Yes, believe me, i will show you later in the video just before i get started. Make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always follow, sneak peeks on what to expect in all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So i purchased this from ali express altogether for 25 pounds, including free wireless airpods. Here is where a ball from all you got to do there’s two ways: you can actually do it. You can actually just purchase the watch itself, uh for around uh 20 pounds and if you’re on the airpods, all you got to do is click which color you want with air pods. You can actually choose a silver one or a black version, so there’s only two colors and you get three airpods and all together, including delivery. It costs around 25 pounds, so that is it just before we take a look out: the smartwatch, the m1 smartwatch, so let’s take a look at these now i’m. Not going to expect a lot from these, as the watch itself is cheap, so it’s receiving these, probably even cheaper. Now they feel really really cheap. This is the uh lightning. Can a usb lightning connector wire to charge them up and look at that look how cheap these are. These feel really really cheap. I think these are like the first ever airpod clothes that came out.

They probably like the i said, evans eights, or something like that. Even i tend, i don’t think the itunes items were better than these remember them back in the days you can check out my wireless airpods playlist uh they’re, all on there, but yeah i’m, not even gon, na review these, because these are really really cheap, but yeah. Here is what they are here’s. What they look like here is what they look like. Don’T worry. I will be doing a free giveaway soon when i hit 40 000 subscribers so make sure you share this channel out and uh yeah. Once we hit 40 000 i’m gon na do a live stream, so yeah stay tuned for that anyways. That is the wireless airpods. Three ones forget that let’s take a look at this. This is the m1 smartwatch. So what we have here is a 1.75 inch display. Smart watch it’s got 310 mah battery support, bluetooth, 4.0 and 3.0. A full touch screen as well and the chipset is mtk2502d and it is ip68 waterproof, i’ve been told. So if you want to see a water test with this watch, then make sure you give it a big thumbs up, and let me know in the comment section below so here is the box. As you can see, the watch is on the front here. Smart watch comes in two different colors black and white, or the silver stroke silver. You can get him in two, and here is the box.

So let’s open this up. Let’S uh, that is the watch itself, let’s, see what else we get inside. As you can see here, it’s a usb 2 pin magnetic charger. As you can see right there, it’s got two pin magnetic charger, and here is the manuals comes hopefully in two different languages: that’s the qr code for the app as you can see, m active app. If you didn’t know what it was uh, the bands are interchangeable, but they’re not the same as the original one. Now, with this design let’s dust the manuals there with this design, they actually look the same as the iphone 12. You know the the body wide look at that the body wise is actually the same as like the iphone 5 and iphone 12, as you can see right there that’s. Why i’ve got this, so i can actually show you so like i said these are interchangeable. The bands, as you can see you just push that little lever up and the buttons actually take off. I don’t think you only can get two different ones: the white one uh stroke silver or this black one when it comes to purchasing this off aliexpress. So take a look around the watch. You’Ve got the crown uh micro, tau and also the power on and off button and on the other side, you’ve got the speaker, grille and also another mic as well. Oh is that mine that’s, not mine. It looks like a led like that and that’s the mic right there.

So look at it. Looking at the sensors at the back that’s the two well, it says: it’s a four pin right there, four pin charger, but only two of them actually work. That’S, the sensors right there, uh copyrights and well that’s a cover anyway smartwatch uh text right there and it’s qc passed at the bottom right there. So that is the watch, let’s power it on and see what it’s like. So you get a vibration and hopefully something will load up. As you can see, that’s traded and you’ve got the watch face, so it didn’t. Take that long does the crown actually work? No, it doesn’t, so that’s one disappointment right there. If it was it’d, be really good, but you know it don’t matter so let’s uh hold it in see what watch faces so with this smartwatch when you hold it in the watchface. Actually changes and it’s only got four watch faces. Therefore, one two three so it’s only got three watch faces, um, so let’s swipe it down. That is the show, because your bluetooth information, the information, is m1 smartwatch that’s the address that’s the version and the release date is for 4th of january 2021. That’S the battery batteries – i don’t know if that’s the original real battery percentage time that’s the qr code to download the app i’m active. As you would know, it’s only got two main menu. Styles, you’ve got the smart style and the nine app view i’ll show you later.

That is the alarm. You can add right there, information and that’s about it. So when you swipe it to the left, that’s the nine app view right there when you go down and you change it to a small style, you can actually move it. The three screen is really really good, really sensitive it’s a definitely hd screen, it’s, not a really cheap one as well, which is really really good. I’M. Just going to change it to the nine night view, which i think is better so swiping it up. You’Ve got to connect it to your phone swiping it to the right. You’Ve got your sports exercise, you can actually choose which exercise you want to do and then press go from there. So the swipe back does actually work as well, so let’s go into menu and let’s see what apps we’ve got here is the camera. Once this is actually connected to your phone, you can actually take pictures from your smartwatch. Here is the stopwatch calculator uh? Your motions flip to new incoming flip to new alarm, wake up gesture, which is good, uh and shake to answer. Call let’s just check out the wake up, gesture see if that actually works. So you just pushed it on and is there delay well it’s, not bad, to be honest, let’s. Do it again so there’s a little bit of delay about a second delay and you actually get it on right there. So it’s, not bad uh, abc that’s, your international! You can change your languages, auto sync, and if you want to change the language changing languages there and we’ll go into settings later, let’s see what other um we’ve got the all blood oxygen.

