Video and ive been getting like lots of comments from you, people like vimal. We are like really waiting for your video on this particular watch. So please post it soon, though so anyways. This is noises brand new smartwatch, guys their first bluetooth calling budget smartwatch the color fit icon buzz now. Ive had this smartwatch for, like more than one week, guys almost like seven or eight days and ive been using it since then so now today, i am finally ready to share, like my complete review on the product and make sure to watch this video till the End guys, because there is so much i have to talk about in this video well be covering all of its pros cons and, basically everything you need to know before actually buying it, so without wasting any more time lets get started so heres our brand new smartwatch From noise the color fit icon bus and this watch is available in like three to four different color options. We have two of them over here. The one in my hand, right now, is their hero, color, olive gold and the other one is the jet black variant and today, in this video ill unbox and show you both of these variants. It comes in this sort of box. Packaging weve got the noise branding, says: colorfit, icon buzz, has a picture of the product on the front and going to the back side here, weve got some more details mentioned and let me tell you: icon buzz is one of their very first budget watch to feature Built in bluetooth calling functionality using which you can call and talk to anybody directly from the watch itself, guys so im quite excited to unbox and check out the smartwatch without wasting any more time lets quickly get started with the unboxing.

Let me just take this out of packaging. Take the box out, and you know, show you how it looks like there. You go so guys lets quickly open the outer cover and check out the product. The outer cover slides out like this and as soon as you do that weve got some paper work over here, just make sure to read that and there you go the much awaited smartwatch in olive gold color, oh boy, just look at that. Let me just take it out and show you oh wow. This looks quite attractive from my first impressions love the olive green straps, with copper gold accents on the body beautiful. Looking watch well just come back to this in a moment along with that in the package you get a usb cable for charging and some paperwork, and also some stickers just make sure to read them. Keeping that aside now lets finally check out the watch. Weve been waiting for noise, all new color fit icon bus, so, as you can see, weve got the jet black edition and olive gold on the left, and this is how both of these smartwatches look like see. Jet black is pretty common guys. The standard black color, but my god, olive gold, looks beautiful from our first impressions. Just look at the watch. I really love the new color combination. Noise went with so let me just remove this outer packaging and give you a closer look at the watch and talk about the design and the build quality.

So, icon buzz actually features a 1.69 inch, squarish form factor display and that too its a tft lcd display with a resolution of 240 by 280, and if you ask about the build quality, build quality of the watch is very good. The entire casing is made of zinc, alloy material with polycarbonate at the back, and get a look at this. If you observe closely, the display also has like a built in screen protector on it. That is quite appreciable. Thank you noise for that and, if you ask about the buttons well, theres only one button on it to the right side, which is a multi function, button and theres. Nothing else at the side, also guys going to the back here. Youve got the hr measurement sensor. Some details about the product and some charging contacts now, if youre wondering where the speaker and microphone is well here, you go guys. This is the speaker and just about that looks like the microphone guys using these. You can directly call anybody and talk to them from the watch itself, so ill. Give you a demo of that as well in this video and by the way the watch is completely ip67 water resistant as well. So keep that in mind and talking about the straps quality of the straps is very good. They feel soft and durable and good parties theyre also easily replaceable guys in case in future. If you want to replace them so thats it our complete overview on the design and the build quality part now, what ill do is ill quickly set them up, use them for a couple of days and then ill be back to continue the video alright guys im Back to continue the video now weve already discussed about the design and the build quality part during the unboxing itself.

Right now lets directly get started with my actual review and feedback starting off from the display category segment. So guys, first of all before that i have to say is array: our watch looks really attractive at this price point. Guys, noise has done a very good job with the color combinations on these models. Like seriously look at this one of the best looking smartwatches, you can actually get around this price point, so i have to give a plus point to noise for that anyways. Coming back to the display, as ive told you at the beginning itself, guys the color fit icon buzz features. A 1.69 inch squarish form factor display with a resolution of 240 by 280 and display quality is actually pretty good. Its an tft lcd panel guys and theres good amount of detail all the text on it is easily visible and you can clearly read your all your messages or maybe call notifications guys. No issues at all and coming to the colors colors are also like decently, good. Its a tft lcd panel guys so dont expect colors, like you know, ips panel or amoled kind of panel uh. There are not that rich or vibrant, but see for this price point is giving you these many features. So i cant complain much decently good display guys and if you talk about the viewing angles, viewing angles are also decent and brightness of the display was also pretty good. You can easily view it even in bright outdoor situations, also but huh under direct sunlight now difficulty, but apart from that now its a pretty good display.

So what ill do is ill? Give you a closer look at the display and then well talk about all of its built in apps features. How is the ui and all that stuff? So there you go guys. This is how the home screen on the watch looks like, and this is our default watch face that weve applied on the watch, and, let me tell you, the watch has like four pre installed watch faces on it. You can download even more watch faces from the compatible app on your phone. Well get there in a moment, and apart from that, the watch does have race to wake feature and the features working well, as you can see in the video anyways. This is how our home screen looks like our default watch face and if you want to change the watch faces now, you can directly do it from the watch itself or even using the compatible app just click on the home screen for like two to three seconds And now you can easily access all the pre installed watch faces on the watch. Just like this, by swiping down on the home screen, you can easily access the notification area, and here the watch will show you all the notifications that youve received on your phone, like maybe from your social media, apps or maybe any missed, calls and these sort of Stuff, but keep in mind if you want to receive these notifications in real time, youll need the watch to be connected to your phone via bluetooth, otherwise, youll not get it anyways by swiping up on the home screen.

