Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new lamfor alfie 29. We previously unboxed the lp 28, now it’s time for the lp29. We will see what’s the difference between these two devices. What we have here in the lp29 that we don’t have in other landfill devices, and we will talk about the option that we have in the software of the smart watch in the new lenfo lp29. We have 1.28 inch hd screen and we have different languages. So we can change in the boxes. We can see some of the options like transport mode 190, milliamp hour, polymer, lithium battery. We have health metering, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure and load oxygen. We have sms reminder, call reminder and other functions like bluetooth, music control, camera stopwatch alarm, clock, etc. The box itself is very simple, as you can see here in the video we have one pair of rubber bands and we have the watch itself, a user manual and the charger. Obviously, as you can see, the charger is very simple: two points to ch to charge the lp29 and you can see now. This is how it will look like when you assemble all the pieces, let’s power it on as well. In the lp29, we have only one button like in the lp28. You can see now that is powered on. We have quite a good color and the screen, as you can see now we are trying to use it. We have a toast bar here, all the things that we can see.

We have the brightness do a disturb time and date we have settings fine phone information, etc. This is the talkboard, then we have the notifications press and hold to change the watch faces. We have a couple of them right here that are already downloaded from the factory. Also, we can download more in the app we’ll see that later in the right, we have data throughout the day, hard rate measurements, sleep, weather and that’s. All that we have in the right side in the left side, we have the whole menu data motion messages. In the first page. In the second page, we will find heart rate blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, music, controlled weather, alarm, clock, stop, watch, timer, fine phone set up in the setup. We have the qr code for the app system to restart and reset. We have the display here for the brightness and other stuff, so this is all that we will find in the lamp for lp 29 and all the options that we will see so let’s begin immediately with some testing heart rate is the first option: let’s try this Out and see what result it will gives us, you can see immediately. We have some result, which is a good thing. I noticed that in the lp29 we don’t have lowest and highest point of the hard rate. But again that is just a benefit to have. We have the main uh result here in the screen. We probably will see that in the app when we go ahead and connect it.

We will see the average lowest and highest in the statistic, but we will have to wait and see if we will have that option in the app. So that was the heart rate. Let’S go down to the blood pressure. We have to wait here, a couple of seconds and see the result. So this is the result of the blood pressure. It took a little bit longer than i expected now we are testing the blood oxygen. We will see if this will take longer than that or will be faster. So here we have the result of the blood oxygen, which is a lot faster than other options. We don’t have anything else to test here other than these, so guys this was all for today’s video.