Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now if youre a cospet fan, the tank m1 actually looks very similar to the older cospet rock smartwatch, which i reviewed last year. Its certainly quite an eye catching design, quite reminiscent of some of those sort of army style, smart, which is used to get as a kid well back in the day. Quite a chunky monkey, as you can see there, on 15 millimeters thick and around 55 grams. In all, including the strap probably wont, come as a massive shock to learn that the body of the watch is constructed mostly from polycarbonate youve also got silicone straps. You actually get two sets of straps, bundled with the cospets tank m1, which is very generous for the budget. Price youve got a standard black effort, otherwise this camouflage strap in case you happen to be six, but the big whoop with the cospets tank m1 beyond. The fact that it is super affordable is the fact that it is tougher than a weatherspoons pork chop. So this watch is water resistant to depths of five atmospheres, just like a lot of its premium rivals and its also fully dust resistant as well. In fact, according to cospets official press release, it is suitable for use in a minor environment. So good news, if thats your side, hustle, should be quite useful. Actually, when were all forced to live deep underground after the robots rise up to slaughter, their human masters predicting that one for 2023 and if its shock resistance that you want well, a tank m1 definitely gets a big old green tick.

On that one, you can definitely take a proper beaten and come out absolutely unharmed the other side and in further bursts on the cospet press release. Apparently, the tank in one can withstand being rolled over by a car over two tons in weight, so lets give it a go all right, just chuck the uh. The watch down here – and here we go – lets see if the cospit tank m1 really is a tank lets reverse over the bugger for good measure. That should do it, and you know what its only gone and bloody survived now to actually set up the cospet tank m1 youll need to download the da fit app from either google play or the apple app store, weird name, but it does the job and when Youre connected to your tank, m1 watch youll be able to tinker with all the various features and settings so, for instance, download a fresh watch face to chuck on there. You can uh play around with the notification support as well see exactly which apps are allowed to notify you. I say exactly: you basically got this selection here and then others will cope with everything else. You can set up an alarm. Youve got a variety of other features that you can play around with, including with likes the the time format, the units that the watch uses turn off annoyance like the drink water reminder and the defeat app is also where youll set up your daily steps goal.

You can hook up your google fit account as well, get that all linked, and you can see a basic overview of how youve been doing lately in terms of your health stats. Your heart rate, your steps count and any recent workouts that youve done as well. So lets check out the cospet tank m1s display and what youve got here is a 1.72 inch screen its a tft ips panel, surrounded, as you can see there by rather chunky bezels, and i got ta say that, even though its not an oled panel, of course, You dont get poppy colors or particularly deep blacks, its not a bad budget screen at all 280 by 320 pixel resolutions, or even quite small text, is quite clearly legible and while the tank in one that doesnt boast any super points, features like auto or brightness. Youll find that when you manually push up that brightness to the maximum levels, everything is clearly visible, even when its really already bright and shiny outside youve got a small selection of watch faces installed on here by default, which you can change between uh. Just here on the watch itself, otherwise you can dive back into that defeat app and you can download some fresh ones from there. Its not a bad selection by any means. Youve got a decent bit of variety between the digital and the analog efforts. Some with uh plenty of information packed on there, as you can see, youve got some seasonal watch faces as well.

Quite a few colorful and jazzy efforts, a couple of strong choices for any pineapple fans out there and overall youve got probably just over 100 to choose from so you should be able to find one that you like. Amongst all of that, however, because theres no oled display on the cospet tank m1. Unfortunately, that means theres no always on display option here either, but you do get the usual rays to wake and uh you can just wake up the screen with a quick tap of the button. Now, while some cospet small watches actually run full android os go check out my unboxings of some of those for something that will really blow your mind here on the tank m1, it is cospets proprietary os and this doesnt really offer up much in the way of Surprises to be perfectly honest, compared with most other smartwatch uis swiping, this away will bring up all of your various widgets that youve got stuck away on there, so you can see how good or how rubbish your sleep was. You can measure your heart rate. You can dive on into a bit of exercise. Tracking youve got a blood pressure monitor on this thing as well. Sbr2 monitoring check out the weather lots of stuff swiping this away. It just brings up a fast access menu, so you can dive into some of your favorite apps such as, for instance, the shutter app. This allows you to take a shot on your smartphone, using the watch as a sort of remote shutter button that complete with a three second countdown, and that one right there definitely a keeper.

You could also access the settings by swiping down. This gives you fast access to likes of the manual brightness. You can see how much battery life youve got remaining instead of, but do not disturb all of that good stuff. And lastly, if you swipe straight up the screen, youll access, your notifications list so every time something buzzes through from your smartphone itll pop up in this little menu, and then you can give a little tap and check out a brief excerpt. You cant actually reply to any messages or anything like that: its very basic and straightforward, oh and whatever you do dont forget to set the do not disturb on this bloody watch, because it wasnt much fun being walking up at 3am by endless buzzing, because whatsapp was Busy backing up bear in mind, however theres no built in microphone or speaker here and the cospet tank m1. So you cant take calls via this thing, theres no built in voice assistant. Anything like that. Now youve got two buttons here on the edge of the cospet tank m1 youve got your power button, which of course, actually just turns it on and off, and that can also take you back to the main watch screen and then, if you hit this back button At the bottom, this actually loads up the main app screen and, as you can see, theres not exactly a massive selection of apps that you get bunged on here, but most of the stuff that youll need in everyday existence is on here, including stopwatch and timer.

If you tap this little pins brush thing down here that basically just allows you to change up the watch face again. Youve got the remote shutter button. Youve got media controls. You cant actually chuck any tracks onto the cospet tank m1 to listen to on the move, but what you can do is you can control the music thats playing on your smartphone remotely so that you dont have to fumble your phone out of your pocket just skipping Tracks and pausing and playing and such forth and then of course, youve got the usual sleep tracking stress, monitoring, all of the basic fitness stuff. The sleep tracking stuff is okay, sometimes it thinks im asleep, but im just lying very still. Indeed, you can get a sleep quality score which doesnt really help anything. To be honest, you can see how you compare to other people around your age group who also use cospect watches in terms of you know how early you go to bed, how early your eyes, all that kind of stuff. If thats of interest youve got the hrs 3690 sensor on here for tracking your heart rate, your blood pressure and your blood oxygen as well cosmet reckons this sensor is as good as an apple watches, effort not sure about that. But it is definitely better than most budget rivals to be fair seems fairly, accurate, certainly for the heart rate stuff for the blood pressure tracking. Well, i got completely different results.

Every time i tried that so id say just dont even bother frankly. But what about that battery life, which i was bigging up so much at the start of the video? Well, its a 380 milliamp battery packed inside of the tank m1 slight increase over the cospet rock and while cospert reckons thatll, give you 15 full days of proper full on use from a single charge. I thought it was actually closer to around 10 days in total. It only just died on me today, thats with the 24 7 heart rate, monitoring thats, with notification access all that good stuff. So, overall, pretty damn good, and you know if you just want a basic smart watch to take away with you on trips. You know to lug the charger with you with all the chargers for this things pretty tiny anyway, then itll do the job its super rugged so well suited for any outdoor enthusiasts, any active users – and you know, if youre, the kind of person who finds you always Accidentally running over your smart watch with your car, well, certainly job done so thats what i reckon because pets and tank m1 after rocking it on my wrist for over a week now, as you can see, you find more information down in the video description uh. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest tech and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.