This is the cospet tank m1 cospet tank m1 uh 55 ish us dollars right now at time of filming uh right now, its got almost 40 reviews. Five stars, you cant cant, go too wrong with that 4.9 stars. I guess uh and uh were gon na were gon na. Take a look were going to uh, see what comes in this little tiny box. Uh well go over some of the specs on banggoods website and then of course, well pair it with our phone, which is an iphone. So if you have an android phone, it should be similar, but i always like to see how they work with an iphone. Of course, and um thatll be the thatll, be the video okay guys so here heres here here it is on banggoods website uh cospet tank one. You know i still. I still find it uh very uh exciting. I guess for those that were like. Oh smart watches its. You know you get so much variety out there right now and variety, especially in that budget watch, because even though i primarily use an apple watch and its an older apple watch, now ive had it for years. It makes you kind of think you know i spent 10 times the amount on that apple watch as this is and for the majority of us lets be honest majority of us. This watch will probably do everything that we needed to do, and most of the watches in that kind of you know, 50 to 100 mark probably do exactly what we need it to do.

Some may have some extra stuff and you know what im not promoting or saying dont get an apple watch or anything like that. But you know what this is a watch like this, especially the tank for those of us that may be doing stuff. That are a little more active or have, or or even maybe, youre. Someone who works in the car does construction and youre like man. I would break one of those watches. Maybe this is a little better, so spec wise, what does it say? Spec wise tank, m1, bluetooth, 5, full touch, android, 5.1 or above or ios 10 is needed. It uses a defeat app which ive used before that its pretty good heres a list of your languages. Information has call reminders, reject calls message: reminders. Health rate, monitor blood pressure, monitor blood oxygen, monitor sleep monitor now just be aware, especially with heart rate, blood and blood pressure and blood oxygen. These arent going to be medical grade, and they will usually say that somewhere, maybe even in the manual therell, be a little asterisk, its kind of like a just kind of a guide, just kind of a if it seems high on here, you might want to go. Get it checked if it seems low on here, just just kind of just kind of be aware, its kind of a yeah right, multi sport modes, pedometer, calories, distance, music control, camera control, whether you guys can see it ill put links down below to the actual uh Banggoods website but specs look good uh battery capacity.

380 milliamps stand by about 50 days. So if you just kind of leave it on the table after its fully charged uh about 15 days of use, wow thats really good. Now i always take that with a grain of salt because it all depends on if youre someone thats, has the activity monitor going like three hours a day, then youre not gon na get 15 days. If youre someone – maybe like me, my hope is that i can get about a week right, so yeah very cool all right. This is this is the little box that came in cause cospet im guessing its the watch. You want or watch you want. The watch you want – maybe there you go some stuff on the back. They are a little qr code, thats going to take you to the app that you need and you can get it for the app store or the google play store, and it tells us a little bit of specs there again uh, based on the actual watch, very Cool, i dont even know what color i got. I think you can get this in a black or a green black or a green yeah, black or green im kind of hoping. I got the green, but i dont know i dont know ready. Oh, i got the green, oh thats, excellent, so tank m1, there we go. Oh its color and everything thats nice. You dont usually get a nice color manual, thats excellent, thats, a lovely little menu.

You guys can see that there hey thats a lovely little manual, all right, im down and outside of the manual. This is kind of what you get. It looks like a usb charging cable and its going to be to that. They use this a lot right. That little magnetic style cool that looks like a fairly big watch face its bigger than i thought it was going to be and then um, my guess, is its like a silicone strap looks like its a traditional style watch, strap. So my guess would you you could use just traditional watch straps that you get at like your local store but thats nice um, but yeah thats, a thats, a hefty thats, a hefty little watch for sure uh do what does it say on there tank satm? You guys can see that there, like thats ill put it up against my my apple watch right thats. It just looks big with the actual all the stuff around it, and you got a power button. A back button. A little pull off sticker whoop thats got to come off and then im going to put im going to put the uh im going to put the straps on here uh this may. This may take me a minute, so bear with me. It does have on the back of the strap its a nice little pull thing, which is, which is kind of nice, so well, see well see how this works.

All right got the first one in that that actually went in that that actually went in pretty good. So im not im, not too im, not too uh, so im pretty im pretty pleased with that, all right and second one all right. Those went in good theres. The on the bottom, two just make sure theres a little peel sticker off the top theres one on the heart rate sensor as well. You guys should be able to see that right. There just make sure you pull that offer youre gon na get either. No! No! No information or uh wrong information also this is gon na, be where your uh charger cable will magnetically attach to okay, thats cool. I like it. Okay, so first off were gon na open up the fit which i have uh yep and ive had a previous watch on here before, but were gon na the same same one as this so can, i add, a different watch. My guess is, do i have to remove this one all right, so i removed it. So now it says free we are going to add a device so im guessing you, cant have more than one device on here, which probably makes sense, add a device searching. I guess i got to turn this on hit the little power button, thats good cosmet tank m1 boom connecting that boots fast wow lets see. If i have any battery 55 battery pairing yeah, allow that it thats it boom grabbed.

All my information knows the date and time that that connects with i, i have to say with the def that the fit app uh it does connect really good, like its been very quick um. So lets kind of look in here well, go here. Watch faces dial one, so we can just kind of snap to that, and these ones, i think, are just kind of pre installed right. This one here is an ed. I like this one, its funny. You can pick this one and its got a tank on it. I am going to use something a little more. Oh, that one says tank on it too. Thats kind of cool uh lets go with dial six, maybe yeah. I like that. Just that orange orange and green color. I think thats thats nice, but you got a bunch here. You can actually go to discover new now, if you pick from those apps that are on the first one theyre kind of pre loaded on the the actual watch, so they change fast. But if you pick any of these that are in here that you can go through, they have to download first and then move so just realize that those ones take a bit more time, but fine notifications, uh ive, got i dont. Usually, i always turn off things that i dont use, so i dont use this. I dont use this uh. I dont use this because if you have them on theyre going to try to connect – and that means that youre going to use more battery right alarms, you can come in here set alarms if you want cool shutter thats for your camera.

