Stress tracker, sleep, tracker and stuff like that, so you guessed it today we will talk about the new garmin vivomove sport, hybrid smartwatch, which was released just a few weeks ago, depending on when i upload this video. So today we will go over all the features. This watch has to offer, and i will tell you why i love this watch so much now before we get started with the video. Let me introduce myself, hey folks. My name is leonard youre, watching the product, reviewer and thats. Me also feel free to like the video and subscribe to my channel. If you like, the kind of content and dont forget to click the notification bell, if you never want to miss out on any new uploads, now lets start with the design of the watch. The first thing you notice, when you put this watch on your arm, is the weight. This watch only weighs in at 33 grams with the strap. Now, if you ever wore a smart watch, you know 33 grams is not a lot, and there are a few reasons why this watch is so light. The first reason is that you have a smooth 20 millimeter silicon strap, instead of going with some heavier material. Like a metal or a leather strap also, the case is made out of plastic instead of metal, so thats. The second reason why this watch is so light. The third reason is the size of it. Overall, we are just talking about a 40 millimeter by 40 millimeter small watch, which i personally dont like as much since i, like my watches, a little bit bigger, but because of that, this watch is a good companion for running workouts and things like that.

By the way, youre not stuck to this 20 millimeter strap, since it has a quick release feature, so you can swap that one out anytime you want to, and as last this watch is water resistant up to 5 atm, so you can actually jump into the pool With it and go for a sprint navigating on this watch is very different and you really have to get used to it. Now you have no physical buttons on the watch, neither on the left side or on the right side, and you only have a little touchscreen on the bottom side of the watch face just by looking at it. You can never tell that it actually has an older screen right there. So what you need to do is double tap it to see it from right. Here you can swipe left and right, like on a normal smartwatch, to go through your different applications by pressing on the tasks you get to see more information and by long pressing on the home screen you get to your menu from over. Here you can set the brightness level get to your workout modes, health features and the usual stuff, but we get to that later. On. Okay lets get to some sport modes and activity tracking. Overall, you have 10 different blog mods to choose from, and you have all of the common ones covered like walking, running swimming cycling, strength, training and a few more also. Some of them are customizable to a certain degree like you can set it to count your reps during your strength, training set a skill level for swimming or set an interval level for stag climbing.

Once you start a workout, it tracks your time, steps and heart rate, but it really depends on what workout you are doing: swimming workout tracks, different stats, cycling, workouts as well and so on. Unfortunately, you do not have a built in gps like on most smart watches, but it does uses your smartphones gps so, depending on your smartphone, the gps, sometimes a little bit better and sometimes not that good. Now, speaking of the accuracy, i compared this watch to my garmin vineyard 2. and regarding the steps in the heart rate, the vivomove sport was pretty good, like our garmin devices. So i compared it to the garmin vineyard 2 and was only off by a few beats in the average and in the maximum heart rate, so overall, a very pleasant experience. By the way, this watch also has an auto workout detection, so you dont even have to start some of your workouts manually, which is a nice thing you have. As for the heart rate, this watch basically keeps track of everything. It not only tracks your heart rate and respiration rate 24 7, but it also has a stress, tracker, sleep, tracker and alerts for high and low heart rates. It also shows you, your physical age and blood oxygen situation during the night. Another great thing is that all of your stats are being tracked in the garmin connect app, which is, in my opinion, the best fitness tracking app of all of them out there right here.

You cannot only check your different stats for the last week month or year, but you can also go to see the history of your workouts. You can set your safety features and emergency contacts to which we get in a little bit and you see your physical age. Next up, we get to a feature that i did not expect to have on the vivomove sport, which is that you can basically get art, notifications and messages that you would normally get on your smartphone. Well, you may only be able to use a few quick reply. Answers and youre not able to write your own text but at least its great to see if you need to pull out your smartphone or not. Also, you can answer calls, but since you have no built in mic or speaker, you cannot talk with a watch but still a great feature. The battery life is always one of the most important things on every sport or smartwatch or in this case a hybrid smartwatch. Fortunately, the vivomove sport lasts up to 5 days on normal usage now, depending on how much youre using it or how often youre using it, it will be a little bit more or a little bit less, and one thing that i just have to mention is once The battery life is running out and the screen is turning off. Your analog watch will still work for another day, and that is awesome. Now. If we talk about watch faces the garmin vivomove sport does not have that much to offer, so we can decide which widgets and metrics should be displayed on your watch face when we swipe and we have a total of 12 different variations of watch faces to choose From i like mine, packed with metrics, but there are also some minimalistic ones for you and thats about everything you can do on the vivomoo sport when it comes to the background lets head over to some general points where we talk about some other features like the Safety features so once you set the safety contact in the garmin connect app, the watch will automatically contact that person once one of your safety features is triggered like the incident detection, this watch also has all kinds of standard stuff, like a timer stopwatch calendar, a drinking Reminder and the cool thing about this watch is that once you play around with your watch, the hands will automatically go out of your way, so you can see the screen a little bit better and if you havent seen it by now, you have a music player As well with which you can skip a track, go back a track and play and pause by the way i have reviewed the average hybrid smartwatch from fossil, as well just in case youre interested in that one as well.