Unfortunately, it goes and uh covers up the record button, so I have to refinagle that later, but anyway, what are we talking about today? Well, as I got the new pixel phone, I just wanted to go with the true pixel experience with the full Google magic erase. Some of the faster updates, the Samsung Galaxy Z, flip 4 – very cool phone had a better screen than the pixel um, but the pixels got just among the best photography. I mean it goes back and forth between the pixels and the pro series. Iphones um the pixels seem to get a little bit better on the picture and the iPhone gets a little bit better on the video, but both of them are the top of the crop cream of the crop top of the heat whatever. So when I got rid of that phone, I also got rid of the watch, because the Samsung watch does work with regular Android actually works with iOS, but it doesnt get all the full functionality if you dont have a Samsung phone, so I was like. Ah, do I want to spend money on a pixel phone and what other phones are there out there, and I found this and so Im asking the question: can a 99 Android smartphone off of Amazon be any good and theres this company called copset kops Ill? Put all the links in the description so dont ask me for the links go to the descriptions thats, what the links will be, and I found one called the tank M2, which claimed military certification for drop tests and toughness its got an anodized aluminum frame um and Some polycarbonate its also got.

My message is coming in from Cycle Gear. Its also got a five atmosphere so up to 50 meters of water resistance, as well as um salt, water friendly, so theres, nothing on it to corrode or anything like that. So it has the uh charging base on the the the prongs on the back and it comes with a nice little cradle and you just go clunk and drop it in its magnetic, so it automatically aligns it and cradles the whole phone and charges it up. Uh. The specs, you know you can go to the website, click on the link um. I took over the specs and things like that, but the battery life so far seems pretty decent heres. Why I got it, the Google pixel watch looks great and it probably is the perfect companion to the pixel 7 phone. The problem is: is its 350, its got a small display, its their first crack at it, its not quite ready for prime time. In my mind, the best wearables on the market are going to be your. I, your your Apple watches and then right behind that the new Samsung Galaxies. But was this good enough to tide me over until the fall when the Galaxy or the pixel Watch 2 comes out? Well, this is what weve got so it is designed in Washington, um theres, a company, its a its an American design company. That, then, sends it over to China to be manufactured, and you might go.

Oh China thats exactly what Apple does they design things here? They go over to a company. You know they have manufacturing over there in China and a lot of companies are doing that. So lets see what weve got weve got three buttons. One is on the side for your sport modes. You get to change watch faces just by pushing down um um. I think it should push down and hold, or something like that – maybe its under a screen in any case well go through the settings in just a minute. It does operate a little differently, so sometimes by habit. Im going and clicking on it like. I would on a Galaxy watch, but you got all your sports apps on the side. You got your back button here and then this button here is to turn it on and off, and things like that. It comes with a pretty good app. The app was very easy to set the phone up and set up my features. What I liked about it also is its got a nice big screen and I can change the brightness and its Bluetooth with your phone. So I can control my audio just like the Apple or the Galaxy watch or the pixel for that matter. So if I have my watch paired to the sound system outside by the pool, I can fast forward and pause and do all that from my phone. I can take and receive calls from my phone um.

It has a heart rate meter built in and it seems pretty accurate. It also has a blood oxygen level which so far has been pretty dang accurate um. It also has a blood pressure monitor now, comparing this to the cuff one I got um, I dont know what brand it is like and it was like. Seventy dollars, Ive got one of those cuff ones that you strap on and it pumps up and you know – does all that stuff. This is within a couple points of that. I dont know how it does it through the sensor, but the readings Im getting are pretty darn close to what Im getting on the cuff style that I have that my doctor had recommended so thats, pretty cool um, you get your weather, you get your music contacts Phone dialing and all that stuff, so it is a pretty cool phone uh watch so far for a hundred dollars. Now the battery life is okay, youll get through a couple days. If you turn off the you know, every 10 minutes doing your blood pressure and the O2 sensor, and all that other stuff that greatly increases the life of your battery. But if you want to go in, you can go into settings its, not specifically Android. It doesnt feel like Android Wear, but it has all the basic functionality and for 99 bucks to have something I can jump in the pool of the hot tub with it.

