I once again bought another cheap smartwatch, the module mw03 smartwatch and here’s my review and thoughts about it before you start. The video like and subscribe to the channel would mean a lot and without any further ado, let’s jump right into the video Music. All right, let’s start off with the unboxing experience. So inside the box you have the watch itself, a usb charging cable the battery and then a user guide. Yes that’s. All i have in there to be very honest. The whole design here looks very basic and cheap. Smart watch is built with almost all plastic and rubber band, which means that it has a very high chance of breaking. It has just two buttons on it, which is located on the right side of the watch. One seven has the switch and the other serves as the home and back button on the left side, you have a usb slot, which is basically used for charging and transferring media files. I wonder the kind of media files that will be transferring on this one. On top of the watch, you have a camera over there. Do people really use the cameras on their smart watches. This watch has an hd ips screen of 1.22 inches with a resolution of 240×240, which goes on to tell you that it has a very small screen and, most importantly, the brightness on this watch is very low at the back. You don’t have much over there.

Only the modio logo and a small speaker for listening to music, and course this watch actually comes in different colors silver gold, blue red, but i went in for the black. The modio mw03 has both a ram and rom of 32 megabytes, that’s funny course. What would you use at 82 megabytes for well? At least it allows expandable storage, so you can insert in a memory card if you need more space. This smartwatch is mostly an all touch device and navigating using the touch isn’t as smooth as you might have it. On some expensive, smart watches, but obviously that’s, why you get for a low budget, smart watch, the watch supports, bluetooth calls, has a sim card memory card and all the basic things like sleep, monitor, pedometer and the rest to use the media items like the camera, audio And sound recording you definitely need to get a memory card. This smartwatch works with all android devices. However, it doesn’t work with ios and setting it up is very easy. You just have to turn on your bluetooth on a smartwatch and that’s on your android device pair and connect and you’re good to use this device once connected. You can receive calls and notifications on the smartwatch. You can listen to music and then watch videos as well on the box. It says that it supports facebook, twitter and whatsapp, but throughout my test it always is unavailable. However, i’ve seen other reviews that these social media handles are working, so somebody please tell me in the comment section what exactly i’m doing wrong over here now: let’s talk about the battery life.

The smart watch has a very small battery size of 380 milliampere and hence a very short battery life. When you don’t have your bluetooth on and less of the screen time, they should be able to last for not less than 24 hours to 48 hours without a chat. On the other hand, you need to charge every single day. That is another sort of work. Well, the good aspect of it is that charging doesn’t take any longer. It can go from zero to 100 percent within an hour of course, that’s, because it has a very small battery in there. So it’s not going to be a problem for you when it comes to charging with a usb cable, you can directly plug it into your laptop or you can give it to your charger head due to the almost all plastic nature of this watch. It is not really advisable to wear for fitness for runs and so many things, because it feels very hard on the wrist. So, in conclusion, smart watches are devices to help you make your phone usage much better, not to replace your phone so having the basic functionalities. Like receiving calls and alerts on your smartphone checking, the number of steps you are taking is definitely a good thing, but with the price of 80 gamer cds for this smartwatch, of course, not too much should be expected. Nonetheless, i think there is a lot more that can be added to this, because it’s supposed to be and feel like a smart watch all right guys so basically that’s my unboxing and review of the module mw03.

This is going for a cool 80 gunner series. Let me know in the comment section if this is a watch that you may try. Of course, i know it’s very cheap, but let me know in the comment section if you would try this sort of smart watch or let me know your general thoughts about this smartwatch. Thank you so much guys for sticking around to watch this video.