You can access the status panel and quick notifications panel here. It shows you like the battery level and has some quick setting shortcuts, which include dnd mode and then theres find my phone feature. Brightness shortcut is also there and, lastly, a shortcut for general settings now by swiping right on the home screen. You can quickly access your fitness and day to day fitness related info like it shows you how many steps youve taken per day – and you know these sort of stuff and by swiping left on the home screen. You can access the complete list of apps and features present on this watch so thats it guys. These are all the quick navigation that you could do on the watch. So what ill do is ill quickly? Show you all the built in apps and features that is by swiping left on the home screen. So, first of all, youve got the noise health app guys from here. You can access all your fitness related, summary and info. For example, in the activity section you can check out how many steps youve taken per day, how much kilo calories you burn, and you know distance traveled and these sort of stuff. And if you want like a detailed summary, for example, weekly analysis or monthly analysis, then you can check it out directly from the compatible app guys. You need to install that on your phone. Then youve got the heart rate. Measurement tap. Well, come back to this.

In a moment, the watch also supports sleep tracking and analysis blood oxygen. Spo2 measurement is also there. Now. These, though, are pretty common. These days guys almost all the smartwatches are having so its become like quite essential. Anyways moving on youve got the sports app on it and the color fit icon buzz supports almost like nine different sport activity, tracking, which include walking, running climbing, and you know these sort of activities ive also been using it for these sort of sport activity tracking as Well, so well talk about this once we are done with the complete overview on the ui and the built in app so well get to the sports activity tracking. In a moment, then, youve got the messaging app from where you can check out all your recently received messages or missed call notifications. Anything like that – and this is the highlight feature of this – watch – guys noise buzz now. This is where you can easily use the watch and directly call anybody in your contact list and talk to them directly from the phone guys. It literally has a dial pad on it, but for this thing to work now, youll definitely need to connect your phone via bluetooth and then only you will be able to make any sort of bluetooth calling features using the smartwatch. Now, moving on youve got some more apps and stuff like theres, a weather info available camera remote camera shutter is also there.

Remote to music control is also there using which you can control the music that is being played on your phone and all your general functions and features are available like stopwatch timer. All of these are available and then youve got find your phone feature. Breathing exercises mode and best part i found on this watch – is the watch literally also has a couple of games installed on it guys now? That is something unique to find on your watch by clicking on this games app over here you can access two games that are available on this watch, floppy bird and hamster now. These are very casual and fun to play. Games guys now youre getting to play these sort of games on the watch now that itself is like crazy and they do work very well and, lastly, moving on guys weve got the settings as well and in the settings there is nothing much you can do. You can just change the watch face, adjust the brightness of the display and youve got the about, and you know power off section so thats it our complete overview on the built in apps and features on the colorfit icon bus. So now lets talk about the health, fitness and the sports related stuff. Okay, talking about the health and the fitness related things, icon buzz offers almost all the essential services that youd want in a watch like it does support hr monitoring blood oxygen. Spo2 measurement is also there and sleep monitoring is also available and breathing exercises are also built into this and based on my usage, it was doing a good job and giving accurate results almost 85 to 90 percent of the time.

Guys no issues over here and if you ask about the sports – and you know, outdoor activity tracking, these sort of stuff well, the watch does support like nine different sport activity, tracking, like youve, got walking climbing running and these sort of stuff, but see id, say the Data given by this watch is not that accurate guys, because there is no built in gps on this thing right. So it gives like a rough estimate. Step counter was fine. It was quite accurate, but if you want like exact distance of how much activity you covered or you want more detailed analysis on fitness related things now, then this is not the ideal choice for you get something like a smart watch with a built in gps and That will give you like more accurate results. This is good for like casual people who want their general fitness activities to be covered moving on. Let me quickly give you a demo on how bluetooth calling works on the watch for this to work. Youll need to be connected to your phone via bluetooth, open this noise buzz app and use the dial pad to literally dial any number and place the call just like this. So let me quickly dial in some random number and show you there. You go just listen to crisp and this right good quality speaker. I was quite satisfied with the speakers. Audio output as well and the microphone quality was also nice.

The other person could easily hear and understand what i was talking were almost coming to an end. So lets talk about the battery life. Now, let me tell you battery life of this thing completely depends on you and your usage like if you use this watch as a simple watch with limited bluetooth, connectivity and you know less smart features and rarely doing any fitness activities using it. Then you can easily get around like eight to nine days of battery life, but if you use it like intensively with always connected to your phone via bluetooth – and you know using it for bluetooth calling also or maybe listening to music and these sort of stuff, now, Then the battery life will definitely reduce guys and youll only get around like one and a half day or maybe two days at most, and on top of that, if you use it regularly for lots of bluetooth calling and youre keeping the speaker always active. Now then expect only around like half a day to three fourth day of battery life, guys. So that is what i can say: well, thats it for today, guys that was our video on the new color fit icon, buzz from noise, its a good watch for the price love the design and the colors good display ip67 water resistant and even has bluetooth calling Functionality – but here are a few things i felt the brand could have added to it to make it even better.

The watch has a built in speaker right wish. There was an option to store music on board and play directly on the speaker. That would be very cool also in the status panel. The watch doesnt show battery percentage guys, so you dont exactly know how much battery is left. So i felt that was a bit annoying and lastly, as ive told you, battery life of the watch is kind of mediocre. Anyways. The icon bus costs around ‘9 rupees in india ill just leave a link to that in the description box below you can check it out there so thats it for today.