Here we have halo and then in the middle here we have the watch, how the watch is going to look like and on the bottom. Here we have the name, halo, rt on the side. It just says: halo, then, at the back we have the specs it’s going to go in, as you can see the specs okay. So for the specs we have the hello rt, it is ip68 dust and waterproof you can see it has 12 sports modes, sleep monitoring. All the heart rate, monitoring, tft hd touch, screen and 15 day battery life and other information in other languages, let’s unbox it with my knife here just going to cut it Music. Now we can have a better look at the watch because there’s no more glossy plastic on it, let’s just slide it out, so it comes in a whole like black box. I think when it’s from the bottom Music. Okay, so here is the watch itself. You can see that it’s pretty nice, but to the side. What else do we have in the box? We have a halo, smartwatch manual, teaches you about the watch and stuff okay, other than that we have a magnetic charger that is going to connect to the back of the watch, the toe pins right here. That goes to usb other than that, i think that’s. It yep that’s it for the box. This is just empty. Okay, now, let’s take a closer look at the watch.

Let’S take this off. You guys can see that there’s like a bezel around it and it has white dots all around. It comes with this black silicon band with a halo logo. It feels pretty good and flexible to me in front of the watch. As you can see, it has two buttons now, instead of the first one, one is the red one. One is just the dark one and on the back we have the sensors and the two pins for charging now let’s turn it on Music Music. So it asks you to uh pair it with the hello fun app, so let’s just try to install it now. Okay, so now the watch is paired. This is what the screen looks like swiping to the right. We have your circles that shows you, the stats, your heart rate and your sleeping and the weather, and you have this – take a break one. It all loops around. So it’s one whole loop, so i think from the top down we get the quick settings, so i think from the bottom. You guys get this menu here. You can see stats, whether sports sleep mode notice. It means notifications, music settings and you have more stopwatch countdown from form. Reading training and your settings. You can choose your watch face. These are a few that comes with the watch. Let me just try one. As you can see right here, you can also hold the watch space for a few seconds, and then you can change it to a few that’s provided settings again.

You can adjust the brightness above and reset. This is the back button and on off button, this button just brings you into the menu. This is a quick settings, i guess so, if you press it, you go into your sports mode. So i guess that is it. Do give me some feedback? If you want me to compare it to the previous model, that is the halo solar ls05. This is the new halo rt, pretty much almost the same, but if you guys want me to do a quick comparison, i can do that now.