What uh our guest is here: blue diamond phillips, i’m gon na see that picture for a second yeah hold on one second that’s the picture of lou’s wife she’s. Here, oh, is she i’m pretty sure you have me yeah lou brought proof liberal proof. We got ta get him because lou’s got to be somewhere else at 8, 15.! No kidding wait. Let me get switch, my glasses keep keeping the interview short in advance. You know what i mean yeah right in case things don’t go well, luke can book out of here sure lou have him for long lou diamond phillips, uh act, fine actor that you saw in uh la bamba la bamba. He played uh richie havens. That would not be a stretch. Richie havens would be whatever he was good, he’s good, but he ain’t that good, and you know what other movie he was in that you love. He played a man. What is lou, is he a of an indian he’s either mexican he’s filipino he’s got a little pill. Does he he’s a melting pot there’s a lot going on here? No he’s, i thought he’s, an indian. You know i could use a blackfoot yeah. You know movie, he did that you liked a lot, the one where the um he has sex with the uh radio psychologist and he ties her up and stuff yeah. What was that? Oh, i don’t know but she’s naked through him and hara naked through the entire movie.

He’S got a nice body, he’s, never chewed a house. He has a cute ass. Well, let’s get him in here. Let’S get lou in here, because lou’s got a great story for us. This doesn’t often happen to someone famous blue diamond phillips. New movie is uh sioux city, sioux city, sioux city it’s, uh, opening around the country, it’s uh, what’s, that all about is he playing in india now yeah. I think he plays a black foot indian. That would probably be a sioux indian since it’s sioux city, hey, you got a nice ass. It is luke, hey luke. The long haired blue is without today here sit down, hey lou, you let your hair grow out! Huh man! You do look like an indian i’m. Looking more more like you is with the problem, i know: do you are you an indian yeah part cherokee on my on my father’s side, but i’m, also scotch irish so who the heck would you you know, know that and and filipino filipino hawaiian spanish chinese? On my mother’s side, really, how do you get that from the united nations yeah, who was the indian who’s, the indian, my father, my my father’s great grandmother? Oh, my god, cherokee full blooded! Why did they have you in a box because i’m dangerous that i believe what was it was your grandmother had an orgy and then, like i mean in order to get everybody happy you’re saying your great grandma’s like a cherokee princess or something, but i mean everybody Has that story, yeah that’s, what my grandmother jackie tells me.

Every day his grandmother was a cherokee princess, so lou there’s a lot more people in here than i expected yeah. I know it’s a little crowded, it’ll be like gary. You know i haven’t seen you in eight years. I know it’s been a long time. I saw you when you were first doing promotion around eight years ago at the hollywood, roosevelt that’s right and your career took off after you met me so uh that’s true, you did very well. If you want to look at it that way. Howard that’s right i’m. Sure you do yes, i do absolutely so lou diamond of course, uh been in a lot of movies since la bamba what’s that one on hbo, with your naked dangerous touch, that’s a good one that one too you directed that yeah. I directed sioux city and i the first uh feature linked film that i directed was dangerous, touch yeah, that’s, a good who’s who’s. The girl in that kate, vernon yeah, her father is, did you cast her yeah? I did cast her actually yeah. She was wonderful wonder if she’d actually read for a film uh called extreme justice that’s one of those scripts where a guy goes hey. You know what, if i’m, going to do a movie i’m going to get laid a good uh, yeah yeah might as well get a good babe in it. Because uh someone belonged to sort of contrast. You know the the long.

Actually, my hair was short in that yeah. That was good that’s, where you wasn’t that one where you played like a con man or something yeah i’m i’m uh, the slimy uh sociopathic con man yeah. I dig that and then he’s like naked every minute. Getting on with this girl i’m not naked every night i show my. I show my butt once yeah, but she’s naked constantly, no, not constantly yeah. Believe me it’s good now and then she does get naked. But not you know constantly. I mean it’s, not it’s, not flexible anyway, so lou we didn’t, try not to we didn’t think you were coming in here once we started talking about what happened with your first wife and ever oh yeah, we thought you backed out of it that’s a cool story. Yeah, because that first wife was with him the first time we met him right and we had no clue. She was getting no clue robin. She had no clue robin. She was looking at you like. She was like licking her chops i’m telling you. I was suspicious from day one. You know, maybe that’s why she wouldn’t come very close i’m telling you there was something going on just that day. I saw it in the air. I had my eyes on joe walsh and bobcat. I must have missed that entire exchange. You know what it’s funny you know: your wife went lesbian, but most of uh robin’s ex boyfriends are now homeowners, believe it or not, they are actually that’s true, so you uh, you have something in common with robin.

