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Nostalgia time! I loved my digital watches. It was so fun to see them evolve from basic time and stopwatch functions to instruments that could set multiple alarms, display different time zones, and even do repeating countdown timing for things like “sedentary reminders” — not even a concept back then.

Well an look to the future never disclosed there would be a day when a digital watch could also tether to a smartphone using something called Bluetooth (where did that silly term come from anyway?). Well that day is here. Along with a digital watch with temperature, barometric pressure, altitude change computation, steps walked, calories burned and distance traveled, along with, of course, always on time display. Welcome to the F3.

No.1’s introduction of the F3 brings almost all of the features found in their initial entry into the digital smartwatch field, the F2, to a smaller casing. The F3 has everything found on the F2 except for the thermometer (which never did work on the F2 anyway). It uses the same FundoBracelet tethering app, and collects exactly the same data. So if you want, you can also watch the review of the F2 to learn more:

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