So this video I’ll give you my honest review on this watch. Keep in mind that this is the honest review. So if fanboys are getting offended that I am so sorry for that., 0000 Intro 0044 Build And Design Quite Good. Full Plastic Build Two buttons on side, Looks quite premium and attractive 5 ATM Water Resistant Rating 0114, Fitting and comfortability. The straps are not of good quality. It is very hard and quite uncomfortable.. The watch is bulky and weighs little heavy. Taking about the wrist sizes. It will only look good on medium wrsitsand Gorilla Wrists.. The haptic feedback is so aggressive and hard. Type. 0201 Display This place kind of gold only, but not that great. The resolution is so low and it is kind of pixelated display. TFT LCD Panel. Sunlight visibility is kind of okay, okay, 0222 User Interface. User interface is so much pathetic. It is so bad laggy buggy and you will get irritated when you will use it.. The user interface needs so much improvements and the overall touch response is also so bad.. Even some gestures are missing from the UI.. Definitely not feels like a branded smart watch, 0256 Modes And Features All the necessary modes and features are present. Messages and apps notification are present, but with only specific apps. No third party apps. Call notification, but can only reject calls no silent, option. Stopwatch and Timer Alarms. Music controls are also present, but with no names and song information 14 Sports Modes are present with 2 auto detection modes, which dont work most of the time.

0455 Data Accuracy. Heart Rate sensor is consistent. I dont say it is accurate cause for the first time it will show you the correct reading, but after sometime when I will check you see, there is a lot of inconsistency in the overall measurement.. Spo2 measurement is kind of accurate only. Steps tracking is pathetic. It counts so much inaccurate steps, Sleep Monitoring is kind of good, but a lot of data are missing from it. Like REM is not present. Even the data is not getting sent into its noise fit application. 0552 Handling Application Handling application is for the name. Only you can install it on your phone and keep it simply. It will not work. None of the data is getting synced into the application.. The overall value of the application is so bad. There are a lot of things missing from 8 and needs a lot of improvement.. If you dont believe me check, PlayStore reviews, 0629 Battery and charging Battery can last maximum up to three days. If you’ll use it extensively. For charging purpose, you are getting a magnetically attaching Charging dock. 0646 Final verdict. If you want to buy a Smartwatch only for looks display, don’t matter, for you, data accuracy, don’t matter, for you, the overall User experience don’t matter for you, the application don’t matter for you.