So these are the things we get with this noise color colorful brio fitness smartwatch – and this is the watch here and we get a charging cable, a guide, some basic stickers, those noise brand stickers, the card which is useful for warranty and thats. It lets switch on a smartwatch im, just long pressing this home button, and initially you have to charge this watch. I have charged it for about 20 minutes. I guess, and after that i was like able to switch on this watch and initially you wont get this page. Actually, this is the watch face, so you will get a display with some qr code like um, scan this device and pair with your mobile, like that. So you will get that page. You have to pair it with your device, so i have already paired it with my phone lets check out the face and one more information like about the smartwatches. You have to ensure that this smartphone is running on android 4.4 uh mobile phone, for example. If your phone is android phone, you have to like uh. You should have basically 4.4 android version or 4.4 plus android versions, also like ios of um, 10 plus version. Okay. So that you can use use this smart watch, this noise, smart watch, okay, lets, take a look, so this is the watch face. I have like uh like this watch face and have set it like this lets swipe right. Okay, so this is like activity like uh.

While we like walking or running like our steps, will be calculated here and then next is heart rate. Okay, we can uh check the heart rate. Okay, lets check the heart rate. Just give me a minute. Okay, im all set lets check it again, so we have to swipe right right, okay, so this is activity, as i said, and next is heart rate. Okay lets check the heart rate. I have to tap it. I guess lets see Music. Yes, no! Yes, its happening! Its 87 no okay lets wait. I guess i will get some vibration. Yes, its still. Yes, just now. I got that vibration, okay, its 83. Now, okay, so my heart rate is 83 now and then like make sure your arms and rest are still, and there is no space like between your watch and the wrist okay. So the right first one is activity, and next is heart rate, so lets. Okay lets check the stress tap to measure okay, one finger Music. Yes, so you can like monitor your stress level. 24. 7. Nice. Is it measuring? Yes, i guess my stress level is high glow nothing whats happening yeah, its 64 immediate, good, okay, whats next Music, using basically, we can like measure the oxygen level nice. This is measuring yes, too many features. Nice. Is it measuring Music? No? Okay! We are trying again lets see hope for the best Music. I may have oxygen or not spo2 blood oxygen level of the day, Music yay, finally, yeah, okay.

So, each and every time when you are measuring anything in this watch, you will get some vibration, so its 96 percent. My blood oxygen level, is 96 percent nice. Okay, next, okay, sleep, data, okay and then music, okay phone is disconnect yeah. So you can like, if your phone is connected, you can check and play some music directly from your watch and thats it. I guess: okay thats, why left? Okay? This is like. You can go to music directly. If you swipe left, then sleep monitor blood oxygen level. Stress heart rate, okay, the same okay, then, okay, lets swipe up. Okay, we have a lot of options here, like first is okay power saving mode, and then next is right. Okay, this is fine phone option like you can find. You can find your phone if you like it somewhere or if you want somewhere in your home, so you can use this option to find your phone and then okay. Okay, next is brightness. Okay, dimming one two okay, so this is like different modes of brightness. In your watch, and then next is like dnd on okay, this is like do not disturb, so this is do not disturb move like do not disturb motors on means like the watch will no longer vibrate when it like uh results in call or messages or etc. Okay, so thats dnd option. Okay next is okay. This is like flashlight, nice, okay, flashlight tap to turn off nice okay.

So this is like flashlight option and next is settings. So we have like settings here. This is like brightness vibration, restorative device info and then qr code, reboot power off and erase it and thats it. Okay, nice, okay, next lets swipe; okay, sorry so lets swipe down. So if you are like devices like connected with your phone, like you will get notifications here, okay, cool so in your watch is like this and if you press the home button, you will get all these features like activity, workouts sport record and then sleep info blood Oxygen level, heart rate, weather breath, reminders, music, alarm, stop, watch and what else and stress world clock nice watch faces settings thats it. Okay, thats all about this watching. Okay, let me show you the watch faces, so these are all the watch faces right, its visible for you, okay, this is like watch page number one. So this is the one im using currently, and this is Music nice. So this is a quite good smartwatch in the range of 2500 like this is like below 2500. I guess you can check the current price. It has like too many features like that. You can track your activity, workout blood, oxygen level, heart rate, everything like. Oh, you have all the basic features like music reminders: smart watch everything and the special feature is like. I guess that menstrual cycle tracker and flashlight, and that stretch monitor i for me, like these videos, are like pretty good.

So you can like give this smart watch to your loud ones.