This is a full review of the NoiseFit Active so guys. My name is kaif you’re watching Nois Tech and you haven’t subscribed already. Then plz subscribe and press the bell icon for more amazing videos. Let’S start with unboxing and box contents of NoiseFit Active on the tops of the box. You’Ll see the NoiseFit Active noise branding and the name of the watch written on one side. You get the Designed in India tag and on other side, you’ll get to see the tagline quotListen to the Noise withinquot behind you get the key features. Spo2 sensor stress, monitor female health tracking 13 inch color display 240×240 resolution cloud based watch faces 5 7 days. Battery 24 hour heart rate, monitoring, 14 sports modes, we’ll talk about it in details further in the video once you open the box and remove the flap above you get a box with your warranty card and manuals below you get your watch and charger. The packaging is definitely very compact. Now let’s talk about design, you get a round dial design. Yes, it is plastic, but looks like metal watch looks premium, you get 2 buttons. one is back button and other is a workout button. You get your sensors and charging pins behind Noise, branding and 5ATM water resistant and some extra stuff you get silicone 22mm strap that can be replaced very easily with a local strap from local market. We have some straps in the studio, so we keep changing them and in this strap you get a noise branding on the loop.

The watch feels very premium and doesn’t look cheap. In any way. Noise has done a good job under a tight budget. Now let’s talk about display, you get a 1.3 inch TFT display on NoiseFit Active. That shows good colors round. Dials looks amazing and i think you will also like them. I think round. Dials look better than square designs. The display is very good and can be seen in sunlight. I have liked the display quality you get different watch faces on this watch. You get about 5 watch faces on the watch and also cloud faces on the NoiseFit App. Currently there are a less watch faces for round dial on the app, but noise is adding new watch faces daily now, let’s talk about App support. You have to pair NoiseFit Active with NoiseFit App. I connected this watch to my iPhone. As many people complain there aren’t many watches for iOS. The watch works well with iOS. It shows you the number of steps you had to take to run behind your girlfriend. It also shows you the distance walked and calories. You burned by running behind her. It shows you step count separately and also shows sleep hours. I slept for about 6.5 hours and this is showing 6 hours 19 minutes, which is why i think sleep tracking on this watch is definitely accurate. It shows you the distance again and the heart rate i ran for some time and it showed my heart rate escalating.

You also get auto heart rate detection. The stress you take because of your girlfriend. This watch shows you that too, in these covid times it gives you blood oxygen sensor. Every brand. These days gives you an SPO2 sensor. You get it here, too. There’S, a noise menu to buy other noise products activity section shows you all your workouts properly in an order. It is lockdown here. So i can’t go for alot of workouts there’s. A cloud watch faces section on the app too. You can changes. Alot of you NoiseFit Active watch setting in the setting panel. You can control music DND mode. Sync data with apple health, which is good for iphone. Users, find my phone auto heart rate, wrist, sense, time, settings, weather settings, etc. there’s alot. I, like the watch support for NoiseFit Active. The watch is smooth and starts sync instantly. When you open the app now let’s talk performance. I think the performance is pretty good in day to day life. The performance is very good.. Animations were smooth. Budget watches generally have slow UI, but here it is quite smooth. Now let’s talk software swipe top to bottom. You get your notifications. You can see all messages from your girlfriend bottom. To top you get more option like battery day, DND mode, wrist, sense, brightness and settings swipe to the left, weather details, steps, heart rate and steps, details and same options when you swipe to right top button shows the menu health data shows you all the data for The day there are 14 sports modes here you get all the important one’s record shows you your workout records.

Then it shows heart rate and sleep. That is pretty accurate blood oxygen and stress, monitoring, look accurate to me, breathe mode stopwatch and timer is also present, which are basic features. You also get music control. That is amazing. Weather derails are also here. Amp find my phone works perfect.. I have my iphone here. You click on find phone. Your phone will ring you get settings option where you can change your screen time. Brightness watch faces, and there are quite a few here. The next button takes you to sports modes from your home screen without going to menu. One more good thing here is that you get a setting icon in all your sports mode, where you can set your goals. Now. Battery life noise claims you’ll get 5 7 days of battery on NoiseFit Active. I have got about 5 6 days per charge. Noisefit Active was losing 15 battery every day, so total about 6 days on light usage, expensive watches, give you 1 2 days of battery. This is 5ATm water proof, so no problem with rain and sweat you can take shower wearing the watch now. Let’S talk verdict. I definitely like the watch. The round dial looks amazing, design and comfort is amazing. You can wear it all day and sleep with it. Sleep tracking is very accurate on the watch. Heart rate, sensors work well., so definitely noise has done a good job. I used it with an iphone and faced next to zero issues.

Definitely a good budget watch. The link to buy is in the description below that’s enough for today. If you like, the video hit the like button and press subscriber.