Oh welcome, once again to another exciting episode of the best product reviews in today’s episode, you are going to find out the newly launched mobile tech watch a3. Finally, after months of waiting, another smartwatch with qualcomm snapdragon, where 4100 chip inside is here mobile, has cornered the market in snapdragon, where 4 100 watches, as it makes the only other one available to buy to the tick watch pro 3. expect this time. The watch is a whole lot. Cheaper, just 200 buys you the tick forge e3, and that is less than many smartwatches with the older snapdragon weight 3100 inside it performs like a winner. Why should you care about the snapdragon wear 4100? It is simple. It eliminates two of those annoying weird os problems, namely slow speeds and short battery life. It is drastically more responsive than any snapdragon 3100 power smartwatch it flows and glides through tiles quickly and without hesitation shows notifications, as you scroll through the list, and even the previously lengthy setup process is considerably faster than before Music. The dickwatch e3 runs via os version. Hmr2 is installed on many review model, so it appears in an otherwise familiar way, with swipes and tabs to navigate the menus. There is no rotating ground or bezel here it is all controlled by your finger on the screen by default. Mob boys menu system is a 4×4 visible grid of scrollable icons rather than the standard scrollable list, but it can be changed if you prefer.

I founded mobo’s view made it slightly easier to find what i wanted, but miss the most recently used apps being placed at the top of the list Music. What about the battery life? Some snapdragon, where 3100 smartwatches struggle to make it a day before needing a recharge, and only a few last deep into a second day. The tick watch e3. If you turn it off overnight, will just about make it two working days with a single 40 minute. Workout tracked with gps before needing a recharge, that is, with all the heart rate, monitoring active and the always on screen, showing the time constantly, not bad at all. And if you don’t track a workout, it will last a little while longer too a handy, essential mode. Kicks in when the battery is almost fully depleted, ensuring you can still see the time Music. There are two buttons on the side set at the two o’clock and four o’clock position, which have a nicely damped action. The top opens the app menu and the lower button defaults to mop mobile’s tick exercise app, but it can be altered in the settings. The e3 is just under 13 mm thick, while the screen measures 1.3 inches, but has a substantial bezel running around the edge. The screen is bright and colorful, but the massive bezel is a distraction. Although the 2.5 d glass does make swiping comfortable, it all feels durable and with an ip62 air rating, it can be worn when swimming the strap is easily replaced with another.

If you would like to try and jazz up the look and the mob boy will sell you some more colorful versions, but any strap the right size will fit. There is one thing you will want to know that: how has it been to live it? I have won the tick watch e3 for four days now, which isn’t enough for a full review, but good enough to establish that this is a very good smartwatch. I have been impressed with the reliability of notifications, which has been greater than some other rare os smartwatches. The smoothness of the software and the general comfort of the watch on my wrist, it has all the tech i want to including nfc for google play and spo2 blood oxygen sensor, a heart and sensor a speaker, microphone, gps and decent battery life. Charging is low, though, with the watch taking almost two hours to fully charge the one time i have had to charge it so far. The software has frozen ones on me, but a forced restart cured the issue and it hasn’t returned yet Music. I haven’t compared accuracy against any other variables yet, but during the couple of workouts and general day to day moments, it has cracked already. It appears to be in line with what i would expect to see while the design isn’t breaking any new ground, that tick watch. E3 does everything else very well at a reasonable price and the inclusion of the snapdragon, where 4100 chip makes it very desirable.

So this is the end of for today’s video. I hope now you can find a better smartwatch for yourself for further details of this vlog check out the links i mentioned below in description and comment section.