com. We’Ve got it. We have got it thanks to you guys and your interest. I’Ve got a high end north edge watch here to show you breaking all the boundaries. This is a cool one, it’s the range five. Let me tell you a bit about it comes to us from banggood. This is a gps, glonass, baidao compass barometer, altimeter multi sports mode, but you know what what it really is is a dive watch, yeah 5 atm waterproof and you can dive with it. It’Ll tell you how far under you’ve gone, how long you’ve been there and the ambient temperature in the water right next to you. So those of you been wanting a dive watch yeah. I know it’s pricey and that’s what you’re paying for and, of course, the gps and everything else goes along with it too it’s a great looking watch it’s got a lot of things going for it once again. The range five here’s, some of the specs it’s uh, bluetooth, 5.1 for connectivity to the phone you’ve got full touch, screen capability and three buttons on the thing it tethers to h, plus fit will show you that here’s the supported languages but check it out. The watch is only in english and chinese, so um, the app will do it all, but you’re gon na have to be icon, driven if english or chinese is not your primary language. The waterproofing again, some sedentary reminders, heart rate, is in it not a blood, oxygen or or blood pressure, or any of the other more esoteric health features.

This isn’t that this is a dive watch. This is an adventurer’s watch. This is going to get you where you need to go altitude, wise compass, wise barometric pressure. All of those core uh indicators are in here with continuous charts on each of them. Okay, i know you want to see it there’s, the sensors, the screen a 320 milliamp hour battery standby 7 to 10 days working time about a week and about two hours to charge it you with me here’s the manual we’ll, get to that in a second i’m. Going to open it up, take it out it’s, coming on its pillow. Remember those good old days: 2018. 2019, when watches were packed on little pillows yeah. Well, we got that on this one uh we can take the mega strap off. This thing is really i mean it really does look like it’s made for diving. You slap this on your dive suit and you’re good to go. We’Ve got a cover over it. We’Ve got protecting film on the back. I believe there’s the deeply recessed charging ports on the back um. I think that’s, a pressure relief hole in here and it’s got a little design around. It. They’Ve done a lot of work on this one to work accurately and well for diving three buttons. As i mentioned, the removable bands are here. If you want to put something a little more dressy on it, you can do that. We’Ll get this all ready for you.

In a moment, then we’ve got the charging um dongle alligator clip it’s a a bit unique it’s got the pins right there and yeah. You got to kind of line it all up and link it in there and make sure it’s making good contact not as simple as a magnetic connector but again it’s. A dive watch guys it’s much more serious in terms of waterproofing and protection. So you get things like this. As a result, i got a little north edge card in here that you can scan the qr code. Open facebook fan page fill out your information on it and one year international warranty and then the actual manual now let’s walk through this. Some of you are going to definitely want to be coming back and spending some time on the manual, so it’s a bit little extensive. If you don’t want to look at the manual right now, you can, of course, scoot ahead a little bit on your youtube and get into the review. But i like to put these at the beginning of each of the reviews. Give you guys a chance to freeze frame it if you need to the only place i know of on the web, that you get the actual manuals for each and every watch, and once they’re gone, they’re gone and if there’s, something you need and it’s in the Manual you’re out of luck, we’ve had a few people save their bacon. Actually, by coming in here, look at this we got uh your heart.

Health you’ve got a breathing exercise activity that’s in it. When we get into the exercise segment that’s, where you’re going to see all of the different sports modes that you got running, of course, gps driven you’ve got walking running a bunch of them, but that’s where you’ve got diving as well here’s the outdoor section, which is Going to give you your compass and stop watching altimeter and all the features of what’s going on around you and, of course tethered to the phone you can get notified notifications sent here’s the breakdown of the specs as printed in the manual itself and that’s it. Okay, let me get this ready for you and we’ll we’ll. Take you on a ride. Okay, lift up on the corner of the plastic film to take that off, and then press and hold the bottom button, and that should turn us on vibration. Here comes the logo and boom. We are into a watch face now. You may notice something as i get it in the reflection it’s brighter than it is in just the regular straight on view that’s, because it has a transflective screen. Let’S go back to here. Grab my flashlight and light it up there. You go look at that. It’S super bright when you um use a flashlight on it. There’S step count here’s the health area here’s the relaxation area, then you’re exercising your outdoor section, your basic information settings and you’re back to your watch faces go this way and you can loop through a few different watch, faces here’s one showing seconds a white and see When it’s regular like that, and if you tap any button, it’ll uh turn on the back light.

Oh there, it is okay. I guess that middle button turned it on and you can set how long it’ll be before it times out for the backlight and, of course, outdoors it’s going to look great. Some more watch faces in here, so changing watt face watch faces is really really easy. There’S, the first one won’t go any further. You also have the ability to add one additional face at the very end, and i put that red one on. I thought that was so cool. Look at that looks like almost like it’s embossed in there doesn’t it yeah. Okay, so we got this going for us uh. When we go down uh, we can tap into the settings or it’s supposed to be touch sensitive, but not all of the time only on certain screens so to get into it. We’Re going to talk to tap the top button now i can cycle through them. I can change my altitude information. Look at all of this twist, your wrist to see the time, vibration mode. All those are selectable tap again. It shows you you can reset the altitude. You can do gps calibration on it. Those are available in the gps section. You can do gps and glonass buy down, or just plain gps by itself. If you want to, then, of course you can reset the watch or shut it down and show your overall version, which is basically giving you the qr code, which you could scan to download the app or, and i recommend use the link in the show notes, because That’Ll, take you to the google play store to get access to that so that’s settings come up here.

