So this is the box of our smartwatch. Here we have the picture of the product. In this side we can see the colors are available. We have blue pink red and black, which is my favorite. At the back of the box, we can find the functions and the product parameters, so let’s open up the box to find what we have in size Music. So here we have all the package content Music. We have the user manual in english language and the other side in the chinese language it’s a notice to the customer Music. It is just about the app that you should download to contact your smartwatch with your mobile phone Music. We have the usb charging cable that you can plug with your power bank, computer power, adapter, etc, Music and, of course, the fitness tracker smartwatch. With this silicon vase, Music, the bands are really really really nice. You can also change it just from here, if you like to change the color or the soft silicon bands Music. Here we have some steps. One please charge before use to need: use your mobile phone scan manual, qr code to download the app and three. Please read the user manual before use so guys now i’m going to charge it don’t go anywhere, i’ll be back to you, Music, so hello, again, i’m back with it charged by the way i didn’t mention that the smartwatch have no button, as you are seeing here To turn it on all, what you need is to press for five seconds the touch screen so it’s on now.

If you want to change the screen tap on it like this Music, it will be changed. Also, another time see this one with this device. You can see how much calories you’ve burned and record your current number of steps. You can also test your heart rate, blood pressure and would oxygen by recording your sleep and deep sleep time. You will know your sleep data. It has more than 13 exercise mode. Multiple sport mode to go along with your activity of choice, wall run cycle, swim, basketball, football, etc. This smartwatch can help you develop your scientific exercise so now let’s download the app to connect us with the smartwatch. The app name is level it supports apple and android systems. This one with this logo Music. You should access the blue suit Music Applause now it’s connected the device will vibrate when you receive a common call, a missed call or when a new message comes. The screen will shows you the relevant notification and corresponding icons. Music. You can also set your alarm clock from the app and you will get a vibration when it’s time. If you want to control your camera, you should turn on the camera mode in the app. Then shaking your wrist quickly to take photos, you can control the music play it or stop it.