Do the unboxing and review of this noise fit evolved smartwatch and this smartwatch is the amoled display smartwatch. So that is one of the highlight of thing. So, firstly, let’s stop this video from this smartwatch unboxing. Well guys. Now this is a noise fit evolved smartwatch. So this is how the packages actually looks like, and this is the actual image of the smartwatch now on the rear side. Here is some of the highlighted specs, and it is comfortable for both android and ios. It will be better for android, 4.4 above and for ios, ios, 9.0 and apple. Then this smartwatches comes with the two color variants, so this is actually a slight black color variant and it is also comes with the dusk blue color variant. Well, now, let’s unbox this package and after opening now here is the smartwatch. This is the noise fit a wall smartwatch and after that, at the sides. So it is a small package and this is then actually a charging dock. So this is the charging dock. So using this, you want to charge this smartwatch and actually this charging dock is actually quite different and it is also unique then, after that inside so here is a user manual guide, and this is actually a registration warranty registration card. So you want to register your warranty for this smartwatch first of all, well, overall that’s, all the package is contained now let’s, move on to the smartwatch overview, well guys now on the physical overview.

So this is the noise fit smartwatch. So, as you seen here, those these smartwatches comes with the lighting weight and overall, the bodies also comes with a very slim and design and, first of all, so firstly, let’s talk about this display. So this is a 1.2 inch amoled display panel, and this display has ‘0 into ‘0 pixel resolution. So as you seen here, so it has a more bezels so because of this more bezels, it does comes with a less screen to body ratio and on the sides. It has a push button, so it is not the scrollable button, it is normally a push button and these sides is actually uh comes with the slimming size and it is actually built on your aluminium body. Then, overall, this smartwatch is main device is actually very good. There so in terms of durability and build quality, it looks stylish and it has a very good quality and in terms of straps also. So this straps comes with a polyurethane plastic material and it has a very good flexibility, so, while you’re wearing the smartwatch also so you’ll feel stylish on bearing and it has a comfortable to wear for a long time also – and this strap and the final this hook Is also comes with the legs like a metal body, so it is also comes with a good durability and after that, at the rear side. So here is uh having a charging connector port using this charging dock.

You can connect this smartwatch so to use this just to push this button and just simply place the smartwatch like this and just close the door and just power this usb to the any of your socket or a normal power bank also. So this is the way you need to charge this smartwatch and after completion. You can just remove that and then on the rear side. So it does comes with the heart rate sensor and it actually measures 24 percent of heart rate. Monitoring can also manage in settings. In uh, in how much duration, the heart rate sensor need to be calculated well overall, so this smart process comes with a very good design, so i have really liked this design. So this comes with the light in weight and the metal under the aluminum body design. So, overall that smartwatches looks stylish, so it also comes with the amoled display panels. It has a very good readability at any viewing angles. Next, moving on to how to connect to students so to connect, this dues is actually very easy, so you can easily connect this device so to connect this smartwatch with your smartphone, you have to first install the noise fit and health health and fitness app. So, just to install from the play store so after installing this just to open and using the barcode, so you can use so. Firstly, once you just turn on this device and go to the settings – or you will see the barcode like that, so just to pad the barcode so from the noise fit application that will be and the smartwatch will be paired with this smartphone easily.

So in terms of connection, it is actually very easy only then moving on to some features. So firstly, so this is the home screen of the noise fit evolved smartwatch, so, while swiping from the top, so you’ll get some of the options like so it doesn’t disturb the brightness. So you can control the brightness in of this smartwatch. So by tapping one by one, so the brightness will be increased and again if the brightness will be reduced. So you can just use this smartwatch at the minimum brightness also. So, while you are using in the outdoor also, it has a very good readability. So in the outdoor also, you can able to view the smartwatch and you can able to read the time at any lighting condition with a good readability. Then it has a fine phone feature so by just tapping the fine phone, so your phone will get a ring. So these are all the features you’ll get and then it has a lock screen features by just tapping the lock screen. The screen will be locked, and after that you have to just press the side button by pressing the side button continuously by pressing holding the screen. Will be unlocked and after that, while swiping from the top, so that is also having a settings option by just tapping this. You go to the settings menu and it has the battery percentage then swiping from the bottom. So here is a notification tab.

Whenever you will get some of the messages or whatsapp message, you can be able to read the messages and it this notification. Tab is actually supported up to eight notifications. Only so in case, if you are getting here eight no, so it actually stores a recent eight notifications only whether it might be a whatsapp messages or normal or normal messages or a call notification. So it can be anything, but it can store up to eight notifications. Only in the notification and after that, swiping from the right so here is get the activity control. So here you can able to monitor how much showers your sleep, how much calories you are burn and how much steps you have taken by tapping this. It shows a weekly step statistics and, after that, by scrolling down. So here is an automatic heart rate sensor, so it will calculate your heart rate and its accuracy is also too good. So if you are not wearing the debasement, so the heart rate sensor, it will not be calculated and after that, so it has a sleep data, so it actually records your sleep so how much hours you have actually sleep like that, and it does also comes with The idle lotto so idle a lot. So whenever your idle means it actually shows a notification like a move somewhere like that, and then it has a compass. So once you calibrate it, you can able you can able to find the so eastward and east west, north and south.

So using this compass you can able to make some other things and then by swiping from the left side. So here is comes to the menu. So it has a fine phone feature as i have already talked, and it has a stopwatch feature. So, while tapping this, you can able to use a stopwatch. So you can use this for your own purpose and then settings option. Then what are the steps you have taken and it is comes with the nine different sport modes and in case, if you are preferable for a fitness bins, you can be able to use one of these sports smooth icon and you can able to track your records And it has a heart rate monitoring and a sleep recording and notification. So all the notification will be listed here and it has a camera. Shutter control features. So in case, if you are away from the smartphone means, you can just use this shutter control to tap on the camera and after that, to capture the photo and after that it has the alarm clock. So you can be able to set the alarm right from this smartwatch itself and it has a compass and it has a music control option. So, using this music control option you can able to play pause and switch to next or previous song, but this music control app is not having an image preview of your particular particular music. You are pre playing and also it is not having an auto launch of a music controller or also these are all the features and in the settings option you’ll get a download, app and dial settings.

