Bluetooth calling is not supported and there is no option in the settings or via the wiiwatch 2 app to activate such feature. Lemfo may provide this feature through a software update in the future that will allow Bluetooth calling.

Unboxing and first look of this smartwatch:

DESCRIPTION: The 2GB/16GB smartwatch by LEMFO, the LEM 8. This model is one of the more power Andriod 7.1.1 smartwatches available. This smartwatch a unique alloy bezel, 2 gigs of ram, and 16 gigabytes of storage. It sports a 2 MP camera which is surprising decent at taking photos and video, a unique silicone watch band that is very flexible, 4G LTE cellular and data connectivity, and waterproof to IP67 certification. This makes it okay to wash your hands with the watch on. This smartwatch is made to be a replacement for your cellphone as it accepts T-mobile and AT&T sim cards.

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