This is anuj from Gadget Gig., So we are back with one more smartwatch review and this time we have with us a rugged smartwatch from Kospet and its the Tank M1., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you how it performs.. So here is the box of the Kospet Tank M1., Its a simple looking box, and here we have the Kospet branding along with the tagline, the watch you want. At the back. We have the picture of the smartwatch, along with the specifications., And here we have the app details. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So on the top we get the Tank M1 user guide and it has the detailed info about the features of the smartwatch.. Then we get this thank you card, and here we can. It comes with 1 year warranty. And then we have a smartwatch itself. And guys. This watch is available in two colours: black and green, and the one we have here is the green variant.. So here we have the watch module and then we have the rubber straps.. One more thing is that you can also order an extra strap, and here we have the camo Green strap.. Now, looking at the box, we have the Screen guard and by the way there is already a screen guard on the watch., And then we get the charging cable, and here is how it connects at the back of the watch.

. So thats all we have in the box now lets look at the smartwatch closely. Kospet Tank M1 is a budget Rugged smartwatch.. So as its rugged smartwatch, it comes with all the features such as Military standard, certifications, its 5ATM and IP69K waterproof. It can withhold extreme conditions from 40degree celsius to 70 degree celsius. And, most importantly, the company claims that this smartwatch comes with a metal body which can withstand 5 tons of truck, crushing weight.. So, overall, this rugged smartwatch is well built and quite sturdy. In terms of the looks and design.. I have used a few rugged smartwatches before, and I find this watch very comfortable on the hand.. It has this square design with the metal casing., And you have the Kospet Tank branding in the front.. In terms of the overview we have the 1.72 inch IPS display with the 280 by 320 pixel resolution. And on the side we have the two function buttons. At the back. We have sensors for the heart rate and spo2 and above it we have the charging points.. The strap of this watch is made up of good quality material and goes very well with the design. And also you can replace the straps as per your choice.. So overall, the Kospet Tank M1 is feature rich and, to be honest, its the first rugged watch. We have seen so far, which offers a lot of features under Rs. 5000 in India. Now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.

. So for pairing, we need to use a third party app and its the DA fit. And for pairing just tap on the add, watch and select the kospet Tank m1 from the list and thats it. Your smartwatch is now ready to use. Now lets look at the features., So first of all, the 1.72 inch Display looks good its bright and the viewing angles are pretty good. In terms of the controls. Here we are on the watch face and upon long pressing, you can switch between different watch faces. And also you can add more from the companion app. Swiping down from the top shows you the quick settings, and here we have brightness theatre mode settings. Timer vibration, settings power, saving mode which reduces the brightness., And then we have the camera, shutter and weather. And guys here i must tell you that the touch response is very good.. Swiping up from the bottom shows you the notification history., And when you swipe left from the right side, you can access the quick apps such as step count, sleep heart rate and a lot more.. There is also a shortcut app drawer, which you can access by swiping. Right from the left, side. And from here you can access these apps quickly. To access the main menu. You need to press the bottom button once., And here we have the main menu.. So first we have the step count and then we have the sleep data. After that, we have heart rate and guys the heart rate detection in this watch is fast and also the data is fairly accurate.

. After that, we have the workout modes, and in this watch you get 24 sports modes which includes walking, running cycling, skipping, badminton, etc. After that we have the SPO2 monitoring, and here it takes some time to show you the data, but the data is accurate, but again It is only for reference and should not be used for any medical purposes., Then in the menu we have the blood pressure monitoring, which is again for reference only.. After that, we have the weather, and here you can see the current weather, as well as the weather forecast for the upcoming few days.. Then in the menu we have the notification, history, camera shutter, music control – and here you can control the music on your phone. But no volume controls. And then we have Breathe which allows you to do some breathing exercises.. After that, we have the usual alarm: stop watch timer with some preset timers theatre mode, and then we have the watch faces.. And here we have the settings of the smartwatch. In the settings. We have the brightness and talking about the brightness, its quite bright, and I have used this watch for a couple of weeks now and I can say that the brightness is very good for both indoors and bright outdoor conditions.. Then we have the vibration settings and then the usual reset power off and the qr code for the app., So thats all the features we have in the watch.

And we found the options pretty good and as its a budget rugged smartwatch. The features you are getting are more than sufficient, but we are missing the stress monitoring.. Apart from these features, you also get raise to wake or flick wrist to wake up the screen feature which, by the way, works good and the response time is less.. Now let me quickly show you the companion, app DaFit., So its a third party app, which we have seen with a few other smartwatches from other brands.. The UI is basic and we have the fitness data on the top. And then we have the heart rate: sleep, spo2, blood pressure, data.. You can tap on any of these cards to see the historical data. On the device page. We have the connected device on the top, and here you can go through the watch face store. And guys. Here we have the default watch faces and you can also go through. The watch face, store and the watch face. Options are decent, and some of the watch faces do look good on the watch.. Then we have the notifications, and here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on your watch. And talking about it. Here is how you get the call alert and in this watch you can reject or silet the call., And here we have the app notification.. So you do get the app icon on the top, but unfortunately no emoji support in this smartwatch.

. Then in the settings we have the other settings, and here you can turn on the reminders and also the continuous heart rate monitoring., And you can also enable the quick view, which is the raise to wake drink, water reminder and the physiological cycle reminder for females.. So thats all the options we have in the app the app is basic but offers all the necessary features.. So, overall, the Kospet Tank M1 is the cheapest rugged smartwatch available in the market right now. Hardware wise this smartwatch is pretty good and from military grade certifications to withstanding 5 tons of crushing force. This smartwatch is definitely well built.. The display performance is good and feature wise, its packed with all the necessary features.. The battery backup is good and the 380 mah battery can easily give you 10 15 days of battery backup.. The fitness data is accurate and, even though it looks big and bulky its quite comfortable on the hand., So to sum it up, if you are looking for a rugged, smartwatch and dont want to spend a lot, then we highly recommend you to checkout this Budget Rugged. Smartwatch from Kospet. They do deliver to India and also use our coupon code in the description below to get some additional discount.. So thats it guys. This was our Review of the Kospet Tank M1 smartwatch.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have queries or questions about this smartwatch in the comments section below.

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