In years, past samsung has sort of been making two lines of watches a classic version with a physical rotating bezel that looks nice in any occasion and then the active or sport version, which was lighter and smaller, but delivered the same internal specs and performance in a Sportier looking watch so with the new watch 5 and the watch 5 pro. It seems that many assumed that the watch 5 pro was samsungs way of making a sequel to the watch 4 classic, but without the rotating bezel and honestly thats, just not the case. So, in my opinion, this watch the watch 5 pro was designed for a different market entirely. The watch 5 pro has a raised bezel to protect the display a claimed 4 day battery life turn by turn, directions for custom, hiking or trail biking routes and features that make it clear that this watch was intended to be for a more fitness and sport oriented Crowd so, while this is undoubtedly their new flagship smartwatch, we need to look at this under two different lenses Music. So we need to look at the galaxy watch, five pro under two different lenses and the first one is essentially as a sports watch sort of like a garmin or a suunto watch, because thats kind of how samsung is marketing this device. Its more durable, like i said its supposed to have a long battery life, anybody going on backpacking trips or trail biking or or kayak adventures.

Things like that. This would really be samsungs choice for you and then the other lens would be as an everyday watch because, like i said, this is still samsungs flagship smartwatch. So if youre, trying to, for example, upgrade your galaxy watch for classic, you might consider buying this and by the way dont worry, i will make a full comparison between this and the galaxy watch 4 classic. If you want to see that go down, definitely click that subscribe button. The video is coming very very soon and you really dont want to miss it. The differences are are really interesting, to say the least. So lets start off with the physical design. This watch is only available in 45, millimeters thats going to be turn off for some, and i know a lot of other reviews out. There have been saying its a chunky watch but hear me out on this one. I think that this is actually a great size to have. I wish they had a smaller version. Yes, that that i mean this clearly excludes anyone with smaller wrists. So like half the population but for me, like i, have a pretty average sized wrist, i wouldnt say my wrists are large or anything, but i feel like it looks and feels really like the right size for my wrist. It also. I know people have been saying its very chunky, but it doesnt feel heavy. I ran with this today and trust me im very picky, with heavy watches on my wrist.

This one doesnt move around a lot. I think its partially, because i really do like the strap. It comes with ill talk about that in a second, but the watch itself feels like a durable watch. It also doesnt feel too heavy. We have titanium as a full body on there, which does keep it strong and light at the same time, and although it sticks up a lot it doesnt i mean a lot of that is just the raised bezel around there, so that is going to protect it, Which, by the way, i know theres mixed reviews on that protecting display by a raised bezel is a huge positive. In my opinion, ive never really been one to put cases on my watch. I just think theyre too bulky and annoying, but my galaxy watch active 2. Actually got completely destroyed when i was rock climbing, once uh just kind of hit a rock i hit the edge with a rock and it just destroyed. The display additionally were getting a sapphire crystal display, so it should be, as they said, 2x stronger, so substantially more durable than most other smart watches out there, and the only unfortunate thing here that im, not a big fan of is the display is only 1.4 inches. So 45 millimeter body 1.4 inch display and they really dont do a lot with the surroundings. So you really notice that bezel its a big black ring around there, they could put tick marks on there.

I think that would look good something like that. I think really would have hot, like would hide it a little better. The bezel that kind of tapers in does actually have its advantage, though so for me, i find its easier to use the the digital bezel on here. So no physical rotating bezel, but much like the watch 4 and the watch active 2. We have a digital bezel, so you can kind of spin your finger around navigate the interface and unlike the previous versions, we now have something to kind of reference. Our finger off of so you kind of just push radially outwards and spin your finger around and its a lot easier to use that so definitely a silver lining with having that sunken in display and, of course, on the right side. We have our microphone on the left side. We have our speaker well get into a test of those in a second but the buttons these are just like we saw before last year. These will double as your health sensors as well. If youre doing something like a biometric impedance or if youre doing an ecg or a lot of those kind of measurements, those are going to be an additional sensor there and the buttons actually are really very tactile and nice. I really like the buttons they feel like a premium button to me on the back of the watch. You can see the new health array. This is slightly different than the previous ones, and it is supposed to be flatter for more contact area on your skin.

