This is a quite cool smartwatch um later on, we’ll inspect all the features, but for now let’s take a look at the body. The body looks like it’s made of plastic. It feels plastic as well at the back. We have the heart rate sensor and also the charging port. The strap is removable. You can replace it anytime, you want it doesn’t feel very comfortable, but it’s, not very bad as well. Okay, at the right side, you have your flashlight this the button to turn on the flashlight, and this is the button to access the menu okay. This is the my most favorite part of this smartwatch, because it is very, very handy. This flashlight is bright enough uh for you to use. If you just want to grab anything – and you just don’t – want to turn on the lamp – and you just want to make use of it, then it will come very, very handy and the light is bright enough for you to see things in the dark to turn. Uh to turn off the flashlight, you just have to press this button again: okay, let’s, look at the menu of the smartwatch, so you have a pre installed watch faces available. I believe there are four of them. So if you long press at the center and swipe to the right, you’ll see the preloaded watch faces, you can also download other watch faces when you log in at the application.

Quite cool watch faces as well. Okay, and if you swipe down you’ll, see information such as your remaining battery life, your you can also adjust the brightness level here. You can also tap on the search icon to search your phone. Your phone will ring if your watch and your phone is connected via bluetooth and if you swipe up you’ll, see your notifications here earlier. I already clear my notifications, so i have nothing here. Okay, so if you swipe uh to the left, you’ll see your statistics here. Such as your number of steps, distance covered and calories burned, you can also see information of your of the quality of your sleep. If you swipe to the left again, then you have this menu. You can use the heart rate you. You can also measure your blood pressure. You can measure also your oxygen level ecg, so let’s uh try to take a look at the heart rate. Alright, so currently it will not work because i’m not wearing the watch. Let’S look at the blood pressure. Okay, all right! If you swipe to the left again so this will be your spot export modes, so you have running you have a walking. You have a cycling Music, you have a climbing ping pong, a badminton basketball, skipping rope. You can also use it for swimming and, of course, your yoga okay, so i press on the swimming mode. Okay to stop it, just um press the the check mark button and it will save okay, so you can also make use of these features to control your music on your phone and you have the weather information here.

Okay, so if you swipe to the left, you will have this menu that you can use. You can restore factory settings of your watch. You can shut it down. You have also your setting menu here. You can adjust the brightness here, your brightness time. This is a one thing that is not so cool about this smartwatch because um it has a limited number of brightness time like you can only choose up to a maximum of nine seconds. As you can see it always uh goes uh, it always turn and the the led always uh turn off. So i always have to press this button at the side and if you Music choose the turn wrist, you have only up to a maximum of six seconds, which is not so cool, perhaps um. It is set up like that to us concert battery. You have the tremor here tremor um, you can choose a vibration tree vibration, two one so that’s for your tremor. You have your language here. You can choose some other language, such as dutch, german and other languages. Okay, so i think uh that’s the features of uh. This watch um, i believe, there’s still a quite a good deal, because considering this is around 40 bucks and the good thing is, you have the basic functionalities plus you have also the led at the side, which is very, very useful, and the battery is super amazing. I’Ve been using it for almost a week, and i still have about more than 50 percent of the battery life, so i believe it’s still a good deal and uh yeah uh.

I so that’s it uh for the review of this a smartwatch.