They have a brand new surface laptop, go which we have right here, and they also have some updates for the surface pro x. But today we have the new surface laptop go to checkout. This is the lightest most affordable, laptop and comes in three different colors. You can configure these up to 16 gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage. It has a 12.4 pixel sense touch display a fingerprint sensor to sign in 10th jet intel core i5 processor, fast charging, hd camera studio, mics, precision track pad and up to 13 hours of battery life, oh jenna said negative for covid, oh, my god did we get Our test back, i didn’t, get my i didn’t get mine yet so like if i have it like you’re gon na leave right now, honestly, like this was so weird. We drove up did the thing, and then we put like our test sample into like a big trash can like it was tons of other tests. Our name was just written on it in sharpie. I feel great, i feel better than i have in 20 years. So i’m, just saying oh, this blue is so pretty Music. Oh super light Music, oh my god, it’s already. Turning on what they’re, always on it’s just freaking is already like. Look at this i touched nothing. It doesn’t really have a smell wow. This looks really good. The bezels are very small. It has two microphones up at the top to also help with conference calls that’s all anybody ever does now.

This is already signing up. I haven’t even opened up the rest of my things, yet: Music that’s it i’m cortana and i’m. Here, to help how many a little sign in here have you guys touched your wi fi there watch me get your pc ready to do this same setup i’m, just wondering a little sign in here a little sign in there. This is how i dust it: okay, we’re gon na do fingerprint signum we’re gon na use our finger. I can’t talk we’re, going to scan my finger Music check now out, check me out. Oh, it feels so nice it’s a nice touch. We are now all set up. This color scheme of this laptop is really really beautiful. It’S, like a nice kind of light blue, they call it an ice blue, which i think is pretty much a perfect name for it. The screen is really really pretty the fact that there’s very small bezels there’s a lot of screen real estate inside of this, whereas i feel like a lot of laptops, especially this size, and for this price point you usually will be losing a lot of screen real Estate and because of those bezels and hello touch screen let’s go to a website. Oh yes, here we go. This is my fresh new video that i just posted on youtube. I mean it looks really good because, like we shot it, so obviously you know look at our little room.

This is where we are right now. That’S i’m sitting right here, the sound let’s see the sound let’s turn these all the way up. We’Re shooting after the sun went down we’re like really great. In here, we now have controlled lighting. I also have somebody coming to paint this wall. Let’S, listen to a royalty free song, Music. I need some bass. Oh yeah Applause seems pretty solid for a very small. I don’t even know where the speakers are. Where are you Music it’s? A mystery? Oh here you are, there. You are you’re. Coming from inside. Here sounds nice, i mean. Obviously these speakers are inside of a very small little device. I mean it’s not going to replace some high quality headphones or speakers, but for what it is. I think they sound pretty good. What i really want to test out is the camera on this. We are now recording let’s act like we’re on a conference call okay hold on a second. Can everybody hear me? Okay, can everybody hear me you can great okay, so today, we’re going to be discussing a lot of very important matters, the matters that matter are the ones that we’re going to be discussing and those are the only ones that we’re going to be discussing. Does anybody have any questions? No great i’ll see you later that’s how the calls should go. Let’S see what we just made. We are now recording let’s act like we’re on a conference call okay hold on a second um.

Can everybody hear me? Okay? Can everybody hear me you can great okay, so today, i’m shocked. That sounds really really good. I feel like any time, you’re recording on smaller laptops or devices like this, like the audio, is not good. There’S. Two stereo microphones up here at the top, which i feel like really make a huge difference. Let me load up the xbox app and uh let’s see if we can play a game or two i’m, so hyped up about xbox game pass. I can play all of these game pass games on any device. I was just about to install halo and i realized that these laptops do come in s mode, which is great if you want to be very secure and safe and have microsoft kind of dictate. What you can install on this device but i’m going to turn s mode off? They do give you a warning that says once you do turn it off. You can’t turn it back on. You may want to think twice about switching out of s mode, especially performance and peace of mind. Are your top priorities. I mean is peace of mind ever my top priority. No, so let’s remove s mode and install some games. Okay, so i’m testing out playing halo reach on the surface laptop, go jenna you’ve been playing. This too, i have i’ve been playing. What do you play? Minecraft dungeon? This is actually running surprisingly. Well, i mean because this laptop isn’t optimized for gaming, but guess what i’m gaming fans are running a little bit but hi maddie.

Do you want to come up here? Buddy, no, okay! Obviously, if you’re getting this laptop, this isn’t going to be something that you’re buying for gaming, but you know just to be able to know that it is able to handle some gameplay it’s. Getting the job done. My my gaming taste buds have been quenched. My gaming thirst thirst thirsty for gaming, oh man, we’re in we are in freaking battle. Now. Oh, you guys are all going this way: it’s! Fine, oh no you’re, not you’re, just slow, halo such a great game. I can’t wait for halo infinite. All right gaming test is complete and guess what it was quite successful. So that makes me really excited, because this is so nice small light and compact that if i am traveling just to know that i’ll be able to get my gaming fix, i’ll be able to know. And now i know – and now you know i just want to give you guys – a quick look at the new surface go laptop i’m such a huge fan of all of the things surface, so i’m excited to get a chance to check this out and use this A little bit more, if you guys would like more information, i’ll, put a link in the description and a huge thank you to microsoft.