I want to thank you so much for joining my channel today. Um, as you can see today, um i have some of my favorite smartwatch watch bands. You can see right now. I have my yame watch and my tindu watch and then the wise watch. So these two bands are the ones that i’m going to be talking about they’re from a company called ldfas on amazon. I will leave the link in the description and, as you can see, uh these are only around 16 bucks, which i think is great, especially since they come in this pack of two again. These did come together. I got the black buckle version. I really like these watch bands. I got them like a while ago, like i’d say like uh around over six months ago, actually um and they haven’t failed me at all. They have they’re really high quality, as you can see, there’s like no scratches on there or any cracks or anything in this like leather type material. The only thing you can really see is creases, but that’s. Just what happens? Leather creases, you can’t just been leather around around your wrist like that without it creasing. So i really like the quality of that and i, like the style of it. This is definitely something that looks really nice with jeans or something like that. I really enjoy these watch bands a lot just in case you don’t want to rock the silicone one that usually comes with a um smart watch, so yeah this wise watch did come with a silicone watch band.

I believe wise has different leather type bands on their website, but i know it’s definitely like more expensive than eight dollars a band, so i highly suggest this watch band so now i’m actually going to put these on my wise watch. This is my first time taking these silicone watch bands off of the wise watch i’m going to put the leather ones on and show you how it looks. Okay guys. So, as you can see, i took the black band off of the tinfoil watch that i had and i put it on my wrist and it looks really nice even with the square design of the wise watch. This is a very nice looking watch band again, it’s, very high qualities, no scratches or anything even after months of pretty much heavy use, looks really nice so i’m going to try the brown on now. Okay, so now here is the brown band. As you can see, it looks pretty nice. These seams are really high quality. None of them are falling off or anything at all. I really like the seams on this band a lot and it is adjustable like your old school watch, so um yeah after months and months of heavy use. These bands have not like fallen apart at all and that’s. What i like about it, the most again i’ve, like worn them with my yame and my tindu watch as well. I really like how these bands are like just becoming universal smartwatches, pretty much every single major like smartwatch brand, your samsung’s tic watch huawei.

All of those bands are supporting this 22 millimeter quick release, pin so it’s, making it a lot easier to buy like third party bands and switch it up a little bit as you can see, it’s that easy to take off and you could just click it right. In there, okay it’s a little harder behind a tripod, but yeah you get the point um again. This is only 16 bucks which i think is a steal. Eight bucks, a band yeah if you have any questions about these watch bands.