This is anuj from Gadget Gig., So we are back again with one more smartwatch video and this time we have with us the Noise Colorfit Icon 2, which is a bluetooth calling smartwatch., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you its features.. So here is the box of the Noise Colorfit Icon 2.. In the front of the box, we have the picture of the watch along with the model name and its Calling smartwatch. At the back. We have the key features, and here we can see the colour of the watch, which is the Silver grey, and, apart from that, its available in few more colours. About the features we get. The 1.8 inch display SPO2 monitoring, AI Voice assistant, Calling function 24 hours. Heart rate, monitoring, Camera control, Music control, Multiple sports modes and you get in built games.. The companion for this watch is Noise Track and its available for both android and ios.. The MRP on the box is Rs. 5999. However, its available to purchase right now from Rs. 2499. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So on the top, we have the welcome card, and here we have the warranty registration details. And then we have the smartwatch itself.. We will look at it in a moment. Lets see what else we have in the box.. So we get the user guide, which has the detailed info about the features of this smartwatch., And then we get these noise stickers.

. And after that we have the charging cable and its a magnetic priority charging cable.. So thats all we have in the box now lets look at the Smartwatch closely. Noise, Colorfit Icon 2. Is a budget bluetooth calling smartwatch. Looking at the design and build quality. The Silver grey colour which we have here definitely looks premium and guys we have the metal casing in this watch, which does look and feel premium and keeping in mind that this watch is priced Under 3000 Rupees, i am really impressed with the build quality and the design of this watch., Though the weight is slightly more and that is due to the metal body.. One more thing worth mentioning here is that you get the chamfered edges on the casing, which makes it look even more premium. Talking about the straps, the straps feel very soft and comfortable on the hand. In terms of the overview in the front, we have the 1.8 Inch Display and you get the curved glass.You get a pre installed screen protector, which i am going to take it off to see the display results. Properly. The bezels are also very minimal in this watch. At the side of the watch. We have the crown function, button and the mic., And at the back we have the sensors and here as well, you have a protective film which you need to remove before you use the watch. And below the sensors. We have the charging points and the secondary mic and at the side we have the speakers.

So overall in terms of the design and build quality. We really find this watch very good and at this price we think its one of the best build quality smartwatches. We have come across this year. Now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So for pairing we need the app noise track and here we have the watch in the list, but for some reason it was also showing smartwatches from other brands to pair with the app.. So here we have our watch paired. Now let me show you the features., So this is the watch face and upon long pressing, you can switch between different watch faces and guys. You can also add more through the companion, app., So swiping down from the top shows you the notification history and when you swipe up from the bottom, you have the quick settings., And here we have the dnd brightness, find phone settings torch and the silent button.. You can access the quick apps by just swiping right from the left side, and here we have the step, count, sleep heart rate and so on. To access the main menu. You would need to swipe left from the right, side. And guys. I must tell you here that the touch response is good and you will not notice any major lag in the menu., So in the menu first we have the noise health, and here we have the activity, and here you can see the step count.

And then we Have the heart rate and guys in this watch you get the continuous heart rate. Monitoring and also the data is accurate and you dont get any false reading when you are not wearing the watch and also when its on a table. Similar accuracy. We have noticed with the spo2 monitoring., Then in the menu we have the sleep, and here you can see your last nights, sleep details. Coming back to the main menu. Then we have the sports modes, and here we have walking, running, cycling, etc. And guys. You can also add more sports modes from here., Then in the menu we have the message, which is the notification history.. After that, we have the noise buzz, and here we have the calling functions such as recent calls dial pad to make a new phone call, and then we have the contacts which you can sync through the app.. After that, we have the weather, and here you can see the current weather conditions along with the weather forecast, and then we have the camera, and with this you can control the camera on your phone, but unfortunately it doesnt work with the native camera app.. After that, we have the music, and here you can control the music on your phone, but you dont get the song name and also the volume controls. After that in the menu we have the Clock, and here we have the stopwatch alarm and the timer with some Preset timers.

And then we have the breath and with this you can do some breathing exercises.. After that we have the AI voice, and basically in this you can use google assistant or siri on your phone, but you get the output through the phones speaker. Instead of the watch., Then in the menu we have the Games, and here we have a couple of built in games such as floppy bird and the hamster., And i am not sure if i am going to play these games. But you can try to pass your time. And then finally, we have the settings, and here watch face vibration and ring mode brightness controls, and then we have power off reset and restart option.. And after that we have the find phone feature and guys you get this loud tone on your phone when you use the find phone feature., So thats all the features we have in the watch and right now I can think of one missing feature, which is the Stress monitoring.: Now let me quickly show you the companion app Noise Track.. So here we are on the home page, and here you can see your fitness data and also the health data.. You can tap on any of these cards to see the historical data.. After that, we have the device page and here in this you can see the connected device on the top. And then we have the watch face store, and here you can use a custom watch face and also go through the available cloud based watch faces.

And then In the settings we have the notifications, and here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on your smartwatch. And talking about it. Here is how you get the call alert and, as you know, its called smartwatch. You can accept the call on the watch itself. And about the performance. The speaker is loud and the other person was able to talk to me without any issue, so you can use this watch for calling without any problem.. And now let me show you the app notifications, and here we have the message alert, so you get the app icon on the top, but we dont have the preset replies or the emoji support in this watch.. Then in the settings page we have the alarm shutter to remotely control the camera of your phone., And then we have the favourite contacts which you can sync with your watch.. After that, we have the other settings, and here we have the find device by which you can find your watch, and here it plays a ringtone on the watch.. After that we have the DND Move. Reminder Continues: heart rate detection, Language, Quick view, which is the raise to wake feature and by the way, the raise to wake works perfectly in this smartwatch. And then finally, we have the weather settings.. So, overall, the Noise colorfit Icon 2 is a good looking smartwatch packed with a lot of features.. The watch is very comfortable on the hand and it does look and feel premium.

The metal casing and the chamfered edges makes it even more premium.. The fitness data is accurate and performance wise. It works pretty good, be it bluetooth, calling display, touch response, etc. The battery backup is also decent and can last upto a week with moderate usage.. So, in short, if you are looking for a good looking comfortable bluetooth calling smartwatch under Rs. 3000, Then we highly recommend you to checkout the colorfit icon, 2. And as usual, if you like it and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the Description below. So thats it guys. This was the unboxing Review of the Noise Colorfit Icon 2.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have queries or questions about this smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.