We can start a support group now. So when your wife first went lesbian, were you saying, oh man, i must have been bad in bed or something or were you taking it personal because your wife says in interviews that that you took it real hard? Did you say i haven’t read a lot of these interviews? You got ta read the one in the advocate it’s good, oh god, did you smell it on her breath? Did you know like right away? Was it is that 7 30 in the morning come on? Tell me everything: i’m. Only on my second cup of coffee we’ll talk about sioux city. Don’T worry the new movie that’s coming out, but uh new city is right, sioux city right right! So wait a second! Let me get this straight, no you’re not going to get it straight all right. Let me get something all right. Let me let me just get whatever i can out of you here. You are good. Looking hollywood guy no question about it, you got married young, i mean, did you get married after la bamba uh before it came out? This is before la yeah before it came out uh in between the time i filmed it in the time it came out so you’re a good looking guy, you had no problem getting a nice piece of ass because your wife was a piece of ad, even the First wife was a piece of the one you got now is 50 times better she’s, unbelievable isn’t.

She yeah, oh man, beautiful she’s. Here with you yeah. Oh, we got to bring her in. I knew you, oh you are all right. You got to bring proof. Do you think this is compensation? He could only go after an incredibly beautiful one, yeah don’t, let your first wife meet her yeah really keep her apart. So what do you think lou so, like? Obviously you were no stranger to getting good looking chicks, because your first wife i was actually i was actually very um. Well inactive. You know i’m, i was. I was a really my my dad worried about me in college actually, because i didn’t date right. You know. I i i just didn’t date. I would because you couldn’t get girls. I didn’t go after them. You don’t! Why? Because you’ve got that focused on my career for a long long time, because you have the kind of skin color that girls are nervous about. You know what i’m saying that’s: what i’m college you know what i’m saying it is no because lou could you know like he could look like an indian, he could look filipino and they don’t really know how girls in college don’t love that they were afraid of. That never been a girl. You’Re, probably you don’t, know you’re a black woman i’m telling you white girls he’s dangerous right. He looks like a criminal. Exactly you look dangerous. How do you bring me home to mom and dad? Yes, exactly? They don’t think about bringing you home necessarily.

You know what i mean: okay, all right. They want to see if the skin tone is even all the way down. Yeah i’m, with you now hey, you didn’t leave your wife alone in our jock lounge with a female publicist. Did you are you afraid to leave your present wife alone with women? No it’s not contagious. It can’t happen again. I know what you’re thinking i mean lightning. It’S, like it’s like riding in an airplane, you know everybody says i did you know the richie villains, balance by the way right, uh yeah, you know they. They asked me if i’m nervous to fly on airplanes. No that couldn’t happen twice. So i really have no fear of this yeah cause. It would be too weird having you die in a plane crash. Yes, but do you is it worse to have your wife leave you for a woman than you’re a man? Of course it is. I don’t, i think, it’s, probably a bit more confusing. It is yeah cause you’re like hey, wait. A second. Is it because of me sure? Is it you always question yourself like gun shy after that, of course, uh. Wait. There’S, certainly something clever coming out of my mouth, but it didn’t quite make it all the way let’s back up come on. This is a good story. This is a really killer. This story, in fact, you should make a movie out of this. Oh, no! No, but no it’s old to you, i just learned about it: i’m, putting it in my will that that a tv movie is never going to be made about that’s.

All i need is scott. Bio. Now wait a second! Let me get this straight, so you know you get you’re at it. You you get uh out of movie college, you get into blah blah blah you’re married young, right yeah, but well, not really. 25 yeah. I was 25. and your wife was a knockout where’d. You meet her the first texas, texas, yeah yeah. She was just like she wasn’t, even in show business or anything, she was an actor, no, no, no, no she’s uh. She was a technical person, even then really yeah. She was a film grip at the time. So how come she says now that you were in one of her movies and uh? I did. I did her a favor at one point, she’d asked me like four years. You know prior to doing this film last year. Right, you know if i would do this, and i said yes and if nothing else, i do stick to my work all right. So let me get this straight all right, all right. So this is good and it might have been a clue to you that you had a male job like a grip is like a male thing. You know what i’m saying but okay starting to come together now and i’m starting to feel myself. You should have seen the signs, but his wife is really good. Looking okay, so he gets himself a really good. So this guy’s everything’s cool, yeah everything you don’t have trouble.

You know, did you ever find like? Did you ever like it uh? Was it ever like? Like she was kind of dry and stuff – oh man, no, you know what i’m saying you know what i mean. You know what i mean. Do you ever feel like when you were in bed with her was like going up against a brick wall. Nothing like that. No signs see a lot of guys want to know this really yeah, really, no, no pretty darn normal. Okay, wait a second! Let me get this straight. This is great you’re saying the embellishments. Are amazing: no wait! No! No lou i’m trying to a lot of guys! Look for it a lot of you! No, no! No! A lot of guys. A lot of guys want to know about this stuff, mainly him yeah, okay, okay Applause, so you guys have had a long marriage like like what five six years ago, no wasn’t, he no wasn’t that long. It was two years. Yes, okay, two years, you know you never know what you’re gon na marry. Everything was fine, but everything was fine. Sex was good, vicki would have sex every night. No not every night, oh and after only two years, i’ve got sherlock stern over here you know what i’m trying to figure it out like putting it. You know he’s putting the whole thing together and right now, you’re saying like two or three times a week. You’D have sex with your wife.

