I will do unboxing and all the gesture controls and yeah my first impression thats it so without further ado lets get started. So all right, so this is the xiaomi smartphone serving pro the first english samsung on youtube ever so me, band 7, pro uh all right, so this image weve seen before and here down here we have some highlights. So here is the amount screen and the scientific sleeping monitoring, 100 plus sports mode, and the rich featured watch faces and gns five star position and sharp voice assistant sp02. You know all day: sp02 nfc, 50 meters, waterproofing and super long battery life and some other information here like in this video. I will be just doing a fast unboxing, maybe if, like we connected to to the app, but then it will show you everything but im, not sure. If i can, because, like the last time, we opened the mi band 7. You cannot because you have to be in the white list of xiaomi and then they give you that access to app. So here we have okay, the manual a chinese manual right, oh, very, very detailed one, just like the knee band 7, alright, and then we open it – and this is the cable. Oh. This is like very different from from the standard version. The xiaomi band 7 is like the random one right here is their charging, cable and also the moving on. We have this. Finally, the me band 7, pro wow, so thats it.

So if you compare with the standard version, the screen is much much much larger right. Oh so larger, but the bezel system is still enormous and then we compare with the huawei band 7.. My first impression that i havent turned on the screen. I can see it is bigger than the white band 7.. It is bigger right, it is bigger and let me check other things solid. So all right. So this is the sensor xiaomi here, and the strap is also swappable, as you can see here. Its not like far away huawei is like kind of uh complicated, but like xiaomi is more simple. Xiaomi is just like a huawei and 3 pro, oh yeah magnetic thats. True, so to turn on, you have to like connect to power. First, let me connect to power work, two. Okay, now its connected all right, so its on eighty percent right, so im now trying to all right. Let me fit this! I just connected using the app or just scan scanner. Oh, am i the first one to scan the me serving me by simple, okay ooh, so its connected wow, its connected its connected its connected so were just walking through the gestures everything very quickly. So this highlights like big screen: new e can only eco and all right. This highlights uh. All right dismiss all right. Ive just dismissed continue. Okay, it asked me to update, but i dont think i have time to update now, so this type its basically the same as the mi band 7, so im not going to, but this time it features the nfc array features the nfc open.

Uh features the gps. I mean the gps positioning, so all right and this basic stuff. I i want to walk you through about it. It still doesnt have that uh stat key like the huawei band sims is its a bummer guess. But you know what is this: you can see or movement sim looks more simple minimalistic. You can say whatever you want all right, so uh. Let me walk you through the gestures, so were done. You get the notifications swipe up, you get the shortcuts, you can apps like running, and the hardware monitoring and javascript system, all those apps. Are there all right? Okay, as you can see, it is supported. Now it supports the camera remote control, so ive seen some people complaining about that that xiaomi 7 doesnt have now on the pro it has it has at time. Instead, i cannot just show you: okay, okay, thats it and then the settings we can see the band display find the display. Okay, i dont like this one, so it should be very easily changed. Let me just say i have to look at this. Why its working? I like this one i like this one: okay im like im, not used to that that that that style, all right so swap apple, you get all those apps and yeah the okay. This is the torch. It has laughed at me for a lot. You know to use the the torch on me by the saving light, and i know all the settings band display displays.

Vibration displays brightness, auto and auto lock. I guess i will change it to wow now it supports up to like five minutes. Can you believe that four minutes always on of course uh what day? Let me switch to one day and learn more always uncover to sleep raised awake everything about it. I play out pin system for the band okay, thats uh the settings basically thats a huge difference compared to the huawei of company me uh, bank selling, right and swipe left music, okay, okay, well, thats it so thats! Oh! So swap right! You get all these shortcuts right, so swipe left you get all this uh wedges, you added by the swap right. You get it shortcuts right and torch clock dnd, and this raise to waste and find the phone. I guess right: okay, just a stop or stop uh and thats it thats thats it thats it thats it thats! Now let me just wear it will it so this is the pro. This is the serving this no theyre. Not this. This is it like looks like the huawei band now use this kind of uh design, so thats it the heart rate. So, as you can see, my heart rate is like 104.. Yes, im talking really fast, really really fast, so yeah 107, now 156 yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah well show all the stuff okay anyway. Okay, just to let you know, have a general idea of the pro and the standard version.

The screen says: yes, huge. The huge difference: okay, thats it so all right, thats thats, the me band 7, pro its its a huge upgrade. Even you compared to the huawei band 7, which i actually recommend the hobby band serving into this video. I just did a video of the y band 7 and the you know mi band 7, but the 7 plus, like the king, just killed all those. You know those bands uh. Yes, i think i will buy one and do a very detailed review about them and comparing you know one of them so thats the video thanks for watching.