This is a budget and affordable smartwatch that tries to do a little more than its price tag would indicate if you’ve never heard of endure you’re. Not alone, because neither did i prior to testing this out, you know, budget smart watches are are not uncommon, they are out there, but when they come along, i you kind of have to ask yourself: okay. Well, what is it that this does? That is going to be different, or what am i missing from a model that is going to be more expensive, so, in this particular case endure tries to you know, find a way in between those two things and in so doing, they’ve offered some sensors that you Wouldn’T normally see in a budget, smart watch but at the same time you’re not getting everything that you might expect otherwise i’m going to get into that in a second. But first i want to talk about the design a little bit, because, despite the fact that this is an affordable budget, smart watch, it feels pretty nice – i mean it’s, you know pretty nicely designed uh it’s it’s. The aesthetics actually are pretty good too, like this is definitely a smart watch that belies its price point and so that’s already a good start. The silicone i like the silicone band it just it. It feels soft yet rugged at all at once, which is pretty nice. You have different colors to choose from, of course, and the lugs, although the lugs are a bit different, they’re a little interesting in that they don’t come off.

Super easy, like you, have to kind of you got to like wedge something in there to take it out, but, needless to say, you can replace the band. If you want to so you’re, not stuck with this, you can always put something else on that would fit, and it doesn’t have to be something that comes from the same company. The 1.4 inch display is nice and vibrant, a little harder to see in direct sunlight. It is an ips display, so you know there’s a little bit of glare is going to be an issue there, but nevertheless, though, it’s still it’s still a nice thing to look at and of course you can change the watch face, of which there are many different Options to do that you’ve got to use an app called defit, that’s right, def, fit ios or android. You can use it either way and there you can control like that’s, basically the app that works with the watch, so uh it’s a bit of an odd name, but either way. That is where you can set up certain things now, including the notification system by default. The notification system could either have everything on or everything off when either way you can adjust what you want to get through so, for example, calls messages, whatsapp skype instagram, even they even have wechat there’s and even facebook, so they have a bunch of apps that are Already there that you can turn on or off and of course anything that comes through as a notification will show up on the watch, it’s not necessarily actionable phone calls would be so, for example, if i were to press the button on it for a call, i Can then answer it on my phone or, if i’m wearing earbuds or headphones it’ll just go there automatically very convenient when that happens, but for messages you, you have limited options, really what you can do there, but at least you can see what someone has said and That goes for all other notifications as well, so that’s one side of it.

Now, when you look at the exercise side of it, we have seven different exercises to choose from the main ones are going to be walking running and cycling. The others are sports related. So you have basketball and football meaning soccer or badminton as well so sports and then sort of basic exercises, but you’re not going to get a litany of options right: it’s, limited, seven, uh, there’s, no automatic tracking. So if you are going to move you’re gon na have to remember to turn it on on the watch first before you do that, so you can actually get track uh. The only thing that i found was automatic was sleep and sleep i’m going to get to in a second. But really you know there’s some hit or miss there too. The hsi tracking is is okay, it’s, pretty basic, i would say it’s mostly accurate. The step tracking is, for the most part, there’s no gps on here. So if you are going to track a route you’re going to need to bring your phone with you in order to do that, otherwise, it’s just you, know, it’s going to give you an approximation as far as distance goes so again, basic watch, basic features and certain Things are going to be missing. I mentioned sleep. I just want to mention that briefly here, because the tracking is generally okay. There there’s the odd time where it’s going to think you’re asleep when you’re not like if you’re lying down watching, i don’t know you’re watching a show or something it may assume that you’re asleep when you’re not that did happen to me.

So it could be a little bit off in those cases, but when it comes to actual slumber overnight it for the most part, it is accurate on the timing. It doesn’t give you a whole lot of context in the app as to what it means so it’ll give you a score, but it doesn’t tell you much more than that when it comes to the other sensors that are on here, that’s, where things get interesting, because We have an spo2 sensor for blood oxygen, we have a blood pressure monitor and then we, of course, have the heart rate sensor. So how accurate these things are? I mean the heart monitor, i feel, is a little bit off. I felt like it was a little higher than normal, and the blood pressure monitor very hard to tell. I would think it was in the ballpark, though, because the numbers it was giving me were more or less where i typically score. Whenever i test it out either at the doctors or with another device that i have, the spo2 sensor also was in the ballpark. So what i found was that the endure watch would give me. I think the results were more like approximations, as opposed to being exact. So as long as it was in the ballpark i, i would be okay with that, given what i’m paying to get this and again blood pressure monitors are not typically on smart watches, so it’s interesting to see that this one’s on here.

Needless to say, whatever the results are you take them with some grain of salt. These are not medical devices. No smart watch is or can pretend to be, but if there’s something on here, that might be a cause for concern. You could always talk to your doctor about that. After last thing is the waterproofing, so ipx7 rated. That means you can take it in clear water up to about 3 meters or 10 feet submerged, but stay away from the salt water that will probably kill this thing. Pretty quickly but yeah there’s a certain durability to the watch as well. So if you want to to you, know, go into the woods or something like that, and you know you’re running on you’re running a lot and then you want to go for a bit of a swim after and clear water of course, or take it to the Pool you can do that and not have to worry about this thing dying on you. It won’t just make sure that if you do take it in water, wipe it down dry after and it should be fine and then last thing is battery life, so endure rates. This in about a week, i would say that is accurate if you’re using it just basic. You know in terms of basic terms, so maybe a few notifications, some exercise, you know kind of like a mishmash of features, but if you’ve got like a barrage of notifications coming in and then on top of that you’re exercising every day, uh yeah you’re, probably looking At more like five to seven days, like, i think, five on the low end and then you might get six uh on the high end.

If a lot of that’s going on that’s still pretty good for a budget, smart watch so uh. I wouldn’t complain too much about that. I think that’s that’s, all right, given that you know everything that’s going on here, despite the fact, obviously there’s, no gps or other sensors that might like totally tax the battery uh it’s, still a pretty good number and that’s.