com, the premiere set for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay. Finally, the new wearable copycat of the xiaomi mi band 6 has arrived and we are here to unbox it to review, so we will check it if how closer it is. When it comes to looks to the new xiaomi me band 6, but honestly don’t get your hopes high, because this one is one of the first product to be released in the market in that is trying to copy the xiaomi mi band 6. I’M. Expecting that this one, this smart band will look like, will still look like the xiaomi mi band 5. Even the features. Okay, i don’t expect that the display will be edge to edge okay that is similar to the xiaomi bend. Six. I think it is. It looks more like the me band 5, okay, with some few updates to look like the xiaomi mi band 6. anyway, let’s start and let’s have the unboxing and, as you can see here very obvious, it has a new box. Okay, with that xiaomi mi band 6. Smart band here: okay, you have the m6 smart band; okay, so let’s check. So what are the details here? Okay, so we have here the amoled display screen, as they say, okay, but i don’t think so. We’Ll see we have the blood oxygen monitoring here. Stress monitoring, breathing guide and we have a menstrual cycle: data tracking, okay charging clip: okay, 30 workout modes; 50, water meters, water resistance up to 50 meters; reliable sleep information recording, and we have a magnetic charging here.

Okay, so let’s check. Okay regarding our xiaomi mi band 5, we have it here. Okay, let’s see going to show to you the xiaomi mi band 5 wait; okay, oh rather the caprica of the xiaomi band 5. So we have here the m5 and we have the new one. The m6. Oh let’s check it out. Okay, very as you can see here, ship packaging. When i wait, we’ll see okay, so we have the user manual here. Okay, so the contents are, you have the user manual, the strap the cup select body of the m5 and the charging? What do you call this one cradle or a strip, or i don’t know? Okay, so let’s see so here when you want to charge it just put push it like this and that’s it? Okay, oh it turned on so we have here. Okay, we absolutely touch the touch button key here, so this is your touch button key okay, and this is your strap and for the sport app. I think it is still using the fit pro let’s check it’s available in english and chinese language. So let’s see sorry closer look. So this is your qr code. Don’T need it no details, but i think it is still using the e fit pro app. Okay, let’s compare it to the m5 and see whether it’s it’s the m5, with a new os or an upgraded software. We’Ll see okay, well here’s your m5, as you can see here, almost the same let’s remove the sticker here so slightly different on the bottom part.

Here on the touch button, key okay, anyway, still the same size: okay, the same by the size and thickness okay for the m6. It is using a magnetic charging cable, but, as you can see here, it is not okay. So we have here: okay, the obvious wall. Oh watch face of the xiaomi mi band 6, okay and, as expected, it’s, not a full screen display edge to edge. Instead, we have a rectangular screen display here, so, okay still the same size with the m5 very disappointing. With this one, okay, we really thought that it will look like okay. They show me me band six with a m6 bartman okay. Instead, we got just an upgrade, follow for the wallpaper all for the watch face only with the m6 smartband. I think this just see the m5 with just some few few changes, especially on this one or maybe on the operating system or the watch face okay, but i do believe that the changes is on the watch face only okay, so we’ll see we have the steps Here, heart rate sports, okay, for the sports, let’s see for the m5 m5. I think we have at least three. We have here. The running skipping sit up. Okay, so, as you can see, only have three okay still the same functions here in more settings. You have camera anti lost, okay watch faces here, let’s check. I only have two: we have the qr code and that’s six that’s it: okay, ld, seven, one: six g, okay, save it let’s check this one.

If you still have the battery and we’ll see okay, so depleted well check it later on. Is they have the same model here? Okay, so it is falling down. So, as you can see, that’s the fit fit pro logo so it’s still using the fit pro support. App so that’s your m6 smart band, so don’t expect too much that if you’re going to buy the m6 smart band, it will look like the xiaomi mi band 6. Maybe the body – okay, the strap, as you can see here, but in terms of the display, i don’t think that it will look like the m 5 or the xiaomi mi band 6. Okay, still, it has that rectangular small rectangular color display very pre loaded watch faces similar to the xiaomi mi band 6.. That is how close that you can get with xiaomi or with the m6 smart button in terms of trying to copy the xiaomi mi band 6.. Again, if you have any questions regarding this smart band, please drop me comment below and we will answer your queries. This is your m5 smart band. So again, let’s have a closer look at the design of the m5.