You get this paper on how to take your o2 measurement and this little pamphlet regarding our company and social media aspects. Then you have your smart watch. Of course, uh it’s going to come with, like a little paper, simply take this off when you’re ready to start it going, and then you’re also going to get this charging cable. If you use our other products, the charging cable for this watch is different from all the other ones. So you’re gon na need to keep this one separate for this model. All right, let’s, look further into this watch and let’s see what’s new and different about it. All right before we get into the watch, let’s go over the cables, so the provided cable is this one and you see in the middle. It has like a little extrusion so make sure uh that’s the one that you’re using. If you have our older products, the older product is not going to have that extrusion. So please be wary of that. The the iw2 charger will not work on any old products because of that extrusion all right let’s get into the watch so first to turn it on. You need to long press the button and it will. It will start the watch if you have issues starting the watch just charge it, and that should start it up. So here i already have it started up and all we’re going to do is start pairing. Alright, so let’s open our let’s fit app we’re going to go pair, a new device you’re going to go the iw2 it’s going to this is using bluetooth.

So you should already have your bluetooth and location services on and we’re going to choose our device. Okay and then we’re going to press okay, all right so let’s go into the cool things about this watch, so we made a change uh for the watch faces. Customers have been wanting this, so let’s just go over from the be from the start. So here uh there’s a watch face and you could change the the day. You could turn off the date and week. You could turn off the bluetooth and you can turn off the steps if you wanted to so it’s all customizable. This is a new. They added the two two colored screen, so you have all these different options and then you can also change the number style. Okay, here is the really cool one uh. Here you can change your background picture, so i could pick this image here, for example, and i can move it around and then i could change the position of the time so top middle bottom and put it on the top and then you can also change the Color of the time and date, so you could change all of them. Okay, we’re going to leave it at white, and then you could turn off and on date and week, all right. So once you’re, okay with it press, confirm and then it’ll start installing, should be under a minute to install. If you have issues with the image itself, uh, please take a screenshot of it and then try again some some complex images.

Uh don’t allow the watch to upload the the image to your watch. Okay and, as you can see here, our watch has the new picture, looks pretty cool right, so there’s other options actually for this watch face here. You have the standard one same features. You can turn everything off and on and then, if you go all the way to the end, you’re gon na have all these options. Some of them are very useful, so, for example, this one okay. So this one is going to show you. Your calories burn your steps and your heart rate, that is pretty cool. Oops much faces let’s check out another one. Then, if you guys, like the analog roman numeral analog, they have those too look at this one. Okay, as you can see, the second hand, also works. So you know some people ask about this. So in this one you have the day you have the battery percentage and the steps so uh we’ve made a lot of additions to the watch face features you know, because you guys, you guys, wanted this uh kind of kind of option. Uh. If you like, what you see, please hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. If you have further questions, let me know.