For more accurate readings, which, of course i will get into a full accuracy test, i did a lot of testing with this, but a new addition back here is actually a temperature sensor and the temperature sensor, i assume in the future, can be used for many more Things as well, for example, maybe its like a female cycle tracking, maybe youre doing things like tracking your sleep a little more accurately. The temperature usually is not an like an instantaneous measurement, its more like a long term trend, tracking and so thats, where i think that really could be a useful sensor to have the strap that it comes with. I actually really like its infinitely adjustable by sliding it back and forth and then with friction it kind of stays in really well and, of course, you kind of snap it back into place, with kind of a very similar design to most metal chain, bracelet watches. Now this, in my opinion, like i said, is very comfortable. I was so surprised when i put it on, i thought for sure i was going to hate this design, but its actually, arguably the most comfortable watch, strap ive, worn with the watch of this size. The only downside of this strap, if you dont, have a large wrist and, like i said i have a pretty medium sized wrist, is the band does kind of stick out a little bit on the side, so you can kind of see a profile right.

There now lets actually get a little bit more into the features. So once again, this is where os3, but its running samsungs version of that. So the samsung has a lot of their own stuff on top of here and so essentially quick interface tour. If we cycle around to the right, we get all of our tiles, and these can be all types of different things like our bio impedance. So we can do a measurement there and see what our body fat is or a bmi, and things like that. We can actually have route tracking thats a new thing, so we can have a route that if you have a gpx file – and you want to put it onto your watch and then you plan on doing like a trail biking, for example, thats a great way to Kind of have your route and know where youre going to go so youre, not always like pulling out a map and stopping or even worse, getting lost, but if you do get lost, they also have track back on here that can kind of use the gps to Guide you back to where you started, which could be a very convenient feature for anybody running on a big network of trails. Of course, we have all of our typical tiles like playback controls, sleep tracking weather calendar blood, oxygen and ecg. Weve got a lot of things like that, as you go through here, but going back to the home home screen, we can swipe down, get to our quick notifications and, as always, samsung really packs this full of very useful features like, for example, an underwater mode which Disables the screen, if youre going to go for a swim or what i use it for whenever i take a shower so im, not accidentally, you know calling somebody or doing something like that if we swipe up from the bottom, this is your app drawer.

This all the different apps you have its not like my favorite layout, but you can see everything very easily and it gets the job done and if you swipe from the left, these are your notifications from your phone and you do have quick replies and all types Of things like that, its very easy to interact with with notifications on here, of course, the buttons if we press and hold them youll get either a samsung pay on the bottom or bixby. Now i know you can get google assistant on here, but by default it does come with bixby and when you use bixby i mean personally it just it. Doesnt really work well for me. So, for example, if i ask it for the weather in balakinwid or in manayunk, like those are both areas right outside of philly, google gets it right every single time, but lets see what bixby does whats the weather in maniac pennsylvania, whats, the weather in bulkinwood. Again completely wrong: it is nice. You can double press the bottom button to switch between different apps. You have open and thats something i especially use when im, for example, traveling and using uh app in the air, app that i talked about in a different video. That allows me to track like my flights and things like that, and i can toggle between app in the air and any other thing i have open now, of course, you might be using this for phone calls or voice assistance, so lets get into a speaker and Microphone test all right, so this is a microphone test with the galaxy watch.

5. Pro honestly, i think the speaker sounds pretty good, but leave a comment, and let me know how clear it sounds to you and if you hear what im saying all right. So this is a microphone test with a watch leave a comment, and let me know how clear this sounds to you honestly. The watch microphones always do a pretty good job, so i expect this to sound pretty good. Now i mentioned we have a new health sensor array on the back, so when it comes to actually tracking your workouts starting off with the gps, i found that this was incredibly accurate, so running a known like 1.7 miles, it came to 1.70, so exactly correct on That, and if you look at this map of where i was running around or actually biking in this case, it took every single turn, almost exactly with the exception of this turn was cut a little bit short, and this other kind of little s shape was squiggled. A little bit incorrectly, but by and large it was almost exactly correct now, as far as the heart rate sensor goes, this is an optical heart rate sensor, of course, but it still does a really impressive job. However, as with most optical heart rate sensors, it does lag very slightly. So when you start running it takes a second until it gets up to where your heart rate actually is. So if youre doing things like very quick intervals, it might not be perfect there and then, of course, battery theyre claiming 80 hours of use from my testing in about one day you get about 31 battery drain.

