Now in todays video i have another very exciting smartwatch to share with you guys this one is actually courtesy of the mimo and its called the mimo watch r. Now this is my most brand new latest smartwatch to hit the market and if you are not familiar with the brand, basically mimo has been pushing out. A couple of you know: affordable kind of smart watches into the market, so this is their latest model and we are going to be finding out everything that you might need to know about it now, first things. First, of course, i have to talk a bit about the price here in malaysia. The watch r is going for rm259. Now this is the gps version. There is also a non gps version that goes a little bit cheaper, ill, put the pricing on your screens. Now the best part here is that, of course, since its a first sale, theres going to be a couple of discounts going on so its only rm235 here again for the gps model right. So, having said that, we are now aware that this watch, it again is a budget smartwatch, but what kind of features does it offer lets talk about it all right? So, first things: first, we got ta talk a bit about that design. Now the design of the watch is actually quite funky here uh. My version is the one in blue, but there are a couple more colors. There are six colors in total, so yeah you can choose which one you like in terms of the materials being used on the front face here.

We do have stainless steel to make it look a bit more premium and expensive, whereas on the back, this is completely made of plastic, but its a very hard, solid plastic here, and the best part here, is that the entire watch is actually painted in the same Color, so you dont have this kind of two tone thing going on with the mimo watch. Ah now another thing that i really like about the watch itself is in terms of the straps, because these are very comfortable straps. If you take a look here, theres also a little bit of texture going on at the front, and you flip it to the back. This is where you see that you do have that very easy access latches at the back that you can actually use to swap out for different straps. If you need to do that, so overall yeah, just a very comfortable, strap to put on my wrist and i never had any discomfort issues, especially since i wear this to sleep at night to track my sleeps alright. So now done with the design. Lets talk a little bit about what it can do so lets start off with talking about the interface now. The interface of the mymo watch r is actually very logical if you just drag down from the top. This is where you get into your notification menu. You are able to see all your notifications and the nice part here is that you do have those icons in the kind of the app that you resemble.

So, for instance, i have my youtube app icon there. I also have my you know my facebook app icon. So im able to identify the kind of notifications and which app is it coming from now, apart from that, if you just drag up from the bottom, this is where you get your quick shortcut keys besides that, if you just glide towards the left, this is where You are able to access your widgets now. Widget steer is also very interesting, because this kind of widgets here are actually customizable using the app now moving back to the main screen. If you just glide towards the right. This is where you access, you know, sort of like your ai for the watch itself. So here you will see that every time i go into the you know the screen on the ai. It always comes up with a different command at the top, so for instance, right now, im saying listen to your heart. Sometimes it says good afternoon and stuff, so its always telling me to do different kind of stuff. Apart from that, you are able to see very quickly your spo2 levels, your heart rate. You know the amount of times you are standing up, so yeah, just a very quick glance at some. You know health and fitness kind of information there now done with that lets. Talk a little bit about the health tracking. You know, because health tracking is very important when you get a smart watch again before i talk about health tracking.

I always say this that do not take a smart watch as like a medical device. If you have any underlying issues, dont forget to check. In with your doctor, i have to say that now with that said, what kind of health trackers do we have here? First and foremost, of course, we have the compulsory all day, heart rate tracking. I did check it against my blood pressure monitor and i found it to be quite accurate, so no issues with that there. The second thing that attracts here is in terms of your sleeps and naps, so very good tracking. Here as well, i noticed that it was able to tell the exact time where i went to bed the exact time when i took some naps, so its actually quite an accurate tracker for my sleeps here. If you check out the app itself, you will be able to find out more information, such as your rem. You will find your deep sleep, your light sleep, the time that you were awake so again, more information can be found from the app now moving on. The third thing they try to say is, of course, in terms of sp02. Now the sto2 tracking is only when youre not moving that much so most of the times it tracks my spo2 when im asleep at night and again, these are the kind of results that you can see. I will also put on a very quick screenshot of what you can find in the app last but not least, it also tracks your stress levels throughout the day now i cant really vouch for this, because you know sometimes im very stressful here and there so anyways It does give a brief indicator of your stress throughout the entire day, so those are basically the health trackers that you have on the mymo watch.

All right. Moving on lets talk a little bit about that activity. Tracking now mimo says that is able to track more than 100 different activities on the watch itself. So, im just going to go through a very quick list here you can see that you do have the basic activities here and you can choose to add or remove more activities to the list. That is already on the watch now im going to talk a little bit about the gps here, because i actually did a couple of runs outdoors and i did it without carrying my smartphone with me. So i was solely relying on the gps of the minor watch. R, the good news here is that it takes approximately 15 seconds to actually lock onto gps, and the better news is that it actually was able to track my location very accurately again without the use of my smartphones. Last but not least, lets talk about battery life. Now mimo claims that the watch r here can you know last up to 12 days but based on my personal use, im still at seventh day, and it still has approximately 20 remaining so based on your usage, your battery life will definitely differ. If you have a lot of notifications coming in, of course, your battery life is going to go down all right guys, so at the end of the day, uh. Who is this smartwatch for well? I would say that you know if youre looking for a trendy looking smartwatch, you know one that is very colorful and all that and you want to have gps built into your watch.

I would say: definitely you should check out the mymo watch r, the gps version. If you want to do your runs outdoors without carrying a smartphone with that said, thank you for watching all the way to the end. If you have any further questions about the mymo watch, r feel free to leave a comment down below ill. Try my best to help you out and again thank you for watching and staying to the end. I hope to see you guys in the next one stay safe.