I found a very good deal for this model. It costed me around 120 bucks from fossil showroom and it’s. Roughly 579 australian dollars and 649 new zealand dollars, which is a really good deal. So what are we guys waiting for we’ll just quickly? Unbox it all right. So, as you guys can see, let’s just bring it outside all right. Wow it’s, just amazing! Look at the beauty so let’s just take it out all right guys. This is the michael kors axis and, as you guys can see from inside this, one doesn’t have a heart rate sensor which, because it’s it’s a gen 4. So it doesn’t offer that the gen 5 models do offer the heart rate sensor all right, so let’s jump on to the watch. So, as you guys can see that you guys get the michael kors themes inside the watch and let’s see what all do they have to offer, so you can change the dial, the color hand, color and everything, and you guys can also change the theme from your Phone device and talking about the features the battery is low. I’Ll just be quick, all right, it’s, just like a normal smartphone which has alarm your contacts. You can’t uh talk over the phone, but you can pick up the phone call from this watch and then you have to answer from your phone, so it uses the fit workout where you can choose different kinds of workouts like if you’re doing, cycling and stuff.

So here you have to just put up your details and then you can quickly go so. It uses google fit like walking running treadmill biking, stationary biking, stair climbing, so it has a good range of workouts and you can also set your own and specify so that’s. How it starts and not waste much time here, yeah so i’ll, just yeah, okay, jumping back and you can find my phone. So the good thing about this watch, which i like is, can you guys see it’s so smooth because in any android watch i haven’t seen such smoothness, even apart from being gen 4 it’s really very smooth, it also has microphones access, ah, okay, so it’s just to Connect to the social groups – and you can choose your – i guess – yeah so that’s the option to choose different dials black, what you want and it can set. So it connects over from the where app on your smartphone and the battery backup is for a day which is not bad and it’s really good model. If you guys kind of get this cheap deal, if you go to faucet stores, you can find it at this price. So the charger comes. It resembles like the apple watch charger, but it has a led light here, which is red when it’s charging and as soon as the charging has finished it’ll turn green, so it’s, really good and rest inside. You can get the like your own size done inside the box, i’ll open up this box more yeah, so they also give you this thing.

If you want to change your band to leather or silicon, so you can connect this strap here all right guys. Let me know how this watch is and i’ll also give you a long term review as well, but i feel that it is one of the best looking smart watches. If you compare that to the diesel as well, it’s, really good. The only the best thing which i like about it is the smoothness, so even after being gen, 4 it’s really smooth and really quick, which is really good. All right thanks a lot for watching the video guys.