The Montblanc Summit 2 is my favorite smartwatch hardware of 2018. With a meaty casing forged from stainless steel or titanium, a beautiful display overlaid with sapphire and the smoothest rotating crown on Wear OS, it’s a joy to use. It’s also one of the first smartwatches running on Qualcomm’s new platform for wearables, the Snapdragon 3100. Most impressive of all: its Timeshifter app helped me avoid jetlag on a trip halfway around the world!

The trouble is, with a starting price of nearly $1000, every one of the Summit 2’s shortfalls is magnified a thousandfold. So when the battery life doesn’t live up to the promise of that new 3100 platform, and topping it up is a chore thanks to the most frustrating charging cradle I’ve used in years … well, that stuff stands out a lot more than it would on a smartwatch costing a quarter the price.

Still think it might be worth the coin, even if only for the Montblanc name? Dive in to the video above for MrMobile’s full Montblanc Summit 2 review!



MrMobile’s Montblanc Summit 2 Review was produced following two weeks with a Montblanc Summit 2 review device provided by Qualcomm. The smartwatch was tested with a BlackBerry KEY2. Off-the-record discussions with two other reviewers at other publications helped confirm battery life and performance notes.


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