Well i mean you know we were on the road a lot, so i mean it was. You know it was uh normal. I would let me put it this way. It was normal and when you would have sex, would you ever have sex two times in the same day or would only be once a day. You know my wife might be a lesbian i’m telling you ah that’s it you’re starting to worry. Well that’s. Why i’m? So curious about it, did she ever initiate, or did you have to always bring it in yeah? Did you always have to start rubbing her down? Did it take a long time for foreplay yeah? It was, it was normal yeah, you know. Did it take a long time for four applied lou? I really don’t. Remember howard, honestly, you know i mean i didn’t, i didn’t. How could you not remember it’s too simple? Would it take like a half hour to get a hot or like about five minutes? I yeah seriously did you have to like really work her a lot? No! No! What do you mean? Oh man, what do you mean? Oh man, what this is because it’s guy talk, no what’s your story, man, i didn’t kiss and tell in college really yeah. Okay. Okay, okay, i hear what you’re saying you’re very you’re, like uh you’re like one of those actors, all right, no i’m, like one of those silly nice guys all right, all right, you’re, a nice guy, okay, okay, i understand all right all right, i’ll back off the Actual sexual stuff, now just calm down all right man, no one’s, looking to no one’s looking to get into an argument: flop, sweat, music! No! No! No! You don’t have any flops all right! Listen to me! So what you’re saying lou is you’re married two years everything’s going along normal smoothly one day she comes home and she says that she drops a bomb on you.

She says and you didn’t know it was coming. There was no warning sign. No, no. She said it was a hard left. She says, oh by the way, lou honey i’m dating melissa, etheridge, the singer, the folk singer right wow. Now his wife claims she never had a lesbian thought now when she said that, did you think she just meant we like to go to the movies together? No, it was one of those moments of pure sort of uh clarity, where everything became extremely clear to me. In in uh, lightning bolt strike because things were going along fine right. Yes, it was a good marriage. Yes, you would have stayed married. Yes, even though you got that hot blonde out there i mean you, you, a lot of girls come on to. You were totally satisfied fate, wise. You know everything worked out the way it was supposed to work out, but you never cheated on your wife or anything right. No, i didn’t, i mean you were really into your wife, absolutely jesus. This is a great story. I got an option there. It is you see that’s what i’m saying i’m putting it in my will. No one’s making this television mainly because the casting would be terrible, so wait a second. Would you play me yeah, of course, you’re, not the only one with the hair that’s right, that’s right, i have the hair for it. What but then it would be believable that your wife would did you ever think that that’s, why you keep her in the booth yeah? Did you ever think that your long hair centered down that path, like maybe it looked very feminine, with the long hair in the back yeah from the back and like maybe it was like a share thing? How did she meet melissa etheridge? She was an assistant director at the time she did a music video with her.

Ah oh melissa, edwards came on to her. I have no idea, you never asked. Did you did you get like wild when she told you did you like smack her around and stuff? No, no you’re, a gentle guy there’s, a time where she was with both of you. No not too bad that’d. You get them both in the sack that might have been interesting. Now you see mike. This is the one thing that i knew he was going to ask me. If i had you know: oh no man did we wouldn’t like that, just to watch absolutely. Did you say to her? He lives, i don’t mind if you’re melissa, etheridge. Just let me watch no, not at all never said. None at all, i’ll just pull my pants down in the corner, really it’s totally a male fan yeah. I dig that yeah yeah. You know i mean you know. There’S a lot of guys who do yeah, but it has very little to do with lesbianism and were you so angry that you ran out of the house and started kissing guys like just the teacher lesson. I’Ll get that yeah right, i’m gon na go kiss a girl that’s what you could have done part of town. You know that didn’t occur to me. Is this great? When you write the television movie that could happen, you should san francisco. You should date her brother to shape her brother. No, she doesn’t, oh too, bad, no, really what he did at that moment.

