I am going to do unboxing omg i’m, so excited so. What are we doing for let’s start Music? This is the michael kors access sophie Music, smartwatch, Music Applause inside the box, there’s a warranty book, quick start guide and smart watch, cable charger Music. So now let’s check the smartwatch Music. The design feature is the pink cocoa in both silicone, strap full round display and pave crystal top Music ring. The color of this one is rose, gold and the size is 41mm Music. I refreshed every popular classic, michael kors, new sophie touchscreen smartwatch blends, modern glamour with a new revolution of wearable technology to help you stay even more motivated, active and connected Music to open just long press, the middle Music button, Music powered with wear os by google. This smart watch is updated with modern advanced features like heart rate, tracking, swim, proof, technology, nfc, payment methods, gps functionality, google assistant and more Music. There are so many watch faces design available. You could choose whatever you want. It depends on your mood. Music let’s check the other specs of this smartwatch Music, so Music Music, this michael kors, sophie smartwatch, is compatible with iphone and android phones, Music, endlessly customizable to suit your life and mood the sophie features. New digital dial designs that connect and visually show your heart rate. Making it easy to monitor and track Music Applause, Music let’s try to charge it Music. I received some notifications, so it means it is already connected to my phone.

This mk smartwatch is fast charging. I really love my new mk smartwatch. What do you think guys? Music and that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching and if you are new to my channel, please don’t forget to like comment hit the notification bell and subscribe.