So that would give you about two and a half to three days, if youre doing like an hour of gps use per day and youre using this watch pretty heavily with. That being said, thats still substantially better than almost any other watch like this on the market. Being you know compared to like the galaxy watches of the past and apple watches as well, so that is is very impressive. But when this is being marketed as a sports watch thats, where you really start to have some trouble, because a lot of garmin, watches and sunto watches can easily go substantially longer than that plus theyll have things like a solar panel on the front so by those Comparisons, this really doesnt do a great job, and this goes back to what i was saying about. Looking at this under two different lenses compared to everyday smart watches. This has a great battery compared to sports watches. This has really not a good battery, but besides the battery under the hood of this watch is very similar to the galaxy watch for from storage to essentially the same chip in there as well. And besides. A couple off grid features like route tracking, which we might even see that as an update for the watch for the differences here are really going to be the longer battery life. The redesigned health sensor ray, which includes a temperature sensor and lace flatter on your wrist and if youre really nitpicking, we also have bluetooth 5.

2 on here instead of 5.0 slightly different, but, like i said, the internals of this are not really that that different, the big Difference here is going to be the physical redesign and the addition of those new features and speaking of new features, theres a couple of health focused ones. I wanted to highlight as well, including a more uh advanced sleep, coaching and an improved ui for sleep tracking to understand what you can improve and whats going wrong with your sleep. Additionally, heart recovery is kind of a new thing as well and of course, we have a lot of the classic ones like body, composition and ecg still on here as well, but lets talk about the drawbacks. Specifically, if you look at this under the lens of a sports watch, as i mentioned, the battery is your first uphill battle. There samsungs marketing this as a sports watch and competing with garmin and sunto watches, but the battery life definitely doesnt compete on that front. Additionally, samsung health makes it impossible to export tcx files and only really integrates with a few software services out there. Samsung does not play nicely with third party devices like heart rate, straps or things like that, and, of course, the buttons do very little when working out. By contrast, most other sports watches have three or four buttons that control the majority of the watch when youre working out and your hands are sweaty and its hard to control a touch screen.

So in that light, its a little bit difficult. So this watch sort of strikes out against the biggest sports watches out there. But of course those often have a clunky ui. They have no voice assistant, they have no speaker, they have no microphone, they dont get apps and they have a lot of other compromises that youre going to have. If you go with the classic sports watch that you dont have to make. If you go with this, so if you care about these things, then youve most likely been disappointed by sports watches in the past and thats, where this really starts to shine. So this is tricky because, as ive been saying throughout this whole video, if you look at it as a sports watch, it honestly struggles to compete. If you look at it as an everyday watch its great, but it lacks the rotating bezel. So why would you get this instead of the galaxy watch four? But if you look at this as a new middle ground for those who want an everyday smartwatch for apps and weather and tracking flights and uber rides and things like that. But who also loves to go for a long bike rides or an occasional backpacking trip. And you want the battery to last more than one day. This is the perfect watch and, interestingly enough for me personally, i definitely fit into that last category. So, for a long time, ive been using the garmin venue 2s because it works as an everyday smartwatch kind of, but mostly does really great, with a longer battery life and more a fitness oriented lifestyle.

But this is now going to replace that for me, probably as my everyday watch for a pretty long time, so, im very happy with this device and maybe in the future, well get some updates to give us better wrist gestures or customizable buttons during workouts. As for the rotating bezel, i suspect samsung could come out with the watch 5 class, perhaps in february, at their unpacked event. Oh, and also this is android only sort of samsung. Only actually, if you care about the ecg and bioimpedance its samsung, only for anything else, its android only and if youre an iphone user. I dont know what to tell you.