This is anuj from gadget cake. Noise has launched their first ever bluetooth, calling smartwatch and is the noise color fit icon buzz, and in this video we will do the unboxing and well show you its features. So here is the box in the front of the box. We have the picture of the watch along with the model name, color fit icon buzz and its a calling smartwatch at the back. We have the key features and this smartwatch is available in a few different colors and the one we have here is the jet black variant about the features you get. The 1.69 inch touchscreen sp o2 monitoring calling function, 24 hours of heart rate, monitoring, 7 days battery life and you get the multi sports modes. The companion app noise fit track is available for both android and ios platform. The mrp on the box is rupees, four triple nine. However, the launch price of this watch is three four: double nine now lets open the box and show you the content. So first we get the thank you card, and here we have the warranty information and then below it. We have the smart watch itself. My first impression is that the watch feels lightweight. We will look at the smartwatch in a moment. Lets see what else we have in the box, so in the box we get the user manual, and here we have some noise stickers. Then in the box we get the charging cable and this charging cable is magnetic, and here is how it connects at the back of the smartwatch so thats.

All we have in the box now lets look at the smartwatch closely noise, colorfit, icon buzz is a budget bluetooth calling smartwatch. This is the first ever calling smartwatch from noise and looking at the design and the build quality. I find this smart watch pretty good. You get the metal frame in this watch with the plastic back and design and build quality wise, the color fit icon buzz feels well built. The straps of this watch felt good, but i noticed they were getting dirty very easily, especially this black variant. Now, in terms of the overview we have the 1.69 inch tft display, which comes with this curved glass. There is already a screen protector applied on the display, which is good now, looking at the right side of the smartwatch, we have the function button with the noise branding at the back. We have the heart rate in the spo2 sensor, along with the charging points. At this side, we have the mic and the speaker grille for bluetooth, calling so overall in terms of design and build quality. I find this watch pretty good its lightweight and weighs only 50 grams. The 20mm straps are comfortable on the hand, and you can definitely wear this smartwatch all day and night without any discomfort now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone. So here it is on and asking us to scan the qr code. The pairing process is really simple: just tap on the add device button on the top and select the watch from the list and give all the necessary permissions for bluetooth.

Calling here you can see it is asking us to pair the bus phone device id in the bluetooth settings and thats it. Our watch is now ready to use. So, starting with the watch features you get this tutorial, which will let you know about the different touch gestures, so swiping up from the bottom will show you the quick settings and to see the notification history you can swipe down from the top, and then here we Have our watch face? You can long press on the watch face to sit between different watch faces and guys for this smart watch. You get over 100 plus watch faces in the app that i will show you in a moment. Swiping right from the left will show you the quick apps, and here we have the step, counts, sleep, heart rate, spo2 and the weather to access the main menu. You would need to swipe left from the right side and guys here. I must tell you that the touch response of this smartwatch is very good and there is no lag in the menu in the menu first, we have the noise health, and here in this we have the activity menu which will show you the current days, fitness data. After that, we have the heart rate and guys the harder detection in this watch is fast and quite accurate. Then in the menu we have the sleep which will show you, the last nights sleep details, and then we have the spo to monitoring.

And here in this as well, the data seems quite accurate after that, in the menu we have the sports modes and in this smart watch you get 9 sports modes. Then we have the messages which is basically the notification history. Then, in the menu we have the noise buzz, which is the phone app, and in this you can see the recent calls dial pad to make a new phone call and contacts which you can add from the app about the bluetooth calling performance. We will let you know in a moment, then: in the menu we have the weather, and here you can see the current weather and the weather forecast. After that we have the camera, which allows you to use this smartwatch as a remote camera. Shutter, then, in the menu we have the music control. And here in this you can change the soundtrack, but you dont get the volume controls. Then in the menu we have the stopwatch alarm timer, with some preset timers qr code for the app and the find phone option which plays a loud tone on your phone. Then in the menu we have the breathe option which allows you to do some breathing exercises. And after that we have the games and guys in this smart watch. You get two games, floppy bird and the hamster, and i must say that the games are playable and can be a good time pass after that. We have the ai voice and this basically allows you to use a google assistant or siri.

But in our case it wasnt working properly and then finally, we have the settings in the settings. We have the watch face, option and the brightness, and then we have the usual reset power off and restart option. So thats all the features we have on the smartwatch and guys you also get the race to wake feature which works pretty good. Now talking about the main thing, which is the bluetooth calling performance, i have used the smartwatch to take few calls with it and the performance was decent. The speaker on this smartwatch is loud and the other person was able to hear me loud and clear, but was getting some echo, but overall the bluetooth calling experience is very good. Now let me show you the companion app quickly. The app noise fit track is simple, and here on the home page, you have the fitness data such as step count, sleep, heart rate, spo2 and the sports activities. You can tap on any of these categories to see the historical data on the next page. We have the connected device on the top, and here you can see the remaining battery, then in the settings we have the watchway store and guys for this smart watch. You get lot of options when it comes to watch faces. Then we have the notifications, and here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on your watch and talking about it here is how you get the call alert and, as you know already, you can answer or reject the call from the watch itself And now let me show you the message: notification and, as expected, we dont have the preset replies in the emoji support in this smart watch.

Then in the settings we have the other options, and here you can turn on the auto heart rate. Monitoring and the sedentary reminder – and from here you can also enable or disable the days to wake feature. And lastly, here we have the weather settings. So, overall, the noise color fit icon buzz is a decent bluetooth. Calling smartwatch the design and the build quality is good. Keeping in mind there is a budget bluetooth, calling smartwatch, the display performance is good and the menu is lag and stutter free, though this smartwatch is very comfortable on the hand, but the straps are dust magnet talking about the fitness data. During our testing, we found the heart rate spo2 and the sleep data fairly accurate. So, in short, this is the first bluetooth calling smartwatch from noise and performance wise, its definitely very good. And if youre in the market for a budget bluetooth calling smartwatch, then for sure check out the noise, color fit icon, buzz and as usual, if you like it and want to buy one then do check the buy link in the description below so thats. It guys this was the unboxing and review of the noise color fit icon buzz smartwatch. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this smartwatch in the comment section below so thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadgetgig for more videos like this.