So im, oh yeah, just come up automatically so im going to say: yes, youre allowed access, but were not actually going to do it right now. Uh other fine device time formats, 12 hour, yeah reminders to move now. Some of this may be things you have to change on yours because, since ive used this app before my guess is some of those settings may move to this watch reminder to move full day. Heart rate battery saving mode. If you want do not disturb your language, uh unit format, you can go in there and change it. I have mine in imperial, auto, lock uh in seconds so im going to bring mine up to 10 because i just like it to be up there. A little longer quick for you drink water reminder, weather is going to be based on where you are yeah and a physiological cycle reminder cool all kinds of good stuff, and if you have any upgrade theyre going to check. Software is up to date very good, and then all your information here cool that thats thats kind of it now from the physical watch itself. That is a nice screen, and i do like that. Theyre not trying to hide the screen size like a lot of them. Do when you have a like a black watch with a black screen? Of course there they make it look like the screen is physically bigger than it actually is, but because this is green, it isnt its taking up the full screen.

So if we scroll up from the bottom, we have it looks like probably your notifications and then you can anything else. No notifications, all right down. Okay, these are going to be all your settings, so you got your battery your temperature, outside your weather, your camera, uh. Your uh vibrate im guessing oops turn that on uh brightness, i might want my brightness a bit higher there you go bring the brightness up. I dont know what this one is like: a little video turn on a vibration and turn down brightness, oh its a theater mode, gotcha. No, we dont need theater mode settings. What is this one? Oh its just your vibrate, because you need that right and then settings so reset about power off qr code. Uh shake for on brightness reset, not a lot of settings in there, but thats all fine and you have a back button. It just takes you backwards right and then can you go side to side or anything here, nope back again, this way, oh its cool, you get a little pop up screen. It seems very almost android y right uh, so this has similar things that are up top its like little quick. So it has like your account, your it has your weather, uh camera, your heart rate, et cetera, et cetera. Can you move past that no not really and then this one goes steps sleep measure, heart rate, exercise, blood pressure, weather, shutter, uh, oxygen level, your media player and thats it and then back kind of gets you back here: okay, its down its its its, not gon Na have anything like too, like too much again its its got enough right, so im going to just check because uh i want to because i want to.

I got it on here. I, like thats, a good looking watch, nothing wrong with that its plenty bright! Well! Well, try it ill give you a follow up short, usually what we do about a week later, um to let you know what we thought actually using this. So if we bring this up here, well, just go through here. So lets pretend were doing our heart rate. So our heart rate – and i can see where you may want to turn that vibrate on or off, because every time you push a button, you get a little. So if thats something thats annoying, you cant turn that off uh 77. Its saying here i am going to test it up against my apple watch, so lets just see here. It says it says 76. This one is saying 77. This one is saying: Music, 74 73, so were close were with within a beat nothing wrong with that thats good. Now this one doesnt have any of the other things so well kind of go through here. Uh blood pressure, youre just gon na. Let it sit, i think, and then itll start is my guess. You have to tap it. Oh just tap it all right, so it gets a little a little that little vibrating sound again and but i like the build on it im, hoping that, because its called the tank now its not just designed to look like a tank but to actually operate more.

Like a tank because its 119 over 74., that seems, i think, reasonable and i actually went and got my blood pressure done the other day, and i thinking that was similar numbers to what she got so im, guessing thats, thats, good uh and then weather. That is the weather here, so thats good, shutter oxygen level. Last time i did an oxygen level. I think i was at 96 97 somewhere in that range so and that was again at the doctor. So lets just see what it is saying and i dont know how smart watches get this information, and if you were to go online and buy any of these tools, they would cost you way more than this watch does so again take this information with you know A little bit of skepticism its really more of a guide just to be like hey. If it says that its high here, you really should probably go get. It checked out right, um, so 97, yes, thats, thats, thats ballpark! Because 1998, i was getting 96.97 at the actual doctor, so im gon na say thats thats, pretty pretty close uh again your camera, shutter, etcetera, etcetera and then your back button to get you right here. It is 11 oclock, 11 oclock in the morning theres my activity. Oh just so you guys can see if you do want to do an activity i can come into, i think, does it have exercise yeah? So if i tap this, you got walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football swimming tennis.

Rugby golf yoga workout, just generic dance, basketball, elliptical, rowing theres tons here, trial, running skiing, bowling, dumbbell sit ups training hiking, so lots in there ill probably take it. When i go for a walk just to see how it does now. The one thing i think in the app i think this app see it does have just so you guys, if youre curious, the app itself is connected to health kit for the apple system. So if you are someone that uses health gift and wants that information to move around, because this watch uses this app and this app does support health kit youre good to go um, you know what at 55 us if youre looking for a watch. I think that probably a little uh more rugged would be my guess, a little more rugged uh. I think i think this could be a really cool option, especially if you just want something to have that. You know a little more armyish look, but it is big right, its a big watch. So if you do have small wrists just watch, because i found big watches on small wrists, sometimes it interferes with like some of your wrist bones and things like that. It just kind of pushes on them, but for me yeah that works great. I like it. I like it a lot all right, guys, uh. If i can get a week to 15 days, if i get a week ill, be super pleased im going to have to charge it up because it only has 55 battery in it now so ill, give it a full charge up to 100 and then uh.

This video will come out about a week later and uh ill. Give you a follow up in a short as to uh if it lasted at least a week, all right guys, im out for today, i will leave links to banggood.