Follow your dreams. Lets open it to see what we have inside and how we can use it find out all about the smart watch. Oh there it is, and, of course inside were gon na find out and the manual if you want to release your choice, but stay with me. Im gon na find out all about this product and inside weve got two charging cables. Okay, i dont know why they are including two charging cables, but okay, thats fine for me, and here weve got another smartwatch strap with a logo max top nice. It is like a leather feels very nice on my hand and that makstop logo here metallic finish glossy nice. I like it, it looks great and it feels great, and there is the smartwatch nice well lets install the strap, and it is very easy to do that. First, you need to install this side, then pull this lever and it will lock – and that was all very easy same and this side of strap nice and there we go. The smartwatch lets, wear it nice. It looks nice to my hand, i like it its removing that beautiful. I like this metal finish around. It looks great weve got the bottom here here. Weve got this two metal contact blade. It is for charging these smartwatch. It is magnetic very easy to charge and, of course, weve got and the sensor it will measure all your activities as you are wearing this smartwatch.

This smartwatch has a built in high performance sensor with a 24 hour real time. Heart rate, monitor analyze your sleep quality by deep sleep, light, sleep and wakefulness to help you adjust your sleep habits and the 10 professional exercise modes provide an accurate workout data and display real time statistics. Even when the bluetooth is not connecting to your smartphone, such as hiking outdoor, walk, indoor, walk outdoor running indoor, running outdoor cycling, elliptical machines, rowing machines, thermal scenes, you can check the workout data during exercise and it doesnt stop that you can get smart notification and reminders. Call reminders messages. Other information are clearly displayed. You can refuse calls, even if your smartphone is not with you and of course you can control and your music, you can play pause. Your music next track previous track and listen to your music by controlling from your smartwatch and to have all your data to your smartphone, such as heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, calorie burning step, motion, reminders for messages and calls you need to download the hband app Or mac store, app from app store or google play store, and you will have synchronized all your data from your smart watch to your smartphone thats. Why stay with me guys – and i will show you all the process, how you can use these smartphones and have the best options for you and charging the smart mods magnetic turns on and its charging. We can see the icon here very easy.

You need the 5 volt 1 amp adapter power adapter or from your power bank or from your laptop or desktop. You can slide and change the face, watches, but is the most readable for you, you, like it more slide and go to the menu sport. You can choose auto, run, auto walk in the run. Indoor walk, weve got a hiking, stair stepper outdoor cycle, stationary bike, elliptical aeronic machine slide, goes back, find the phone disconnected. You can find your smartphone hr lets measure our heart rate bit 63 in real time. 64. 65, you need to be calm when you are measuring your heart. Beat nice slide again: blood pressure, 18072. Okay, stopwatch start pause. Reset again lets go back information, no messages female! You can turn on a female mode. Countdown lets say two minutes and three seconds start: you can pause resume. Reset lets go back, music disconnected. We need to connect our smartphone. We will do that settings information phone call turn on sms with chat youtube. Facebook, twitter watch up line, instagram snapchat skype and you will get a notification to your smartwatch when youve got lets, say email to your smartphone, you will get notification to your smartwatch brightness. You can adjust the brightness maximum. It is 12 from 1 to 12 lets. Put it on 12 auto lock, you can adjust in the auto lock how long it will take to automatic lock. The smart watch switch alarm disconnected century. It will remind you to move on when you are sitting for a long time and start exercise yourself turn the wrist blood pressure, monitor heart rate, monitor hr rate alarm.

It will alarm you when you are more than the normal, your heart rate nice. I like it. Nice design lets go back switching again, and here we can see the steps distance. You have covered colors, you have burn hours, you are sleeping deep sleep light sleep now lets connect to my smartphone download the h band app. If you want make an account in order for the bracelet to better monitor your health, choose a color that is close to your skin. Lets choose that. Okay, you need to insert the personal values metric metric, kilometer, correct weight. According to your personal information and data, we suggest that you walk 23 000 steps. Okay, great scanning equipment – and here we can see the t5. There is the smartwatch theres, no cloud data for no pair per account. Now, yes, reading data. Reading data complete – and there is the app now i will move on outside for walking and next we are going to find out and how we can work and with this app and synchronize all the data to my smartphone and im back and as you can see Guys weve got the 1822 steps, 1.5 kilometers distance and i have bear 100 calories and the same thing you can see and to the up other main screen steps hours, and there will get more info you can choose by the days of the month. You can go back in which day you want, and youre gon na find out the results, data for sleep for heart rate, blood pressure.

You can go to running gps movement this month and you can start from google map. You will have an accurate data at your smartphone from your smartwatch everything synchronize. It go more. You can check manual, heart rate, test or manual blood pressure, test, more settings message notification: you can check all this up and you will get notification or other apps. You can check and get notifications alarm settings, you can choose alarm and the smart watch. It will wake you up if you decided to wear it at all night and measure and your night, sleep, sundry settings start and stop time reminder interval 60 minutes. It will remind you if you are sitting at a long time, get up and exercise yourself heart rate alert. You can turn on or off you can adjust the values, turn risk detection start time, stop time you can adjust in that and you can adjust and the sensitivity from one to nine lets. Put it on seven per device. You can unpair the device low power mode. You can enable disable blood, press or private mode enable disable in that screen on time. You can choose from 3 seconds to 30 seconds when it will lock the screen, switch settings, wear, detection, hr, automatic, monitor blood pressure, automatic monitor and disconnect alert take a photo. You can take a photo reset the device password frame or update clear data and reset. I would like, of course, to have the opportunity and change my watch faces lets say to download from the internet and change the watch faces of my smart watch.

Well, it is where it is, as you can see. Definitely you will have all your data to your smartphone from your smartwatch and of course you can take a calls, but you cannot answer the call and talk from your smart watch because it doesnt have a microphone or speaker, but you can only mute silent. The call and reject you can take message on viper. You can read the message or you can take message on messenger on facebook and of course you can receive emails there. It is nice. You can get so many notification from all the apps that is installed to your smartphone and, of course you can listen, music from your smartphone control. It from your smartwatch play. Music pause resume next song previews, so easy control. Everything from your smart watch fast response of the screen and, of course you can turn off turn on with the button on the screen. It doesnt do anything else. It rotates, but its not doing anything else, press and hold. You can switch off your smartwatch and the same press and hold, and you can turn on your smartphones and you will have a 1.44 inch tft color display with an excellent hd picture. Quality mac stock, smartwatch use a nordic, cheap and full touchscreen technology to make your operation easy and fast ip68. Waterproof rating allows you to wear in even when you wash your hands and definitely guys you will enjoy the smartwatch to your everyday life.

Doing some outdoors activities walking running biking, exercise yourself and at all time you will have the blood pressure measurement. You can measure your deep sleep light sleep heart rate, monitor all that at your risk and at all time you can check everything. If you need to buy it, you can check down below the description. You can find a link, just click it and you will find more information about these smartwatch and where you can buy it and with a lot guys. This is the end of the video. Please subscribe to my youtube channel. It takes only one second press and subscribe button, and that was all share. This video, you never know who made it and hit the notification bell because more videos in the future coming and you dont, want to miss it.