You can purchase one of these for less than 30 pound uk currency and its it has a brilliant build quality. You can see. The quality is very good and it has a bit of weight to it. As well so you can, i can feel it that you know it has that quality to it. The strap is very comfortable to wear as well, and it comes with a magnetic charger here and a user manual here as well. Now this watch has a lot of great features. Now, when you switch you on, you can see, youve got a button here, they can press and it switches on. You can magnetic charge up there. You got their heart rate, monitor at the back here and the straps. You can even take them off and buy different straps if its, if its available for this watch and you can put different, strap straps on for this one. Now i like lenovo products in general speakers, earphones, laptops, etc and they have quality thats. The reason why i like lenovo products – and this is a watch that i really like its affordable – does the job that you need and its not like cutting into your budget, because there are those big branded smart watches that are very expensive, and this is one that Is really really affordable and it looks really stylish as well. So let me go through some features that this product has so first thing is they got built in 250 mah battery capacity that requires two hours to charge up, but it gives you around at least a weeks of use a week of usage time depending on um.

What youre doing with the watch, but you would get up to seven days of usage time after a full charge, 15 days of standby time as well. The screen size is 1.69 inch, ips screen and bear in mind. This operates with android and ios, but android. It has to be your software 5.0 and above and ios 10.0 and above to use this smartwatch connected to your smart, smart smartphone. Now it also has the ip67 water resistant feature. So if youre wearing this and its raining or splash of water goes when youre, washing the dishes or, if youre at the gym not of swimming, but in, like you know, if youre sweating etc, you wont get damaged. It also has other features, such as a sleep monitor heart rate, monitor. You also got options to dial as well. For example, swipe down, you got the um, you got the brightness options there, so you can put it down to save battery that way or put it up to max. If you want and then you got the options here for these ones as well settings as well, you got this so you dont have to remember or remember the name of the app, because you got the qr code to scan that so just get your smartphone get The barcode scanner scan it and it will take you directly to the app to download okay, i put down the description anyways for those um that needs to know what the app is called, because the app is not exactly called lenovo smartwatch app, so ill.

Put that on the description and youve got the options as well to scan the barcode here as well. You got the settings here where you go to dial, so you can change the dials. If you want so youve got various different dials to change too youve got brightness. Here you go to info, you go off and reset options there and if i swipe upwards, you got the notification options there and if i go back and swipe left, you go all the like steps, um calories, etc. The you got the blood pressure monitor there. You go the sleep monitor. You got all these options there, so you got the brief um timer here so its like a more relaxing options there. So it tells you when to breathe in when to breathe out that option. Is there um? What else does it? You got here um, you got the music player theres also once this is connected to your smart phone. You can control the music player there and you can play pause and change songs through this, and then you got the training option. So training is a sports mode. So this has 23 sports mode and let me go through the sports mode, so sports mode, that it has its training. You go outdoor running, cycling, um, oh, but hes skipping. It also has a batman turn table tennis, tennis alpinism. They got walking basketball football baseball, volleyball cricket, rugby hockey, dancing, spinning bike, yoga, setups indoor running gymnastics, boating, jumping jacks, so this watch has more sports mode than other smart watches that ive tried out so a lot more um options that a lot of other smartwatches doesnt Have so thats a great news? You have status here as well a bit of your information about your how many walks um steps, youve done.

Youve got a heart rate. Monitor there you got blood oxygen, you got a sleeping, monitor, youve, got weather here as well thats when its connected to your smartphone automatically everything will update there. Your message is here, and you got the more you go, stop a stopwatch and timer here and then youve got the settings and breathing um mode there as well and thats about it. These are all the features that this watch has but thats tons of features that you has packed into it. The strap is very nice and flexible, and a skin friendly strap as well. So it wont irritate if you go certain conditions or you know there are some certain straps that could give. You know give you that irritation, but this is skin friendly, strap very comfortable, and this is a watch that i would highly recommend. Lenovo products in general are brilliant and this watch is brilliant, so the links would be on the description below if you are interested ill, try putting as many links as i can for you know, for as many regions or countries. So thank you for watching my video.