Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new landfill lp 28.. We have today here a brand new lenfo device. As you can see, we got this lampha device in with two different straps, which it looks awesome in both of them. We will see in this video how this watch will work, how to function with it, how to connect. We will see that in the next video and we will try all the options that we have here. We will see how do they function so let’s go ahead, start the unboxing Music. This is the package of the length of 28, very good color that they choose with the blue, and we have some information here. As you can see, 1.3 inch full color touchscreen. We have ip68 waterproof and dustproof. You can wear it while it’s raining hand washing or even swim with it just make sure you don’t put this watch in hot water. We have multiple smart sports moves that we will try later. We have dynamic heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen and other things about health, caring and also we have more function like sleep monitoring, step, counter exercise, distance, etc. As you can see in the package itself, we have the charger the wash itself at the top underneath we have the second pair of the bands, or these are the metal bands which we don’t usually usually see in smart watches, and this is the user manual which Contains all the information on how to work with this device, let’s peel off the protection from the screen and try to start the lp28.

We have only one button, rounded display and now it’s on. As you can see, we have a very good display here in the lp28. We can change the watch faces just by pressing it and holding it. Like usual, we have here multiple watch faces, but we also can download more from the app which we will see in the next video how to do that in ios and android as well. Here in the taskbar, we have the brightness, fine phone information and the settings. This is the full brightness well that we have right now at the top. We have the time and date. Then we have some notifications in the right. We have the distance that we did with kilometers and steps as well. We have the last heart rate, hard rate measuring. We have blood oxygen, music control and training here, weather messages stopwatch find phone settings at the bottom, where we can see reset information, a bright or the brightness, and we have turned off. So these are all the things that we have in the length of lv28. This device is very simple and we don’t have too much things it’s, not complicated and that’s. Why is one of my favorite smart watches? Right now now we are testing the heart rate. As you can see, it started to measure immediately. The screen is turning off like usual in some of the uh smart watches let’s, try this one more time and give it a shot to see how it will look like we have highest and lowest as i can see at the bottom and let’s wait for the Result and see how will look here, as you can see, we have the highest and lowest of the heart rate.

That was the final result. As always, these results will be saved in the app, so we can check out later. What we did here is the blood oxygen immediately. We have some result, which is way faster than the hoard rate, and we saw here the museum troll here at the we other sports. We have outdoor running cycling, rope, skipping swimming badminton, table tennis, tennis, mountain walking, basketball, football baseball, volleyball cricket, rugby hockey, dancing yoga, setups gymnastics, boating, jump, jacking, etc. We have a lot of options in the training which i always appreciate to have these options. Let’S go ahead and all the way at the top we had the auto running, which i always test the smart watches. With this option, as you can see at the top, we have the seconds steps, kilometers heart rate and burn calories. This is the first page we don’t have anything in the right or down in the left. We can add the session. I think these are enough information to have, but all always you have you can have more, which is better so guys. This was all for today’s video.