Now i want to tell you something: if someone told you that you got to spend a lot of money to get a great quality smart watch. They are wrong because weve just received something which is not just pocket friendly, but packs. Amazing features which are as close to some of the premium brands as well. This is the kai select. K10 were going to be doing so they have the k10 theyve got to be coming out with another one of these in a few weeks time and will be the first to review that, for you and of course, theres. A special edition for the ladies that were going to do as well, but today were going to talk about case lag k. 10. Smart watch now were going to unbox. This tell you every single thing that what it can do for you. Its got a lot of features we studied them through, but were going to test them out for you, but first were gon na unbox. This find out how it looks whats inside the box and everything about it. After youre done pressing the subscribe button and then notification. I can oh so that you keep getting all the notifications and i keep getting all the motivations. Keep bringing these amazing videos to you. So lets not waste time and get my favorite yellow, color out and unbox this bad boy right here: Music, Music, hello, guys, im back and weve just finished unboxing the k select k tana the smart watch, which is amazing.

Now, as i mentioned, you know, uh, you dont need to spend a lot of money when you are a good looking watch a good and a feature packed smart watch all the time. So lets put this on now: we unboxed it inside the box, its just a watch and the charging dock, which is the magnetic charging port uh, which is becoming quite standard across all of them, and some paperwork right here so were going to keep these on the Side and focus only on the smart watch, which im going to put on right the way so beautiful, looking piece or actually. Let me show you some of the features right here now. This is 1.32 inches of semi amoled display its got. Some really amazing features. You know uh, but before that lets look at the body, its got nice slim aluminium body, its got great, suspended, screen uh right here i can. You can actually see it, how beautiful it has been. Crafted uh nicely polished. It comes in black, which is the one were holding on the silver as well and great. Its got a full view display full touchscreen display 1.32 inches with a resolution of 360 by 360, and its got lets. Look at some of the features here, which is the dial. So what is the first part which, as you can see you can select? There are quite a few of them which are built in and then you can always change them on using the app as well.

Now, a lot of features a lot of them, a lot of them: bluetooth, 5.0 um. Its got 13 sports modes, which are there, which is from walking setups boating, um and so on. So 13 modes is fantastic. These are pre built sports mode, which are there its got sleep monitoring. So when you go to sleep, it tells you how good the sleep you had, how many hours of deep sleep, how many hour regular sleep, how many hours disturb sleep, so you can check your flight. You know sleeping pattern and this is great important help. Believe me, ive, used it in multiple watches and that data helps me regulate what time i would sleep. What do i eat what time i sleep, what time i eat and how much water i need to drink, to ensure that i get a peaceful sleep, and this tells me all that data on the app as well uh heart rate, monitoring uh. Is there as well. So lets put this on put this to test at the same time, so im gon na put it on first hold down a second here we go and we are nicely tucked in with this one, so brilliant. So, as you can see, right here, so were gon na go that way, its got all the features right here so lets go to heart rate, which is hr, and this is where it will show me its currently measuring it. So itll show me once ive worn it for a few minutes.

So itll show me what what is my current heartbeat. Its got, spo2 monitoring as well, which is blood, oxygen level. Monitoring keep a track of that thats very critical, because if it goes below a certain point, it is not very good for your health. That means you need to keep a lot of eating uh habits in check, a lot of physical activity that is required that you need to keep in check as well. So sleep monitoring, heart rate, monitoring, spo2, monitor blood, oxygen level, monitoring as well ip68, water and water industries. So you can go out swimming with it and it will still continue to do what the job its supposed to do. Um fantastic. I, like the look and feel the big dial is quite nice. Let me just change this, the dial uh to something that i like more than what i have so i like this space one. I think the space one looks quite cool isnt it so um, fantastic. 330 mah battery, giving you five to seven days off um on the essential mode uh. If you use it on the aggressive mode, uh or the pro mode. You can still last about three two three three to four days i would say and um then, on standby 20 to 30 days on standby and its got magnetic charging using this tiny, cable right here powering it all up is the real tech, 78762 d cpu, and It has got all the data all the health data can be synced in the app and you can share it with on on whatsapp and email with your doctor with your loved ones, so that they know what kind of health youre keeping so fantastic sum it all Up, ah beautiful 21.

32 inches of semi amoled display, which is full touch, screen great designs on the dials and some more options available on the website um and on the app um heart rate, sleep rate and blocks of blood oxygen level. Monitoring as well and along with that, some really great productivity features like reminders, sms whatsapps that you can configure to see on this. So you dont have to touch your phone and you get all the notifications right here, so guys, im loving it. This is a fantastic watch, go check it out and let us know what well give us a comment down below and we give you a chance to win these, not one but two of these bad boys. For you, one open piece, which is a review unit and one pancake, thanks to classic theyll, be able to send me two of these units to us so that we can give it all to you. Based on your comments, clicking on the links down below in the description and liking and subscribing to our channel and liking and subscribing to classes, social media pages as well specifically, facebook and instagram um and same is the case with our facebook channel and instagram tick tock. As well at great lobbyist is the handle go check it out and on the web were on So do all that you need to do and get a chance to win this beauty. Uh two of these beauties to us two lucky winners will get a chance to come and collect it from us by end of may so what barrel i can, if, if i get enough responses before eid um, i might give this as a giveaway as well, but I think im gon na post this video uh, depending on what time i should do, this video, i think, im gon na post it next week, so it gives us everyone a chance to get two of these one for themselves and one for their loved ones.

As the eighth gift from the great lobbyist and castle act so guys, this is your friend great love.