So here is totally five watch faces only available here. So using these five watch spaces only you can able to customize, so it is actually comes with the five different watch faces and in the noise fit application. Also, you will get some of the few features like it does comes with the so first thing is, it is comes with the idle a lot, so you can set the idle latter and it has a do not disturb mode, and it has the auto heart rate. Monitor and here you can able to set the duration in what period you can, the heart rate they need to be get monitored, and then, after that, it has a drink water reminder and you can be able to sync with the google fit data and you can Set the device you can be able to sync the device time in case the devices shows the 24 hour time format pins. You can just go to the set device team and click on the sync device time, so it then becomes to the lower uh time format and after that it has a camera center, shutter control and notification on or not so here you can able to enable the Notification a lot so i have currently selected a sms and call a lot so using the notification a lot actually, so you can able to read the message. So, whenever you are receiving some of the messages you can able to read the message, and likewise in case, if you are receiving calls – means that you can able to only reject the calls once you can’t you can’t able to attend the calls, and similarly you can’t You can be able to read the messages and you can’t be able to reply for the messages, and here is the language settings.

So you can here you can select whether english or a chinese and my alarms. So, actually, you can able to set the alarm right from the smartwatch also once you have set up. So all the alarms will be listed here also in the app also you can able to newly create the alarm as per your wish – and here is a factory reset option so in case, if you need means you can able to make a factory reset well guys. Now, moving on it’s a battery consumption, so this a noise with evol smartwatch comes with that has powers with a 180 image of battery and it actually takes uh one and a half hours to two hours to complete the full charge and in terms of battery consumption. So actually it stands for me for a minimum of four days, so it actually gives the four to five days uh as a battery consumption. So i am actually using uh all the functions like so 24 percent on heart rate monitoring for every five minutes, and there is a call notification and the sms notification and what’s up notifications. So these are all the features i am using in this four days and likewise rise to wake up feature and during your night time, so it calculates the sleep hours by doing all this function, it actually withstand up to four days, so it can use almost four To five days minimum, while using all these features too in case, if you are user, not using like these features and if you are only used for seeing that time like that means, so it will give you more than 10 days of your battery consumption.

So, in terms of battery consumption, this noise fitting a wall smartwatch, is one of the best smartwatch. Well now let’s move on to it’s a pros and cons section. So this noise with evol smartwatch, has comes with a very good pros and f2. So, first of all, let’s talk about the pros, so this smartwatch design and build quality is very good, so the smartwatch design is really good, and especially this smartwatch body is actually comes with a slim in size and light in weight. It is actually uh comes around 25 grams of weight only so while bearing also you can’t uh, you can’t feel like you are actually wearing so it’s, actually lighting weight and the smartwatch strap quality is also too good and it’s almost very flexible. So you can easily wear this smartwatch for a long time also and in terms of display, so it has comes with a 1.2 inches of amoled display. So the display quality is too good, so it has a good brightness, so you can able to view the smartwatch at any angle, so it will put viewability at any angle, and so the smartwatch display is too good and it does – and it has also comes with Some of the basic features so and in terms of battery consumption also it is too good. It gives a minimum of four days of battery consumption on your full charge, and these smartwatches comes with the ip64 water dustproof rating.

So, even though, if you are going to the jogging or walking and the in case we having sweating like that means so that time also, this smartwatch will be works efficiently. So this smartwatch has a support of a dust of water and sweat resistant with the ip68 rating. Now let’s move on to this con section, so in terms of cons. So first of all, this smartwatch is not having a time delay for the screen on time. The smartwatch displays are always goes off quickly so because it doesn’t have any option of a screen on time option. So once you have a screen on time like so how much time, for example, 5 seconds or 10 seconds or 15 seconds like that, so if your brand comes with like these features means it will give more good experience, then this smartphone is actually comes with the Amoled display, but it doesn’t support it with the always on display, but it was considering the price segment, so it is not that much fun, so it is actually already comes with the amber display. That is one of the good things, and this smartwatch is also not supported with that so reply to the messages on the or support of attending a calls right from the smartwatch itself. So similarly, uh in this related price segment, so other smartwatch is also not having like these features. So but in case a brand is comes like this feature around this price segment.

So this is the one of the best thing, and the next thing is that this smartwatch is having a music control option. But whenever i am trying to play a music in my smartphone, so it is not having an auto launch of a music controls. So i need to manually, go to the smartwatch menu and opens up the music control option, but i have used the other smartwatch with other brands like so it has the auto launcher for music control option. So whenever i am playing a music in my smartphone, so it automatically launched the music controls, also the music i’m playing in the smartphone. So i’ll get a preview image of that music in the smart watches. But this smartwatch is also not having an image preview of the music i am playing and finally, in terms of build quality, so this smartwatch is actually all. As i already said, it has a very good build quality, so the sides it’s actually comes with a slim and size and lighting weight, but the display you have your lifts like here, so it has a more results so because of this more pressures, it has a Very less of a screen to body ratio. It actually comes with a ‘0 into ‘0 pixel resolution, but the screen to body ratio is not that much good because of the very big vessel sites. Well, overall, that’s all about this video guys. Now, what are your guys, thoughts on this noise with a wall smartwatch so um? How do you guys, like this review and in case, if you are a user, you are already using this smartwatch means.