You go check that out so we’re going to see if the wise watch, which is kind of a bigger screen and hopefully has more features, is going to stack up and we’re going to see if, if i’m, actually going to replace my band with the new watch. So let’s open it up. Let’S take a look. First of all, so, as you can see, this is an unopened box. I just got it today from wise part of the pre order, but here we go. It looks really cool. It kind of looks like a like, like an apple iwatch, a little bit in the picture, but let’s take a let’s, get it open. Let’S, take a look so it’s got. It comes uh taped up here and, of course, i’m gon na struggle, while i’m on camera. Here we go get those last little bits there. I think that should do it all right, so opening up the wise watch here that looks pretty cool right there, just uh straight out the box, it’s uh, i think, it’s a very nice size. How does this thing open now? Oh here we go okay, so here we go, we got the the box open and what all comes in the box. So obviously we got a charging cable here. We’Ve got a quick start guide and we’ve got the actual watch itself. So it looks like i can just pull right out here: doesn’t want to come out there.

We go all right, so there’s the actual watch itself, so it looks really cool. Um let’s take a look at the back, so it’s got all the sensors on the back. This is wise, watch 47, not sure if that’s like the model, number um, but it also has ww3 at the very bottom. So it looks like it’s got like a heart rate monitor or a pulse indicator. All that good stuff looks really cool. It feels it feels like a like a really expensive smart watch. You know, unlike you know, the price package uh for wise products which are usually very affordable. This feels real real, expensive, so let’s see i don’t know if it has a any charge to. It looks like we’re gon na have to probably plug it in charge. It up so let’s go and get it plugged in let’s, go ahead and charge it up and then we’ll see how it stacks up to the band again, all right, let’s check it out guys we’ll be right back all right, so in all actuality it actually came Charged and when you plug it in though it actually activates it for you to add it to the wise app so i’m, going to jump into the wise app real, quick here, i’m going to add a new device, let’s see device and let’s see i’m just going To search for watch here, okay we’ve got the wise watch 47, so we’re gon na go with the wise watch 47, and now we need to scan this code.

There we go all right. Let’S get a pair up and let’s see how things go see. It says pairing right: there succeed all right. So what we’re going to do right now, we’re going to take off my wise band and we’re, going to put on it’s got upgrade let’s, let it go ahead and upgrade and then we’ll be right back okay. So we got the software upgrade, it looks like you can switch back and forth between faces too, which is pretty cool just like just like an apple. I watch um i’m gon na leave it on this one for a moment, because it looks like this. One also shows steps heart rate, all that kind of stuff let’s get the date in there let’s see what else we can do. Um Music. We obviously have notifications. We can go in and set notifications for different things, we’re going to go text phone jump over to other applications and add a couple things in like my main text message program, which is message plus so where’s that here in the ads there we go we’ll get That put on there all right what else um one thing: i’m looking for is alexa access, so i’m gon na put on raise to wake we’re gon na make sure that’s good to go. Um Music got all my stuff for weather. What else all right? Let’S put it on let’s, see how this thing feels i’m gon na put it on off camera here and, of course, my phone’s gon na go nuts when i’m recording all right here we go here, it is on the wrist, looks pretty good feels pretty good um We’Re going to wear it around for a while um and then we’re going to see how things go.

So one thing we can do is we can go into the menu system here and can we just scroll around? What can we do? Put do not disturb on or off we can make it. We can find our phone that’s pretty cool right, so we don’t need to do that. Put the brightness on high there’s notifications. Okay, here we go. This is the menu i’m looking for so right now. I can check some different things, so, if we want to, if we want to start a workout, we can go like that. We’Re, obviously not going to start a workout right now. How do we stop that? How do we stop a workout not like that? There we go we’re going to make it finished. What else we got? We got data. We got no data right now. Checking my blood oxygen what’s, my blood oxygen, it’s thinking, blood oxygen is thinking all right. It’S kind of taken long what’s it doing all right, we’re gon na we’re gon na we’re gon na bypass that now let’s see let’s check my heart rate. How about my heart rate let’s see if this takes as long as the blood oxygen took now, it should be able to find my heart rate faster than that come on guys, 98. 96. All right there we go so yeah. I mean not bad that’s, pretty cool. What else we got? We got sleep data which i just put it on so i’m, not gon na be sleep data, yet cycle tracker, that’s, obviously not gon na help me um, so we’re gon na just bypass that for now uh we can set alarms.

We can do timers, probably countdowns things like that: it’s pretty cool and then we’ve got shortcuts. Shortcut is not set. Please set it in the wise app, so it doesn’t look like we’ve got alexa capabilities, let’s check the weather, pretty cool and in my settings, so i can change wallpaper brightness heart rate raise to wake system, control compliance info and about so yeah. I don’t see alexa here on the watch so that’s. One thing i do like about the band is: it has the alexa support, so obviously i run a smart home setup and i’m always um focused on using alexa around the house. Now one thing i do when i’m – not home, though is i – can use this for like garage door control things like that. So if i stick with the the wise watch i’m going to miss that alexa control but we’re going to give it some time, we’re going to see how it goes and that’s going to be about it for this, for this quick review again, this is just an Unboxing, quick review to take a look at the new wise watch. Hope you all enjoyed. You know we’re just starting out. So if you, if you are interested in more stuff of more content from us, give us a subscribe, give us a thumbs up to like the video and don’t forget to share our videos with your friends guys. We appreciate everyone taking the time to watching the video and we appreciate your support.

So this is the match.