It’S got a hologram sticker is the hw 32 smart watch, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always pull sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and Also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, and not only that i’ve got loads of smart watches still to review. So you can check out my social media to see which smart watches they are anyways back to this hw 32. Let’S see what this is like compared to the previous ones, that i’ve done. If you want to see the other previous smartwatches check out my fake watches playlist, which i’ll put up a card right there and you can see all the smart watches on available, we can purchase from aliexpress or not so let’s. Take a look at the box. It’S a different design, as you can see green with gold uh layout on the box, a hologram sticker which says hw32. What is this on top of that boutique? Something anyways forget that uh yeah, looking around you’ve got a gold uh outline of a smart watch. Take a look at the back includes smartwatch, watchband, charging, cable and user manual. Not all capabilities are available in all areas. Smartwatches, not medical device, battery life charge cycles and display life may well. Life vary by using settings. Smartwatch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider and the spell provider right so we’ve got a few trademarks made in china, as is everything else.

So, with this box, they don’t slide out really smooth you’ve got to wedge your nails in whatever. Here we have it look at the box, i like the design of the box, it’s really nice. So just before we take a look at the smartwatch let’s see what else we get inside of the box. So here we have the watch band, pretty basic config. To be honest, and here we have the user guide for the smart, wristband hw 32, where it properly charge the bracelet install the app and the app is. Does it say there – and i think this is fit – fly up i’m – not sure with that with that picture right there? So here we have it. Here are some of the features that come with the watch, but just before we tell we always know what to expect with these clone smart watches. What else do we inside the box here we get a two pin usb charging wire, so it doesn’t have wireless charging it’s a two pin one anyways let’s take a look at the watch here. We have it look at the smartwatch, as you can tell the series. Six design, but the sensors at the back are an old style. As you can see, you’ve got text around it. You’Ve got the two pin charger right. There. You’Ve got no buttons placement for the watch band. They just slide in and slide out so let’s. Take this plastic off: this is a 1.

75 inch display. Hd screen it’s got the latest version of the menu styles um and the operating system so i’ll show you that now take a look at the side. You’Ve got the micro tower. You’Ve got a little boom placement here, but this is fake. Everything is done with the crown which i’ll show you later in the video and you’ve got two speaker grilles one is fake. One is real, so let’s push the crown into switch it on let’s, see what it’s like and there we have it. Superband wow, the speaker is really really poor bad quality. So first things first the screen timer now this is advertised as always on display i’m. Not too sure, if that’s, real or not we’ll check it out later, so the screen goes out really quick, so swiping it down here you have some of the shortcuts dual mode, no idea what that means, but we’ll have to find out later in the video and You have your mp3 player, which has a built in mp3 player. All you do. Is you connect your usb to the computer and put the charger on and you’ll be able to add some music on there? Not a lot. I’Ll probably show the uh probably about one or two songs, but it does still have a built in mp3 player, which is really good. You’Ve got a qr code to download the app swipe back. Does work as well. You’Ve got two menu.

Styles, you’ve got the grid view and the matrix view so, which i’ll show you. That is the grid view going back, you’re pushing the crown, and here we have made that’s, not uh, that one that one is the matrix one and let’s try this one. As you can see, this is a small style. The crown does work, as you can see as well, and this is the new style operating system as well. It’S got a really nice color screen it’s the latest version. As you can see here, we have your dial. If you want to tell to make phone calls a quick shortcut for that, and this one i’m pretty sure, is for your bluetooth, but we have to connect that we’ll connect that later anyway, swiping it to the left. You’Ve got your split screen, which is really good. It’S a good feature to have swiping it up goes to menu swiping it to the left. Doesn’T do anything always if you want to hit the menu. All you got to do is tap in the screen and it will go straight to the menu as well and, as always, i always like the grid view, not the gradebook. Sorry – and this view this is the list view anyways so let’s see what kind of what faces we have. So we have one let’s. Do it. You can’t even use these crown one two, three, four, five: six, seven six of what faces well, there’s, not a lot of watch faces which one’s the best one that looks alright but yeah, that is it so let’s go into menu.