What we’re going to do is go to heart rate start test from apple, so you that’s, the you have to test that from the app that’s where you want to sit down let’s swipe it across you’ve got your phone book, your dialer as well, which we’ll check Later to see, if it works properly, when connecting it to the phone, you got your call logs right there. Your messages all needs connected to the phone. You also that one is connecting your bluetooth settings search device. You can connect that pedometer, a small style or nine up view. You can change it from there. If you want to find your smart watch, you can find it right there uh night mode. When you go to sleep uh, it makes you sleep heart rate, so let’s check the heart rate and let’s see if it actually works. So we’ve got no flashing lights. That’S i’ve left it on for a bit without actually putting it on an object and it’s. Not actually giving another reading, so what i’m going to do is i’m, going to put it onto the box and hold it in hard to see if we get a reading that way right, i’ve been waiting more than a minute just for it to show the reading. When it’s on an object and that’s not actually working as well, so what i’m going to do now is put it on my wrist and check it all right, let’s check out the wake up gesture there we go so the last result let’s check out to see If we get a reading on my wrist because we’ve checked it without uh putting down an object, we checked it we’re, putting it on an object, and now we need to check it on my wrist to see if it actually gives us a reading right.

For some reason, it’s not actually giving me a reading on the heart array it’s, i know it’s taking its time and, as you can see, it’s just stopped so we’re gon na go into another health up which we have right here and it actually works on this. One, as you can see, the recent one is 74 over 117, but i’ve put it on my wrist to get a reading uh once once it shows me a reading, then i’ll actually take it off my wrist to see if it gives us a reading that way. As well so as you can see 73 over 114, what i’m going to do now is take it off my wrist and we’ll. Give it another reading so go back and, as you can see here, we’ll give it a see if it works without putting on an object or even your wrist. Any flashing lights we’ve got a little flashing light. I don’t know if you saw it so, as you can see here, 79 overnight to 119, so you probably wouldn’t know that the smart apps uh health apps don’t, actually work properly uh, you can add, along from there, you’ve got your calendar music that you need to Connect to your uh smartphone, first and that’s it that is it so let’s go into settings. Uh. You can go bluetooth settings, you can change the clock. You’Ve got three different types of clock as well, and uh well, that’s the smart wall.

The watch faces. To be honest, that’s all you can change um going into new notification. Bro you can make it brighter the notification lights sound. You can change the sound to a few different types of volume. You can change the volume down over how you want it display. You can change the screen out time and the brightness as well let’s put the brightness all the way to the top and that’s about it about and reset so that’s about it. What we need to do is download the m active onto my smartphone and then we’ll see what other features you can get from the app onto this smartwatch here we have, it make sure my bluetooth is on and also on the watch as well. We’Ll swipe it on uh power. Visibility is we’ll switch on from there, as you can see, it’s on both of them on and let’s put it back, going to m m active, go to device at the device and one straight away connected that’s. How easy it is! You can unbind device now we have to pair it from there as well right let’s. Take a look at what we can do with this smartwatch so find the watch. As you can see, press ok take that off dial push means you can actually change. The watch faces on your smartwatch, as you can see here, you can choose which one you want so let’s, just change it to the eiffel tower start pushing and you can also put custom smart watches on as a smartphone.

What watch faces on as well? So you just got to load, wait for it to load, as you can see here and look how fast it’s going quick jump up here. We have it 100 and there we go check that out. The eiffel tower also shows you the steps. Now you can actually change it to your own watch, face by selecting photos as you can see right there, but we’ll cancel that you know you can actually check it. You can actually change the time position, content above the time and date, whatever you want on there. So that’s really good uh let’s go in well. Can you do anything else with the watch? No, you can’t let’s go into mine. This actually puts you can put all the details about yourself onto this watch and go to about that’s about it. To be honest, to change the details onto this watch that’s, all you can do uh sport mode. You can change that and let’s go into heart rate. See. Does that work or not, it didn’t actually work. So all the information comes from your smartwatch and syncs straight to your uh smartphone on the app as well. So that is what you can actually do onto the app but, like i said, with these health apps, you don’t actually get uh accurate readings with that as well. So you can unbind device now with this smartwatch with any of the smartwatches. I actually do you have to make sure you connect it twice.

One is when you actually connect it from the phone, and one is actually when you connect it from settings. This is just because uh, the second one is for when you actually receive phone call notifications and everything like that, it will sync go sync from the smartwatch to the phone. So, as you can see what i’m going to do now is pull out my other phone and give my uh this phone, a quick phone call to show you if the number or the number comes up, as you can see right there and you’ve got a notification And a sound like that, you can change the sound in sound settings on the watch ball. It didn’t show you the name, but it just shows you the number. But when you take when the call ends it gives you a notification and that you received a phone call from all souls, let’s go into messages and see what happens when we send a message see what that works. Like so message is sending so we’ve got, all sorts says subscribe to all those view. Notification also subscribed. Also you can’t reply to these, which is no good now. What we’ll do now is we’ll go into whatsapp to see if we can actually get what’s up notifications as well, so let’s go into what’s up sender, what’s some message, so you’ve got a notification and it says also: it doesn’t actually tell you where it’s from but You’Ve got a notification to say that uh you’ve received a message as well, so that is about it.

People you can make phone calls from these watches. What you’re gon na do is press dial and four five zero. As you can see, it’s called it you can. You use the smartwatch or the speaker so that’s all you can cancel it from the watch as well, so there we have it that’s, the m1 smartwatch. Do. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Overall, i do like the design of this watch. It definitely looks the same as my smartphone, as you can see right there, but uh overall, it could be a little better with the feature wise. I do like the screen on it. The screen is really good. It’S got hd uh screen resolution is really good. Twitch screen sensitivity is really good, but it could. It lacks a few other features like the crown and some other features um. You need more watch faces and whatnot, but you know we’ll have to wait and see if they bring some new ones out anyways. I hope you enjoyed this video.