com. This folks is a sneak peek video of the cospet prime s, smart watch. This is not it, but this is why i’m so excited about the prime s. This, if you recall, was the old genesis from a couple of years ago, actually beginning of 2020 just before the pandemic, and i keep raising it. This way to point out that it’s, the only watch out there that had a forward facing camera front facing this way to take selfies, and this one was out like that and beautiful wonderful watch, one of my absolute favorites and i still use it daily. Well, the prime s, the prime s is here: look at this slightly larger screen same camera position at the top. They move the selfie camera over to the right hand, side from the left, but other than that really really similar watch. You got the two buttons over here: you’ve got. The sim card now moved from the back over to the edge yeah, and you got all kinds of things going on over here, which totally surprised me a couple of reasons. I want to tell you about the prime s right now. One is to highlight what’s to come. This is not a review it’s just hitting the highlights, but secondly, and most importantly, is this: puppy is on super deep sale right now and i’ve got uh more or less an exclusive. Let me tell you why we’ve got a special page set up with banggood called uh smartwatch ticks banggood got to put it in capital.

Letters like that bit dot ly slash swt banggood, where they’ve got all kinds of watches in here, with special coupons that they’ve exclusively set up for me to use here on this channel now. What you’re looking at is an example of a watch that’s on flash sale. Okay for dollars, but the coupon discount is even lower than the flash sale which they said they can support and do for me here. I got this exact same situation going on now. If you go here, you’ll find there’s a little thumbnail here for the prime s. For 99.99, under 100 bucks, the flash sale has gone up to 129 and it’s going to go up even further, as more of them are sold so take advantage. If you know you want to watch with the camera at the top, in particular like the genesis, if you’re sad, you missed it before it got closed out, bitly slash, swt banggood will get you in there. Click on it and put it in your cart with that. Coupon for under 100 bucks, so what else can it do check out this face? First of all, these are the minutes you ever wanted to watch. You could just glance at and see the minutes. This is their home page when you boot it up, and one of the new custom faces that comes with the prime s, it’s 808 47., when you swipe through the stock faces i’m, just going to show you a few of them like this one, you get some Really fun animated faces on this new one, we’ll show all of them in the review, but that’s a starting point: what’s really really cool over here in the app drawer.

Things have changed somewhat the way the phone is handled. You have your call records and call log and contacts all in one place right now, when you put the sim in and get it going on the back side. You’Ve got red diodes now, actually you’ve got red and green. The red is useful when whoops, when you are doing blood oxygen, which it now has available for you put it on hold still it measures your overall blood oxygen using the red diodes in there when you go into your heart rate, just like all the other watches It’S going to set up and do your heart rate take the measurement using the green diodes, so we now have much more feature: rich health capabilities, beginning of a new generation of watches in the prime s. You also have last night’s sleep information that you can record if you wear it to bed how many times you guys have asked. If you have uh sleep monitoring software in this watch. Well, now we do and it comes stock with it awake light. Deep sleep will all be part of the sleep, monitoring and breath training, and this is specialized in that you have to have a heart rate. First i’ve got the diodes covered with my fingers here. When you get the heart rate, then you can start the breathing exercise. Inhale exhale inhale exhale and after it’s done it will tell you what your starting rate was, what your ending rate was and how well you did on that.

So a lot more going on in here basic apps, like we’ve seen before, but it’s got these new features, which are great great additions. You still have the face, unlock and again you’ve got the forward facing camera just like on the genesis. Now the screen itself is um an ips type of a screen, whereas this one was translactive. So outdoors you’ll be relying on a bright screen to be able to see it. You might have to cover it a little bit to make sure you can see what you’re taking pictures of this one was highly reflective and was actually brighter outdoors than indoors. However, it’s not made anymore it’s not available, but this this is basically the genesis on steroids with a bunch of other stuff going on, not to mention dual processors, totally new operating system inside of it or processor, for doing things that allows you get this to come Into a thing called mode switch where you can go into sport mode and really quickly practically instantly it switches over. You still have your watch face that you’ve been using. You still have access to the basic health stuff. You still have access to the fitness stuff, but all the other stuff is shut down, so you’ve got really extra long life. Prime s, it really is a cool watch again got it for under a hundred bucks right now, if you go to bit dot loi, slash, swt, banggood, i’m gon na have the full review up on it soon the prices may be higher by then.

So i wanted to let you know, even if the flash sale has already gone up to 130, you can get it for a hundred in the la pretty sure it’s the last tab right now on that page uh, if you’re, if you’re interested enough to want to Get it because you already know you want to watch with a forward facing camera for taking your screen or your your shots in nature and whatnot people shots the selfie camera right here, it’s, the only one doing it other than the genesis which is not made anymore And looking down the pipeline, none of the other watches coming up soon have the the camera up here either.