watch on, but you didn't see it because i skipped ahead.

But if you did go to the end, you'll see that qr code there uh you got remote capture music control and find your device all these rely on you being tethered to the phone to begin with and they show up in assistant and there's the brand new. First, app that we've added downloaded from the app store and folks that is the complete collection of all of the apps inside the awesome amazing cospit 2. This is uh. Some of the downloaded faces that i just pulled off of the server and now are you ready? Are you ready for the grand unveiling of all of the stock apps that come in this thing, there's the one we saw at the beginning, hello, that gave us a button that we could push. So we know it'll support touch spots. Will it also do this? No! No none of those are hot, but the bot the center one is so. If you're going to be doing photography – and you want a quick access – that's – the watch face to put on here, but we have a couple of others. We got this one here yeah. I know i normally don't run through every single watch face, but this is the first time we are looking at this android 10 and the cospet prime 2. In this size, 2.2 inch watch yeah, you got stuff here, oh what happened. Oh, i did slid down. None of this stuff is clickable, but it's.

A nice watch face here's here's, something you got time right down to the second look at that um interesting okay date, and you got percentage of battery on that particular face here's, another one where you've got the time down and again we're on a 400 by 400 Resolution screen and it's pretty darn sharp. Are you seeing all those marks around the edges and stuff and you can read the information clearly so, even though it's a mega huge uh screen, it's, still legible, uh being only uh, sorry, 480, by 480, there there we go. They got animation, but it loops look at that. It'S, not smooth it's, not a dynamic thing. We'Ve seen some lympho watches that you could touch and make smoke go all kinds of different places. Remember those this one is a wallpaper that's doing a certain number of frames and then resetting itself kind of a disappointment honestly. But the good news is there, you go. You got a shark kind of doing it's a biting thing, but again you can see it jump as it loops. The exciting thing is, even though those animations are kind of lame. This one's a simple one with stars coming at you when you install a custom watch face, and we will do that later, like alright did uh makes that have true animation in them. They play beautifully on this watch, so it supports animation. It supports the hot touch buttons with some modifications, some of the functions aren't working quite the same yet so the faces have to be modified, but heart rate will work and fitness will work and weather will work, but phone calling and some of the others need some Adjustment, this one, of course, is the one we downloaded that's just the static picture in the back and again we're back to this other one that i just downloaded from the server.

So we got it, we got it covered uh. What we're gon na do next is show you what the watch looks like when you first turn it on, and how to do the uh updates to the firmware when you get them, which i got one while we were reviewing this so here we are downloading the Most recent firmware update that was pushed to the watch and as soon as it's done, we're gon na go through the procedure that all of us should follow, make sure you got a good charge on the watch to begin with hundred percent's best, at least fifty percent. Better, if you can have it higher, you can install now or later we're going to go ahead and install now it's talking about a warning and you don't want to interrupt it while it's doing it it's going to go through and reboot there it's turning itself off. Then it's going to turn itself back on again and it's going to go ahead and do the installation now one thing that's important after it does the full install the best thing you can do if you haven't loaded it up with a lot of stuff, is to Go and immediately do a factory data restore you see. The old firmware may have left some residual stuff in the memory, that's not cleaned up by the new firmware when it's installed, and so it could slow the watch down or you might see an error once in a while.

So the best practice – and we talked about that in another setup – video on android – watches the best practice after you uh install the new firmware – is to immediately go. Do the factory data restore that brings it back as a brand new watch with the brand new firmware, and you start all over for the from the beginning and we're going to do that right now, so it fully installed the firmware next step. Of course, is it reboots the watch with the brand new firmware and that can take a while it's going through the boot up process? There'S the startup, sound the logo and now watch is starting and it should take us into. The first watch face great now we're going to come over here before we do anything we're going to go down to settings we're going to scroll all the way down here to system reset options, erase all data factory restore. Basically, are you ready it's going to wipe out everything on your phone, your modem, uh router login, your google account information, everything we uh basically say erase everything and it reboots itself now it's going to come up like a fresh brand new out of the box watch And i want to show you this stuff here at the end, instead of like we did at the beginning, with it already set up the first screen you get when it boots up straight out of the box and after you do a restore is the language section.

So, in order for you to see what the supported languages are oops, i clicked that one it's very sensitive in the center we're going to scroll through them. Let you see which languages are installed so you'll know whether or not you can work with it in your country, all right and there's. Quite a few definitely have to go back and reselect english, because it's jumping around all over the place. That'S one thing i've noticed that the watch is very, very sensitive. Okay we've got a bunch of different languages. I can't even begin to tell you what they are. These look like chinese okay. So there you go we're, going to scroll back up and pick english united states and go forward now. At this point, hello, okay got it. We are in preparation for connecting to the y watch 2 app, and this is the qr code that you'd use to download it now we're going to skip the whole tethering process, because i got an entire video for you on that uh. When you swipe away the download qr code for the app you get the actual tethering qr code for the app when you run the app it's going to give you a circle with your camera to point here, and it will connect the two together and then once You'Re connected you'll come up to your home watch face oh okay. We got some push notifications coming in already when you get this, and this is kind of new it's, a good idea to just open that up and let it do its thing.

Otherwise, it's going to keep hounding you as you try to set everything up on your watch, it's a play, protect thing you aren't even on the wi fi, yet so it's doing it all locally. I don't know what it's all about, but just recommendation is do that in the notifications. First thing you're probably going to want to do, is come over here and get into settings and go into your display and change it for longer than 15 seconds. Okay, i usually make mine like five minutes or so that way, it's not going to time out on you when you're trying to do anything. The next thing you're going to want to do in your settings is go into your network turn wi fi on touch it and it's, going to look for all the different connectivities and pick whichever network login you're going to do, and log yourself into wi, fi and I'Ll do that off camera. Oh, i get some comments that i never show the keyboard so i'm gon na show it to you now i'm in the wi fi setup i'm. Putting in my password – and you see it looks like this – i can get caps. Your period is right down here, your space bar. Is there that's your switch to the numbers? There'S? No microphone support. You have some of the symbols supported here and if you touch that button, you get more of the symbols. Supported touch that you're back to that one.

So it toggles between two different symbol pages and hitting the abc gets you back over to here. That'S your backspace key pressing and holding it deletes everything now i'll put my real password in okay, i'm connected and now this is something new notice. The data usage on wi fi is showing up right here and it's, giving me my uh it's increasing as the phone is interrogating the network and all kinds of things are talking to it to register it and whatnot, but that's new. The new data usage that we've got – you have the hotspot capability here as well. If you want to use the watch as a wi fi hotspot, but i digress. This is the basic setup stuff we've got you on the network, we've, okay watch. I see i don't want to do that right now. We want to um check one more time for firmware updates. You got to do this over and over again i'm going to go into system i'm going to go. Oh, oh sorry, i'm going to go to about the watch yep. What am i on right now? This is the latest build number 20 10 uh 2020 october 31st was. Is the latest update version 1.