This is a Lenovo Ego Smartwatch unboxing and review video. Okey Okey Okey. This is not a watch that I am wearing in the thumbnail, Yeah this is a watch, hold on this is not a watch, holy god, what the heck is this I am wearing? Well curious? Okay, this is the Lenovo Ego HX07 smartwatch and this Lenovo Ego smartwatch can do a lot more than you think. The Lenovo Ego Smartwatch comes just below 2000 and has Bluetooth, 30 days of battery life and heart rate tracker with a lot more features. So watch this Lenovo Ego Smartwatch review and unboxing video and share with me what you think about this Lenovo Ego HX07 smartwatch. I personally think the Lenovo Ego Smartwatch is the best smartwatch in the budget.

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