Just before i get started, make sure you follow me one of these social medias, as i always post, sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video youll actually be notified, lets get ahead. So here we have the m26 plus um quite good. To be honest, ive opened this up and checked it out and ive got to say its a really good smartwatch, with with the latest chip and uh its its a really good series. Six clones so lets see what we have on the box straight away. M6 n26 plus wireless charging screen size is 1.77 inch display 5.2 bluetooth, uh memory, 128 mb and its made in china, as is everything else. So the app you got to download is warefit pro. Here is some information uh you can download the app from android or ios and it works with android and ios devices as well, and here are a few trademarks, thats. The wifi pro logo m26 on the plus on the side – and here we have m26 plus wireless charger black aluminum case black sand spoke and 44 millimeter. So this comes in five different colors. I purchased it from aliexpress for 25 pounds cheap. Yes, it is, but what they expect with clones, you never get the full working features with clones, its just basically the looks time and a few phone calls and text messaging notifications uh.

So here we have the m26 plus wireless charging. Smart watch popping up the cover, as you can see, youve got the picture of the smartwatches there here, uh. What is after for the black version. As always, you get a wireless charger and also some manuals here. Are the manuals m26 plus pretty basic and the same as the previous ones, topping and pasted in two different languages? No point looking at this, as this is just a copy and paste of a previous original smart watch and they just put m20 plus on the front of the cover so lets check out. The smartwatch here is the m26 plus series 6 clone smartwatch. It has a 1.77 inch display with the bluetooth 5.2. It has a 200 mah battery and it charges wirelessly with the charging pad. The app you need to download is a wear fit pro and you can use it on android and ios devices. Some of the features it has the heart rate – blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor, but these do not show accurate readings. As with these clones, they never give you an accurate reading. It just gives you a fake reading. Some of the other features it has a dynamic watch faces. You can also have custom watch faces by downloading the app it has a passcode which can actually change the passcode. However, you want and a few of the features which well get to later in the video. It is new generation low power chip, which is the hs6621, which makes it really smooth, and the two latest features they have on.

This watch are payment function and social business card its easy to make payments with this. As you put your details in and the qr will come up on, the smart watch to make payments – or you can add a business card to your qr code and bring it up on the smartwatch and your detail will come up on the smartwatch, which is a Really good feature the m26 plus. What do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comment section below it definitely does look really identical to the series 6 clone. The only thing that is not on it is these buttons that you can uh take off and put on the watch bands, but other than that it looks identical. Look at that same color as well, so lets check out some of the features. So i put it down, gives you the shortcut, as you can see, really nice and smooth, and your finger will go up and down to put the brightness up and down so lets. Put it straight to the top at the top. Is your bluetooth, that is the settings, and these two at the bottom? Are your new two new features which are the payment feature and the um contact feature with the qr code, and also here you have the lock screen, which i showed you earlier in the video holding the crown in would unlock the smartwatch. You can also add a passcode to that.

So lets go straight into setting and lets see what we have in settings. So dimming you can just put damage up to you. Swipe back. Does work screen off time. Lets change that to 15 seconds raise your wrist to bright. You can switch that on and off do not disturb mode, do not disturb all day or do not disturb, so it has got some little new features on this sound and vibration. Look how smooth it is as well with that new chip, language settings, um connect to mobile phone password thats to add your password about, as you can see here, its a version 5.03 and m26 plus im going all the way down restore factory or shutdown. So, as you can see, it goes back into the show coast, so that is it swiping it to the left and right will change your watch faces so lets see what kind of watch faces we have on here. Holding it down, wouldnt actually change it. So it can have the dynamic watch faces which gives you like a little motion. So, as you can see here, youve got a few changing motions, so you got mario pokemon pikachu thats iron man, as you can see, right there and pretty sure thats tall. Is it so well thats, tough anyway uh, so you got quite a few different smart watches, you probably you can add or customize the watch faces on the wear freak pro app, which ill show you later in the video.