I mean. How do you react when you’re what he says? Do you go wow great now i can date. Nor do you go ooh. The world’s open to me now yeah that’s neat. You know i had to go to work. I had to go to work. I i had to go to work in like 15 minutes. So what movie did you do? I was uh doing renegades at the time. Renegade yeah did it affect you, a lot of people yeah right, it’s, always good to be doing that. So you weren’t that mad because you were you knew you could get a woman in two seconds or you were really pissed. I was stunned. Actually, so would you go and tell your parents or somebody? No, i didn’t tell anyone really until anyone you should have called us. You should have called us. I probably should have yeah you got it right out. There worked it out, dealt with that. You know that that emotion, right off the bat, how long did you take before you started hopping in the sack with some girls? You waited like six months. It was a long time really yeah. You were that devastated. Why is that? Because i was trying to work. It out, i would have been out that night on a date, uh yeah right. I would have worked you. Oh you want to work it out with your wife, yeah i’ll forget that once they go lesbo once they go, live they never go back yeah right.

So would you say, hey honey? Why don’t? We just why don’t we just have some dinner or something to mellow out here, maybe you’re confused. She was at first yeah. I mean she was very confused, so what’d she do. She started moving in with melissa or you uh. You just kept her at the house. Like did you get her at the house? No, no. She moved out right away, no, no! No! No! It was just that period where you know we. You know we went to therapy and we tried to work it out, really really cool wow you’re, a pretty good guy. I would have been thrilled i’m. Like you know, sensitive man in the 90s it’s ridiculous, yeah you’re too nice. Can you imagine sitting in a therapy office, honey i’m telling you you don’t love women. Actually there was a therapist telling her that so then did you guys try to get it on again? After uh she took no, no, no, no, never worked. I could have converted her i’m sure you could have. Oh you don’t know man. I i’ve seen that ass. Oh yeah did the therapist start giggling when you guys started telling the story hey. Does the therapist act like aren’t, you afraid, like the therapist, is gon na go, tell everyone everything, you’re, saying and stuff she’s writing a tv movie, yeah yeah yeah, recording everything you said i could imagine like lou diamond phillips walks into my office i’m, like oh wow, Luke diamond phillips and his wife have some problems, call i’ll be the therapist.

Lou goes uh uh um. I did you have these fantasies. If somebody like you, know the therapist getting drunk at a party last night. Of course you know they do hey. I just had a little diamond phillips in here guess what his wife’s a lesbian. Oh, you get a load of this one i hit the jackpot, and, and so would the therapist try to convert her back into liking, guys no just trying to get her to understand what happened. Really, yes, and then she just moved out basically right down the block right. Melissa lives right down. The block yeah lou had to put up with crap yeah. Oh well. Now i understand: look you didn’t go off like o.j Music, now there’s, a guy who you could understand right yeah was the therapist a female yeah uh, oh see you guys that was like in stereo with the uh. Oh! Is that something i’m feeling like i’m back six years ago and i’m, and i still don’t, know what’s going on his new? Did you get a lot of starlets and stuff before you married this one? He was once engaged come on, that’s it jennifer tyler, oh jennifer tilly’s got some rack man, you got her, we were, we were seeing each other for a while when she was here. She was telling us how much she was in love with lou and the next thing i know he’s with somebody else. Did she go lesbo.

I told you that doesn’t that happen twice. I know i know it only happens once it is. What are you saying? You got jennifer, tilly yeah, you know jennifer and i were seeing each other for a while. How is that she’s kind of crazy right, she’s, a lovely girl but she’s kind of wild? I mean she must get into some wild stuff that’s. A little quirky that that’s it crazy. It takes a whole different spin howard, because she’s wacky, she is she’s a little uh, which one is jennifer, which one’s meg meg is the one with the dark hair that’s, the less famous one kev dark. Are you kidding me? They they do, then i am who’s, more famous meg or jenna meg is probably more famous. Jennifer is uh. Meg was in the big chill jennifer’s, the one that walked off our show. Yeah yeah she didn’t walk off she sort of left it. She left a little bug down. Oh, she was bummed out that she walked off. Oh she did we didn’t even know about that. She walked off. Oh, i didn’t know she walked off yeah. You see, i don’t even know when someone’s mad, she did yeah cool, but i was talking about it for half an hour. Afterwards was serious yeah you were going. Did she just walk out? You weren’t sure yeah, i wasn’t sure you kept saying. Did she walk out? You kept asking her about her breath.

She was doing a show where she played a prostitute. She had really nice breasts yeah, we wanted to see them and how did she take her top off? There was a lot of that going on. I had a yell at her for not taking her top off yeah. You can have some more coffee, yeah sure needs coffee. This conversation isn’t keeping them away it’s far too early in the morning. Tell me about it. I hate it hey. Let me show a picture of your wife before she walks in hey gary, bring in lou’s wife and what is lou’s, wife’s name kelly, kelly she’s, an actress. No, oh. She took the phillips name, hmm, yes! Yes, she did excellent. Look at that. I don’t think i’ve seen that picture i’ve, never seen that she is something that’s. That picture like a hee haw picture tell what she was left i’ve, never seen that picture. Oh that’s, beautiful isn’t that beautiful yeah she looks great. Where did you get this? Where did you find this uh, i don’t know gary gave it to me.