A catch lets expect Applause, Music, so its already been released. This is the mimo watch. I would say one of the most interesting devices that have been released in september 2021. Thats in case you wonder when the video has been recorded and hi everyone nice to meet you. My name is michael from bulgaria. What we do here on the channel is expect fresh cool, new tech, so yeah that totally qualifies very affordable at the same time costs only 50 dollars and its not just a random new device. You know another xiaomi ecosystem company. Actually the original team is called 70. My and they mostly manufacture dash cameras. Last year, however, they have decided to manufacture the me watch and they also have released their own sapphire watch edition and ill link. All these videos somewhere here and looks like they have decided that obviously the future of wearables is quite bright, so thats, yet another xiaomi ecosystem company in the area of wearables. So you got ta pay 50 bucks for this one and obviously makes it one of the most affordable, smart watches released ever. Is it any good and how does it perform and which are the good and the not so good sides thats? Why were here? Unboxing has been some good experience. The box looks good, some information included, and i was, of course much more interested in what is inside well heres the mimo watch itself. In my case, i got it with two sets of straps a black one and an orange one.

There is a charging cable and the user manual. A closer look at the watch reveals apple watch like design a bit larger display and although it may look like metal, the case is mostly plastic, but i think it should be fine in terms of durability. This watch is equipped with some really fascinating features and so far looks pretty good as a rotating crown. But, unlike apple watch series, this here functions only as a button supports short or long presses, theres, the usual for 2021 smartwatch construction with really good display and all the sensors on the rear side. There is a small hole for the microphone as well. If you wonder what is inside so do i and no were not going to make a tear down just highlighting the specs at this point of time i cant really tell you, which is the exact model of the chipset inside, but it is a lightweight and basic One fit this tracker great: there is a 300 milliamp hour battery 1.69 inches tft lcd. The watch can measure steps pulse sleep cycle, blood oxygen, saturation has a bluetooth, 5.0 chip embedded microphone a 300 milliamp hour battery and weighs only 24 grams. Ridiculously lightweight. Great news is that it supports both android and ios, so perhaps 99 of modern smartphones are well compatible with it. From technical standpoint, it looks like that this device is closer to the nature of a fitness tracker, because it wont support gps.

It doesnt have wi fi. It doesnt have enough ram or cpu to maintain good operating system. Therefore, multitasking doesnt have play store. Doesnt have options for music playback. No speaker, therefore, no phone calls no bluetooth option for connecting an external device like earbuds. You know you get the point so its going to be more like a fitness tracker and therefore, if youre looking for something much smarter, i think you can check some of the amaze fit devices or if you want something even smarter, then go for apple watch series Or if you want to stay in the android area, something based on wear os, like tick watch or galaxy watch 4., the menu walkthrough will begin with me, showing you how to operate single press of the side button. This is going to open the up list and then through another press, it goes back to the home, screen press and hold, and you can already speak to alexa. There are some limitations for the kind of tasks it can do, but its still a very helpful way to control home devices and stuff. Note that you cannot do it from your smartphone, but sometimes pressing a button can be much easier and faster swiping actions swipe up for quick, toggles swipe down to take a look at the notifications and yeah. If you say that the interface feels sluggish, it does similar to the one on huawei watch gt, maybe even a bit worse, swiping to the left and to the right switches between the main cards.

You can, of course, choose between the kind of cards to be shown in the up lists, youre not going to find anything surprising. We can see a heart rate, app search for blood oxygen, for stress monitoring, for sleep tracking, the music app. It can only control the music app running on your phone, so lets be very clear. The watch has no accessible internal storage and cannot play music. It only controls the flow and a few productivity apps. On top of it like the alarm and the timer inside the settings menu, you can choose, the watch face, configure the display, timeout and brightness, and do a few more things so indeed function wise. This smartwatch is not much different to a good fitness tracker. Like me band 6., it can also track sports, since there is no gps inside. It may not be extremely accurate, but i have to admit that the mimo watch has among the most accurate accelerometers ive ever had in a watch, so the distance estimations at least for a person with my height, were shockingly accurate. The other big advantage is the auto detection mode for sports, just go out for a walk and its going to detect the activity in a few minutes. Time really, nice to know that you can control music playback even during sports time to show you the app for the smartphone, which is collecting data and summarizing them its called mimo fit. It looks almost identical to xiaomi, where even the functions are very much alike.

Although a big difference is the lack of integration of this travel service, if you need to sync to google fit, however its there on the main page, all the info you may need, i decided to not measure some of my sleep cycles, because during do not deserve Mode, the lift wrist to wake gesture remains active and there is no way to disable the screen, alter on functionality manually so yeah very inconvenient, and i hope to see such a feature appearing in some of the next updates for the night sleeps. I did measure it looked accurate. I cant confirm whether day nabs can be tracked. So if someone knows better, please put a note in the comments below heart rate. Tracking is also rather okayish and we can see the spikes in hr intensity. However, accuracy is at some points more than 10 of the reality, so i like the app functional and, if you like, watches with variety of watch faces this one will definitely make you like it. Even some custom photos are supported. The battery endurance was close to excellent. I managed to squeeze around a full week per charge and thats very close to the 10 days that the company promises, and even on top of it, i was running most of the notifications on i was having all the services on sleep tracking heart rate tracking, but I told you that uh during some of the nights, i didnt really wear the watch because, because of the issue with not being able to shut off the display entirely overnight, but still battery endurance was pretty good as for messaging and whether it supports all the emojis.

Just take a look, and no, there is of course, no way to respond to any of the notifications, which is quite unfortunate, because a basic fitness tracker, like the galaxy fit 2, has the option for sending predefined answers now to the drawbacks. Huh thats a tricky one. If we list them from the perspective of a fitness tracker, i will hardly find something to criticize. But since mimo positioned this as a smart watch, im going to start with the display tft, not a bad one, but amoled is amulet and is preferred by many. Due to multiple reasons, no speaker, no phone call support minor connectivity issues, sluggish animations, some software remarks, no gps, no always on display mode. I dont have to mention strava, because having no gps makes anyway such an integration more or less useless, but even with such a long list with drawbacks, i think its a very attractive wearable option, not that smart, but good enough for most people that just need some Basic health, tracking and notifications, i really hope that mimo is going to turn into a company built around good customer care and also frequent software updates. And if you want to get more updates from this channel, more cool tech inspections, then please subscribe links to all the gear that we have shown throughout the episode as usual to be found in the description below my name is michael, been really a pleasure to meet.