This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos we’re going to unbox another smartwatch from mayfam, which is the mx5 bluetooth, call smartwatch all right guys. So you can get this one on aliexpress for around 27 to 38 and you can get a discount coupon just use the code youtube mayfam and you can get a three dollars discount. Okay – and i will put the link on the description box for you to check out their shop all right guys so now let’s open the package, so we have here the mayfam box and we have here the strap. This is actually the extra strap guys that they sent to us. Okay and now let’s, look at the box guys. So, as you can see, it is all in black all right feeling, it’s more like a matte guys, matte finish and there’s smart watch branding on top. Okay and on the on the sides: there’s none there’s, no information, so let’s open the box. So upon opening the box case, so we can see there the watch itself so let’s try to take it out right and let’s see what’s more in the box, so they have here the charger. Okay and it is uh magnetic guys. Okay, so we also have here the manual so it’s in english and also in chinese case and in another language as well, then we have your product warranty card and we have here the screwdriver, so this is actually guys if you want to adjust your strap.

Okay, we have here the strap guys so it’s made of stainless steel, it’s silver, okay, it’s quite heavy guys here, and we also have here a screen protector, it’s nice, because they included the screen protector and this one is the quality control pass kind of certificate. Okay and there’s, nothing more in the box, so let’s look at the watch itself so, as you can see guys, it’s in silver, okay, so let’s take this one off so it’s a 1.3 inch round screen and also guys uh, the strap size, it’s 22 millimeters. Yes and the resolution it’s to 240 by 240 ips and the battery life guys it can, it can last for one to five days and the standby time is about 30 days. Okay and you can use guys your phone as long as it’s, android, 5.1 and above or ios 8.0 and, above all, right it’s, quite heavy guys, and it has two buttons here. So i believe this is the power on and off button, and this one is for the shortcut at the back, so we have here our charging ports here and then this is for the the sensors okay. I think we have to remove this one as well. All right on the right side, there is like the microphone on the left. We have here this speaker all right, so let’s try to turn it on okay, so up and turning on the watch guys. So you will be greeted with this watch face so let’s count.

How many watch faces does it have so let’s count, one two, three, four, five, okay, so we’ve got five watch faces all right so, as you can see guys, it’s a really nice okay, the watch faces so let’s try to scroll down. So we have here the shortcuts, so we have here bluetooth call and this one is for the brightness and we have here do not disturb mode and the shutdown shortcut and the settings, and you can also see the battery percentage. Okay, now let’s try to scroll up. So it is the shortcut for your messages, okay, so since we have not connected it yet so there is no message found and then let’s scroll to the right. Then you can see there. The different applications of our watch now let’s try to scroll to the left. Okay, so it will give you the shortcut for the steps, the weather, the music bluetooth control is there and you can also add your widgets of your choice. Okay, so now let’s look at the features of this watch guys, so it has heart rate. Okay, as you can see, and all right, the sensors are very bright guys, so we’ve never had sensors as bright as this, and then we also have here blood pressure, which is nice, okay and the met. This is actually for metabolism guys, so it will check on how much your body works. Okay and then we also have here breathe. So whenever you have lots of stress, then you can use this.

One yes like, please concentrate like inhale, and it will actually vibrate guys and also exhale all right it. I really like this kind of feature guys of the smart watches, it’s really great, especially this time, and then it also has blood oxygen level, yes and which measures your oxygen in your blood, and then we have your pressure guys. So if i’m not mistaken, this is a for your stress, okay. So next we have data like how many steps did you walk? We also have here sports, so let’s try to look how many sports modes that does it have. So we have one running two walking. Three football: four badminton: five tennis, six, basketball, seven cycling, eight elliptical, nine on foot, ten yoga strength, eleven tracking, twelve thirteen is free, style; okay, and then we also have here news wow. This is interesting. I will let you know guys about this news feature in our next video. Then we also have here: music, okay, music control, weather sleep report, okay, take pictures and uh phone; okay, like your frequent contacts, your dial pad. You can actually make a phone call using this watch guys, so you just have to connect this one with your phone and you’re good to go and call records and sos. We also have here calculator. This is nice, timer and also the settings. So in the setting guys, you can see the erase the wake run, replace the dial or the watch face and the screen time.

So you can choose this one off reminder constant light time. Okay – and we also have here language – section – sound and vibration – do not disturb mode and the password. You can also put password guys on this watch. What else do we have and shut down and restart factory reset and connect to mobile phone? So you can scan the qr code when you want to connect it to your phone. I will make a separate tutorial on that guys. So stay tuned on that as well and about so you can see the model name, mx5, Music, alright, so guys. One thing: i noticed that whenever you try to browse the application, it will vibrate. Yes, so there’s a sort of like haptic feedback and when you touch the application, there’s also that haptic feedback feeling as well all right and then this uh button here. This is actually for sports mode, so this is uh same as the me bro air before okay and i will actually connect the strap guys. Okay – and here is the strap. This is stainless steel, so i’m gon na wear this one okay. Here it is guys our mayfam mx5 all right, so it really looks so nice guys and it’s really stylish, yes and uh. The screen guys is really good. Also – and the watch faces okay they’re pretty great as well, and i will let you know guys on how to install more custom watch faces on our next video okay and with the features guys of this mayfam mx5 and with its price.

I can say that it’s a good for your budget all right for just 27, then you can already get a good watch at a reasonable price. Yes, okay and there’s also another strap guys this one, so i will be wearing this one as well later on. Okay, so guys, if you have any questions, just comment down below and if you like this video guys kindly click the thumbs up and also consider, subscribing and kindly hit the notification bell for you to be updated. Whenever we have a new uploads in our channel. Okay and if you want to check out this watch guys, i already put the link on the description box and then you can use our discount code and you can get three dollars discount. Okay guys.