Third steps notifications: what is that calories, remote camera, bluetooth, call and brittle music let’s know about basic parameters. Screen displays 240 into 240 battery capacity, 380 image screen. One point: four: five: four inch: 240 into 240 square display language, supports multiple languages; language support, bluetooth, 4.0 system, android system, so guys i wan na see an unboxing. You can see it here, features dicta, let’s start your time. First teacher phone book, dialer call logs and messaging – is you can see over here? You can see the difference. Sleep monitor, heart rate, ecg, senate anti loads, alarm, calendar, bluetooth, music, camera running watch, calculator, motion, language power, saving and your like this. This this you can choose whatever you like. You can apply that so many types of watches are here, but i like this, so i applied this. You can see the time if you want to learn how to go back. You can touch if you are in any application you can like. You are in calculator, i mean calendar, you if you want to go back so you you need to do like this or if you want to go more back, so you you need to touch this. So you can come back. You can see it’s very easy to hear it. You can see watch thank you for watching guys and if you are not subscribed, my channel subscribe. My channel and like this video and after video, please comment down below bye.