Let’S see what we have so we’ve got steps which calculate your, which is the pedometer heart rate, let’s, see if he actually gives us a reading. While the uh watch is of an object and as you can see, he got flashing christmas lights. So will it give us a reading let’s find out so far there’s no reading. You can actually change the time on this as well in settings. It’S vibrated and we have a reading here of 91 beats per minute, and so you can tell that’s. Definitely if it doesn’t give you accurate readings, so let’s go back in blood oxygen, probably same again. Let’S just show you just in case it has the animation it flashes and then once it gives you a reading, no idea where it gets the reading from still got the flashing christmas lights. It vibrates and it will give you a fake reading, i’m, probably sure 96 or 97 96 to 100 um yeah. So, as you can see, 97 right there, so we’ll go back into that phone book. You’Ve got to connect your phone and dial the same again connect your phone sit ups, you can actually do some situps and up camera actually come on volleyball same again, jumping running tennis, badminton bike riding game. It’S only got one game shake before, as you can see, it’s just a dice which you press and you don’t shake it actually yeah that’s fine check that out shake phone.

I didn’t know that wow. That is really good. I tried it earlier. Did it work? That is a good game. That’S, the only game you can actually uh get on this as well. So as you can see, music has got a built in music player. I don’t want to get copyrighted, but you can once you connect the usb to the computer. You can actually put a few songs on as well, which is because it’s got built in memory. Uh sleep, sleep monitor right there camera. Once you connect to your camera. You can actually take pictures once you connect your bluetooth, you can take pictures as well. Your weather same again connect it to your phone stopwatch. Looking for that to look for your smartwatch when you’ve lost it, you can do that on the phone messages same again, you’ve got nothing because it’s not connected reset menu style. We’Ve already shown you dual mode. I’Ll find out in just a second qr code. More so about gives you the information on the smart watch it to be hw32 language. You can change it to a few languages. You can see set date, set time and side slip. If you want to know what the side step is, if you take it off going to um your home screen, you can’t swipe it left or right. So the split screen doesn’t work and you can’t swipe it. Only the menu actually comes up and the shortcuts you can’t use the um split screen.

So you’ve got to go back into dual well, not dual mode side slip and turn it on and there we have it bought out the manual and, as you can see, dual switch mode. This function is turned on by default. If the phone is not connected to the well audio device within five minutes of turning on the bracelet, the switch will automatically turn off. I need to turn it on manually when you use it again right. The app you need to download is superband, which we have right there. So let’s switch my bluetooth on go into superband settings binding hw32 and hopefully it should get bluetooth. Pairing requests, let’s pair it allow notifications, yes, we’ll, just press. Ok to that, and as you can see, hw 32 is already connected. Let’S go into circles and, as you can see, you’ve got no cross line cross against the um bluetooth there. The second one is for your mp3 player once you’ve connected your music and stuff, like that, so lift wrist to bright screen. That activity is on well, it was off now it’s on so let’s. Try it out if there’s any delay wait. What time is on here? 11 32. So trying to break it now so let’s see if that actually works. As you can see, lift away that works nearly broke it there, dnd mode. You won’t receive notifications, so that’s silent, uh, a long settings. Long stick reminder remote. Take photos find so it’s.

Just vibrating so press stop right there, common contact, that’s. All your contact settings, dial settings. You can actually add new dials on here as well and i’m. Pretty sure you can’t do a custom, so you can’t do custom dials on here device reset, remove all the settings. Let’S go into the same vibrate things that’s about it and ota upgrades see if there’s any upgrade on this. You can actually do it from there. So you can’t do a lot of features on the app as well. So what we have to do now is make sure we’re going to settings and connect it twice to see what kind of notifications we get. So hopefully you should have a another hw 32 coming up very soon on here, and you have to connect it twice. So uh yeah just wait for that. We’Ve got one connected right. There let’s see if that dual mode will switch it on see if we get another hw32 well audio, so yeah that’s. What that? What well audio means make sure that is connected. So you can receive notifications and um phone calls from there, so it’s connected twice now. What i’m gon na do is make a phone call. We receive the name or number on the watch so, as you can see also on the phone and it says all source on the watch as well, which is good because the rest of the watches actually just give you the number.

So at least you know who’s calling when you have it onto on your wrist, but you don’t get a notification straight after that let’s send a text message to see what notification we get so i’m. Just sending a text now let’s see what notification we get. Also it’s come up on the um phone, but it hasn’t come up on the uh watch, which is no good so same again with the what’s up as well. So you don’t get no notifications when it comes to the message, but it should do because it has got a feature for messages on here. So let’s go into messages. Well, do we have messages right there, so let’s send another message to see if it was just a mistake or if they legalized the less so the both of the phone and the watch is off. So you’ve got a text message on the phone, but there’s no text message on the smart watch, which is no good, so you don’t get no notification from there. You just got the look of the feature on there, but no notifications for messages. Oh what’s up it’s, just the phone call, so there we have it. That is the hw32 i’m. Pretty sure this is another downgrade compared to the hw 22 or the hw 22 pro i’ve, previously unboxed and reviewed check them watches out.