If you want your split screen, just tap it in, oh well, you saw it there anyway, you have to tap on the screen twice and lets go back so, as you can see tap on the screen and that will bring up the split screen. So, as you can see here, swiping left and right changes. The watch faces 5.0 gives you your message notifications, so you have to push in the crown which brings the menu, so that is the new menu interface. If you want to change the menu interface, double tap the crown in, and it will change it to small view which the scroll does work as well, bearing in mind its uh well, and that is the third one. This is the third menu interface, as you can see, really good and different, and that one brings you back. So if you click this button right here, this takes you straight into settings. So lets see what features youve got shake to take a picture breathe and you just press play and just watch yourself hear yourself, breathe pressure that just gives you the information on pressure countdown or well calculated so thats it come down. Then uh calculator, countdown heart rate, lets try heart rate and see if it gives us a reading. As you can see, youve got your christmas flashing lights, theyre just constantly on and lets see. If it gives us a reading, so just press it because usually sometimes you have to press the screen for it to start.

No idea why it should just give you an accurate reading straight away, so so far we havent got a reading. It might well now we have 72 bits per minute for fresh air, as you can see. So, as i told you earlier with these fake series, 6 clones, you dont actually get accurate readings, so outdoor sports, you can check a few outdoor sports here press play and there you go um message: notifications, as you can see, indoor activities lets see what indoors weve Got indoor cycling, sales push ups and free movement stopwatch well with uh thats messy indoor weather youve got to connect it to your phone stopwatch, which you have right there setup, which is settings music. You have to connect it to your mobile phone and then you can play skip track, previews of track and uh yeah. So you got spo to sleep uh, your all, your information, your phones as well. I dont think youve got to connect that to your phone, so that is some of the features this m26 plus uh, pretty good, to be honest, uh its not really sluggish its uh, really smooth. When it, you know, switching through the absence, uh and obviously sensitivity is really good as well uh, but overall, not a bad watch. So what well do now is connect it to the waffle, uh pro app and lets see what other features we can add and do onto the from the smartwatch on the smartphone.

Its already downloaded lets get straight into it, so we need to straight go into devices. Make sure my bluetooth is on ill make sure bluetooth is on on here as well its going to wait for it to switch on yeah there we go and other device, hopefully should get m26 plus there we go lets connect, do not operate mobile phone or watches Pair and yeah successful pairing allow notifications, yes and uh yeah carry out, i know, and there we have it. The m26 plus is connected. It gives you the battery percentage and the steps, calories and kilometers you walk on bed watch faces, as you can tell here. Uh youve got a ad which is 28 seconds and, as you can see, with the welfare pro, you have got to pay for uh. Some of the watch faces, as you can see right here. Some are free, which we have here. Youve got loads to choose from just look at that and, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can edit and add your own uh watch, face and style and position as well, which is really really good. So that is one of the good features. Now these are two features: business card and wallet, so you can choose from wechat, alipay or paypal and your details and you can use your qr code to send payments same again with the business card as well. Uh weather reports, notifications, you can toggle on and off the notifications you get from your smartwatch.

Now, with these series, 6 chrome smartwatches. You have to connect them twice, um when it comes to your bluetooth settings. So this is what i mean: m26 plus the first one is connected that just syncs all the information from your smart watch to your phone youre going to make sure the bluetooth is on and youll get another m26, which is called watch claw watch call now. This will bring all the calls and text messages and your notifications from the smartphone to the smartwatch ive already tried it. The name doesnt come up its just their phone number and you do get notifications from any of the um notifications. So i have tried it with whatsapp and instagram as well. So you get all notifications from here, even sms. You cant reply back. You only can just view them, and then you can actually just go into your phone and reply back so that is it people, the m26 plus overall, a decent smartwatch series: 6 clone. Shame about the health features where none of them actually works, but it dont matter. It still gives you the time of day, and you can do some really cool features with this as well. The only thing is lacking on this is games. If you had games, it would be a really good clone anyways.