As you know, we have unboxed the new zte watch gt just released the month ago, and this is available only in china. I will show you now the detailed review uh what’s this watch have and which type of sport modes and which type of os is running and how many there’s battery life so let’s get started guys. The watch itself is 46 millimeter round shaped watch with aluminum body. Two buttons main this is the power on off button. If you hold and keep it a little 10 minute 10 seconds, you will see the restart or power off and you can go back with clicking that one. But if you click once you are going to the menu, which is the heart rate, detection, blood oxygen, bleed, training, sleep, monitoring, compass, very nice compass, it was very functional. I have used that then you can go back, whether music, you can control your music from the your phone volume track back and forth, stopwatch regular stuff watch, nothing special count down. You can set the countdown timer if you need alarm clock, find phone camera through the bluetooth. You can control your camera to take the selfies and the settings settings is always on display, which is uh, not that bad. I can show you if we turn on always on display, so after the some 5 10 seconds you will see. The always always on display is similar for all of the watch faces, because this is generic to keep the power saving mode and don’t have too much details on the always on screen.

Ok, moving forward let’s turn off the always on screen. There is a screen off 5 seconds 10 seconds. You can choose that do not disturb you can schedule them set from which hours to do do not disturb, and the system system restart reset and about about this is the cto gt, bluetooth version and serial number. Besides, that watch has a amoled screen, 1.’ inches and it’s running properly os, which is the zte os. I don’t know it’s similar to huawei. I must feed similar type of the things, but this is what property was, and it has a two heart rate sensors and also the oxygen sensor. Let me show you the real quick to put on my worst and then we can see how the oxygen is. Well. This is how a watch looks like on the waist. My worst is not that big it’s, a 190 millimeters uh diameter and, to be honest, it’s uh, kinda big. For me, i, like the 40 42 round, shaped and 40 square shaped watches, because before that i had a must fit gta gtr 42, which was really nice. This is also not bad. You can see it on my worst, but i prefer little smaller watches. So let’s go and see the blood oxygen, so you just hit this and then you need to stay still, and this is measuring the very accurate i have done this and i can say it’s very accurate 98, which is good, so heart rate sensor, it’s measuring from This side it’s also accurate.

I don’t see any kind of issues and screen wise it’s. A very nice bright screen, it’s a 450 nits, but it is good one. This is the now, as you can see, i put it on to number three. You can go up until five or you put automatic, but three it was very nice. For me, this one is the you can use as a flashlight and battery power. Saving mode do not disturb, and the settings through directly going here. The watch faces there in application. There are watch faces more than 20 and they are pre installed by holding this, you are going to the pre installed ones, and this is what it looks like, but i like the one with the planets and that’s. Why i go here. So this is the one that i like, so let me remove the watch and then we continue. Besides this, we have a lot of sport. Mods indoor run outdoor walk indoor work, outdoor, cycling, spinning, hiking, swimming basketball, yoga rowing click there cricket, even though strange training other training football, each of them. You can customize by clicking this the start, workout it’s working to get the gps and workout goal you can set by distance time or calories and heart rate reminder. If you set it up it will you can choose the from which part it can remind you that this is dangerous. So, besides this, if we move to left to the right, we are getting to the music and from the right to the left.

It shows your steps, calories and also the weather. Nice presentation – and this is a sleep cycle – shows that where you slip deep, sleep light sleep, and this is the heart rate sensor and again, we are back to here from up to down. It shows the messages i don’t have currently any messages and from up to bottom, is uh free. So yesterday, when i started the watch, it was 93 percent and it’s already more than 24 hours. You see, it’s still 89 percent exists, so the from that side. It’S good and that down button is going directly to the workout cycles and the gain back, and this one is going to the menu with the all items. So this is pretty much that and the straps are 22 millimeters. They are removable as usual, and charging is the with the contact. It’S, not a full wireless charging and screen bright. All is fine, so i think you now have the kind of image imaging imaging of the what type of watch this is and it cost in the china 82 us dollars, which is pretty well for this, for the this type of watch and others selling even higher Price like it can be compared with the huawei watch, owner watch and mosfet gtr. So this is, it guys, stay well stay cool. Please hit subscribe and help me reach to 5000 subscribers, like my videos, if you find them useful stay there stay cool peace.