You got information tap here, you’ll get into it. If you have anything pushed from your phone in notifications, they’ll be readable right there. Outdoor section takes you into calibrating the compass which we do by giving it a rotating figure eight action there we go okay, now i’m sitting in the north, so it’s lining up just about right, um, yeah, any which way you turn it it’s going to resequence. To that so you’ve got the compass here’s temperature. Now i can’t get it to change to fahrenheit, even though i change the units to inches in the app, but it is showing you the last 12 hours of ambient temperature, the actual ambient temperature in centigrade. The same thing for the barometer there’s, the barometric pressure for the last 12 hours here’s the altitude and i did drive around and go to a lower altitude just about sea level and come back up again right now: it’s showing a minus, almost 500 meters, because i Haven’T reset or calibrated it, but if i reset it to this location, then it would show deviation from here and then you’ve got a basic timer you can get into which includes a stopwatch and a countdown timer in here we begin and it’s in hundredths of a Second, and i can leave it and i’m pretty sure i can come back into it: oh no it’s not still running wow, all the 130 dollars and the stopwatch doesn’t run in the background.

Well, all right lots of times folks want to start a stopwatch and just kind of keep it going, but not on this one. You got a countdown timer here, you can sit and do something similar and those are the two things in timer and then back to um, your compass, and so we can come out of here with the bottom button takes us to outdoor, and then we get into Exercise – and i want to take you in here – which is this button right? No, this one takes me in to show you that we’ve got walks and we’ve got runs and we’ve got climbing cycling swimming okay and, if i go into swimming, say, go it’s going to show you your heart rate, your calories, burned and elapsed time, that’s what’s on This one discard that there’s the treadmill and now really what i want to show you is the dive. If i come in here to diving – and i say, go it’s going to from where you are monitor your depth in tenths of a meter. Okay, at the elapsed time and the current temperature, the ambient water temperature around you all that’s happening inside of the watch. So if anything, this is for a niche market of those who are actual divers, because it’s uh definitely available for that back out of here that one now this one shows you some different pages cycles through the pages and the bottom one lets us get out of Here you can continue, save or discard that session straight from there and then there’s just free weights, and then your last set of records are in here too and that’s your records, and all of that is in the exercise section.

And then this relaxed thing go into that and you basically follow the rhythm like it says you inhale it’s got a pretty good little program you hold instead of just immediately exhaling and then you breathe out and you’ll feel the vibration uh at the exhale and at The inhale after the hold there it vibrated and then it exhales and does the same kind of thing. So we can go back out of there to the watch faces, which is where we were and, of course, we can loop through step count: the health, the relaxation, the exercises the outdoor and the information and your overall settings so that’s how the watch works. Let me show you the app quickly. This one is known as the north edge 998a that’s, its identifier and uh in here. You’Ve got your step count last night’s sleep time and heart rate. Those are the tiles that you have available from this watch tethered to this app plus any of the activities you did. I’Ve got a writing activity in here and it’s a it’s showing me a track. Uh i’m, not sure why but it’s actually in the ocean, because you see the little bit of land over here it should be. I don’t know 10 miles 15 miles inland, but i’ve got that right there anyway, not really. I had a chance to test the gps. Other than to just do a little bit of exercising you get your miles and so forth.

All of these things, including pace and speed maximum minimum heart rates, are all there and you get your overall charts showing your heart monitoring during the workout, a fat burning curve, which is very interesting on your caloric usage and your step frequency is listed in here too, And that was for bike. Writing you get different kind of things for the different types of activities. Step count is basic, showing you a little bar chart by hour. The number of steps you did day week or month and heart rate is a basic chart of your heart rate, with averages minimums and maximums again day week or month, uh in here as well, in the exercise tab. There is nothing listed here and you have all the different sports um diving, yoga ping pong all of that, but i’m, not really getting anything in here. Even though we did writing and a few other things so i’m, not quite sure how you use this there’s, no way to activate it from here, i figured it would show you. You know your track information and what we already saw when we’re back here on that tab, but it’s not showing up dials now for some reason: the server’s down right now, i usually have a page of dials to show you and that’s how i selected the red One that i put on this but i’m not getting any uh any listing of them, it’s very simple, like we’ve seen in all the apps, you pick the one you want, you say: sync it or send it, and it sends it over to the watch.

You have one spot for dials and it’ll it’ll fill in there and then mine. This is where you have your basic information. You go into my device, it shows you you can twist your wrist to show the time. Of course, you can turn that all on and off in there here all day, heart rate, uh, more information here for alarm sedentary your screen server time your overall goals and step count, walking running um sleep target all of that’s in there and then just basic restart And shut down and and so forth, the firmware version that you can check to see if it’s the latest version and update it if it isn’t and, of course, unbind the watch. If you want to do uh a different watch with the app okay, uh that’s, pretty much it it’s again, with my little cover on here, it’s called the north edge range five that’s. What you look for: diving watch, it’s, a gps capable with compass barometer, altimeter and, of course, a depth sensor, all of that decent watch, it’s relatively expensive it’s, not as modern in terms of having things like blood oxygen and and and that kind of stuff. But if you’re really not looking for the health features bundled into a an outdoor adventurer’s watch, but you want the pure adventurous watch with 5 atm waterproofing and dive capability. I think this one would probably be the best one for you, that’s it and we’ll see you again soon.