LYNWO M7 0.95 inch OLED Color Screen Blood Oxygen Pressure Smart Watch: (15% OFF Coupon: 15M7SW)

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The M7 smartwatch has been provided by BangGood for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to BangGood for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this M7 smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

Tethering app:
iBand –

This is a very nice little fitness band in the shape of a square watch. The most impressive thing about it is actually the tethering app. The way the app captures and displays Blood Pressure is unique and a first where discrete measurements are taken a few seconds apart to give a good idea of the overall range between high and low values for comparison.

The only drawback I see is the displyay. Although you can change the brightness from bright to medium to dim in the app and instantly see the result on the watch, for practical purposes I would call the levels dim, dark and night viewing. The screen isn’t that bright at it’s brightest setting and will be difficult to see in sunlight. With that said, being large icon driven, it will be possible to navigate to the various screens as long as you have a feel what they should look like. In other words, the watch may be just fine for you, but not easy to see outdoors. In room lighting it works just fine and the multiple colors are fun to watch.

Important Notices for Blood Pressure Reading Devices –
BIOMETRIC MEASUREMENT WARNING: This device claims to read Blood Pressure without using a cuff to measure actual Blood Pressure directly. The accuracy of the readings HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED and MAY NOT BE ACCURATE. As such, you are advised to proceed with caution and to *NOT* rely upon Blood Pressure readings from this or any similar devices for making decisions regarding your medical condition or health. Fitness/Health watches/bands offering biometric measurements such as heart rate, Blood Pressure, blood oxygen, fatigue, breath rate, etc., should be considered supplemental to seeking true and accurate readings taken under optimal conditions by trained professionals using accurate, calibrated equipment. If you feel concerned about your health, do not self-diagnose, especially from using inexpensive, uncalibrated non-medical wearable devices such as this one. Seek proper medical advice. Enjoy your new toy, but remember, it is a toy.