But what if i told you you dont, actually need your phone to own a smart watch and get the full benefits of that device calling text messaging. They can do many of the things your phone can lte wearables rate plans. The best deals ill. Tell you everything you need to know lets go Music, hey! If any of these videos have helped you go ahead and hit that thumbs up hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell so youll be notified. When we do, our weekly giveaways were giving away some pretty awesome stuff and when we upload our latest videos, a couple notes up front one im not going to spend this entire video saying att, verizon and t mobile, which now includes sprint from here on out im. Just going to refer to them as the big three, if something im talking about includes all three second, why would anyone want or need an lte enabled smartwatch quick reasons to go for runs without needing the added bulk of your smartphone? If you work in a place which doesnt even allow phones, if you want to give your children a method for contacting you while away from you but dont, want them to have a full, fledged smartphone or feature phone and for outdoor safety, which well get into when We talk about garmins watch for runners who like to go off the beaten path, so lets start out talking about carrier plans. There are some things youll need to keep in mind when considering your new lte wearable.

They are priced for the monthly plan, taxes and fees and that insurance plan should you choose one so a plan which tells you one amount may end up being 10 or 20 dollars more by the time, youre, actually paying monthly, for it lets break down the big Three and what they offer verizon is simple. The plan is a standalone, unlimited talk and text and unlimited lte for ten dollars a month before taxes and fees and if you sign up for or already have their get more or do more unlimited smartphone plans, you can get fifty percent off. Yes, thats now five dollars a month. That is, unless you had one of those plans before august 20th of 2020 next youre going to want to factor in the cost of device protection. If thats your thing, some people may not be with it, but for a watch you may bang into something messing up the display id. Do it ive actually scratched. My apple watch display verizons top tier mobile. Protect plan will vary by watch but expect to add somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 to 17. For that, or if you buy an apple watch, you can buy one time apple care, which will add an additional 50 to 80 to the total purchase price of your device. Now, if youre, looking at t, mobile youll have two plans to choose from a five dollar plan which gets you 500 megabytes of high speed data per month or a ten dollar plan which gets you unlimited, high speed data.

The catch here is that, in order to get those prices, youll have to sign up for auto pay. If you dont use autopay youre going to pay five dollars more per line with each plan, t mobiles top of the line protection plan protection 360 will run you. Thirteen dollars a month plus tax and includes apple care services for apple watches. Next up at t, is pretty straightforward, as well with the ten dollar plan and their top tier insurance plan at t. Protect advantage for one device is gon na run you 15 a month, in addition to your monthly service plan and those taxes and fees. Of course, remember also that when you buy the watch youre going to pay taxes on the full price of the watch, regardless of any discounts on that watch with all the carriers so plan accordingly, cost plus taxes on the full price of the watch plus apple care. If youre buying an apple watch, cost plus taxes on full price of the watch for any other and budget accordingly, monthly plan, plus taxes and fees plus insurance plan, as an example heres, what i pay for my apple watch, monthly on t, mobile service plan, taxes and Fees, Music and insurance when you buy the watch in your carrier store or have it shipped to your home, because youve ordered it by phone. My biggest piece of advice, dont leave that store until or get off the phone with your customer service representative.

Until you ensure the watch is activated properly and youre getting messages and or calls to the device t mobile has something called data for digits and verizon has a similar service called number share and they use those to pass calls and texts to your watch as if It is the same phone number you have on your smartphone, even though the watch using an esim may have its own number. That means the sim is embedded its not a removable sim, like your phone. There are a lot of moving parts there so again, dont leave the store or hang up that phone until the watch is provisioned and receiving calls or texts now getting on to the hardware and away from the plans. Apple watch is pretty easy because its available on the big three carriers in a few different models, but they all connect the same way through your iphone right now you can pick up apple, watches, series, 4, 5 or 6, and the apple watch se and youll have Three options: go direct through apple through your carrier or a third party like a big box store or online outlet. Amazon best buy. The primary differences are going to be how you pay for the device and protection plans. Well, that and discounts apple doesnt generally do very deep discounts, but from time to time the carriers will have them as bundles or incentives to start on. A new plan going with apple youll have the option to pay the full purchase price and pick up an apple care plan.

Now you can do a payment plan for the watch with apple, but your qualifications for credit worthiness are going to be a bit more stringent than those of your wireless carrier. Once you purchase the watch through apple youll, have to contact your wireless carrier and activate it as opposed to doing it to your wireless carrier and its all activated on site and done in store when you purchase pairing. Your apple watch is also just very straightforward. Just download install the apple watch app on your iphone then go and follow those steps when it gets to the step about setting up cellular, follow the on screen prompts if you want to set it up later, you can do so from the apple watch. App tap cellular tap, set up cellular then youll get a new screen which is going to ask you to perform steps specific to your carrier. If youre going to set up a watch for a family member or a child who doesnt have an iphone, there are additional steps. You can take ill link to those in the description below read it before you get started. So you know what to expect during setup. As there are some parental controls and features youre going to set up along the way with the android watches, some are carrier exclusives and some you can buy direct from their manufacturers. Samsungs watches you can buy direct from samsung online or through your carrier or big box store like best buy, but there are few on the market that youll have to buy directly through their websites only like the ticwatch pro 4g lte or the garmin forerunner 945 lte.

Each of those android devices are going to have their own setup routine, to connect to your smartphone or work as standalone devices, but similar to the apple watch when you set them up for the first time. At some point, during the setup youll be presented with a screen asking you about mobile servers for your watch and youll follow the instructions on screen for your carrier. This is why i say that you should do this in store or over the phone, because there are more watches that i can run you through setups here and theyre, going to be different for each carrier and each android, lte enabled watch and speaking of different garmins 4Runner 945 lte is definitely that it doesnt work on any carrier in particular, but instead has its lte features, enabled by purchasing a subscription directly from garmin for 6.99, a month or 5.99 a month with an annual contract, its a watch for serious athletes and while that Subscription doesnt enable text messaging from the watch or calling it does some impressive things if you feel unsafe, or if your watch senses that an incident occurred, it can send a message to emergency contacts, youve pre programmed along with location information. It can also automatically send name and location to garmins 24 7 emergency response center, which will contact emergency services on your behalf and stay on two way. Comms with you, via the watch until help arrives, it can also use a feature called live track to allow friends and family to follow your real time.

Location even take a preview of your pre planned course. So they know where youre running or writing and they can send you motivational messages with audio and text and who doesnt like to have a good cheerleader with them on their run. A ride im just saying i id like people to cheer me on, while im out there sweating and doing stuff, i dont necessarily want to do because id rather be in a cool movie theater with my wife watching stuff blow up on the screen now get out There and unchain yourselves from your smartphones and strap on a bit of nostalgia, dick tracy style and those are the most important things youre going to need to know if you want to buy and set up an lte enabled smart watch. If you have any questions, i didnt answer here go ahead and hit me in the comments section below and ill get to them. We dont take it lightly that youve watched here with us theres, certainly other options out there. So we definitely appreciate you im tashaka armstrong for reviews.org.