They say its been tested down to like negative 40 degrees and up to 126 degrees um. It has, you know they say: no standard drop test certification. I dont know if theyre just making that up or not. I guess well find out about that, but you got your messages. Theres, Jonathan, hey, boo. What you doing now! I will say that the font is a little small and so its not as aesthetically nice as the other phones. I keep saying phones as the other watches, but honestly its it does all the things you want. You get text messaging and emails and things – and you could do quick replies if you want um, it doesnt have the app support that your Android Wear and your your Apple phone are going to have, but its pretty dang good, its got your voice assistant. So it has Alexa by default, but you can switch that to Android uh. You know to your to your Google Now um or whatever it is on on Android um. You can. It comes with a screen protector, so that was the first thing you do. Is you install it on the out of the gate? Um, you can choose your watch faces and things like that, so you can have one that just looks almost like iOS with your cluster of apps. I mean its got. All the different watch faces and things and you can download others, so I mean its a pretty cool phone God.

Damn it. I keep saying phone and I dont know why cant get the words right, but it looks nice um. It did come with this band um. I thought it was a little floppy and – and you know, clunky and just you know to me – it wasnt as sturdy as what Im used to for that type, but it takes standard 22 mil watch straps. So I just bought a couple on Amazon. This is the first one to come, so this ones going to be just the soft silicone more like youre youre used to with the Apple watch, and it just pops on and off real easy that way. So Im gon na say yeah. You know its one of those things. Youd go, oh well, you know the. Maybe the texts are getting Instagram or you know theres something, but you can turn on alerts for it. You just cant interact with it as much. So if I had an Instagram account that stuff would come in um same thing for Messenger messages, incoming calls I can take and make calls from here, Ive actually done that when someone called me, I was in the shower forgot. Oh, my watch or my phone is on the other side of the room. So I just hit you know answer and I was able to take the call but uh yeah I mean the screen is nice enough it its it. You can turn the brightness up.

You can add different colors and do things its not going to be as customizable as the other phones but those other phones. You know if you find a cheap Apple watch SC. Maybe you can find one on sale for the I like the larger size. You know around 200 ish, but you could spend between two and five hundred dollars very easily on a smart watch these days and so for 99 bucks. It covers the bases you know to have all the health and Sport monitoring to have your heart rate. To have your oxygen level to have actually a blood pressure monitor, and do you know 80 of the things that an Apple Watch or a Galaxy watch or a pixel watch can do? I think its pretty damn cool well do a follow up six months from now and see after beating on it sweating on it, riding it taking in the hot tub and all that kind of stuff. You know how does it hold up over time, but to be fair, its a its a pretty cool watch, so Ive seen a couple of them theres another one called a maze, fit um Ive looked at the tick watches theres been a couple ones that I looked At that I thought actually ran. Android Wear the one I was looking at was the fossil series 6.. The problem is it doesnt? Have the water resistance? You can get it splashed, but if I go diving into eight and a half feet of my pool in salt water, its probably not going to hold up its good for getting rained on Splash things like that, but theyre not rated for submersion.

Um, which is a shame because theyre a couple hundred dollars theyre, not really cheap, so for 99 bucks. I went with this one and it its comfortable and it does all the basic stuff youd want. So the buttons are nice and tactile. They stick out there. Um theres, there are some additional features here so through the app. If I want to turn on my phones camera and set my camera up somewhere, I can have it beam to my watch. What the camera is seeing and I can hit record or take pictures from the phone, so thats kind of cool um other than that you know. Is it worth 99 bucks yeah? If you want to take it to that next level – and you really want the premium experience, if you got an iPhone youre going to get an Apple Watch, theres no better watch than that, especially if youve got the uh the iPhone its a perfect pairing um. I think that for the pixel Watch 2, if they come out with a larger version that fixes a couple of the bugs in the little little things I wasnt crazy about, I wouldnt mind spending the money on it, but this will certainly tie me over for the Summer and become just a beater watch that if I scratch it working on the bike or something Im, not gon na, be all pissed like I would, with a 350 dollar Apple watch or pixel, so thats the quick review.

This is the tank M2 theres, a tank M1 Pro theres, a tank M2. I think thats a round dial, so youve got a couple different styles to choose from Ill put a link to their website, but its a neat comfortable watch that, frankly, I had the Galaxy watch 5, which is phenomenal. It was a great watch, but I didnt use it all that much because I was afraid of scratching the goddamn things it was 350 or 380. Its not a cheap watch. Here, watches get banged up a bit. You know, especially if youre not just sitting in an office all day, if youre actually out riding motorcycles and reaching under things and wrenching on the car and doing stuff um. I think for those kinds of people that just need a watch that does integrate with their smartphone and they could quickly take a call and control their music yeah. I give it a big thumbs up. I think in that Niche, if you set your expectations right, something like this is great Im enjoying it so far. So anyway, hope you enjoyed well talk to you all soon. I got ta try to get the camera out of my cradle here and stop recording anyway.